my bad comparisons

I love the prologue bad ending so much tbh. yeah I am a girl, not a boy, so I don’t sound exactly like him, but honestly he uses so many effects during this part that it doesn’t even matter . It’s practically not my voice anymore. Anyway, if you wanna see more from me like this, I’d love to hear suggestions.

Transcript Under cut (Cuz that distorted voice oh damn. Also I ended up not voicing MC cuz i sounded weird as her lol)

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I just realized that the person i was one year ago would probably dislike and judge me lololol


I joined 3 secret santas over at dA this year! From left to right are gifts for: Escente, Wolphfe, and Kafai!!! I hope they all like their gifts lol wheeze i tried my best whisper..anyways it was really fun! I’m really honored to be invited ;__;; there’s so many amazing artists ah


Better Call Saul (“Pimento”)  //  Breaking Bad (“Buyout”)

Callous whistling & painful realisations