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am i the only person who loves listening to the ending theme for bojack horseman by grouplove? because i always listen to the full song at the end of every episode. every time. 

imagine bts as dads | ☁

request: Hi I’m wondering if you can plz do a bts as a dad au - @kookietrash101

a/n: OMG I’m so sorry for not finishing this earlier 😅 I’ve been so busy and such. Again my apologies, I hope you enjoyed!


• he’d be the most loving dad

• showering kisses 24/7

• he’s the type to tear up and take loads of pictures when his kids go to school for the first time

• b r a g g I n g  r I g h t s

• “look at this. my child won first place”

• teaches his kids how to make delicious deserts

• he can never bring himself to punish his kids

• if he does, the worst he can do is a time-out

• will buy anything the kid wants

• “honey, as long as he/she is happy, I’m happy.

• has a ritual of saying I love you every 5 seconds

• “have I ever told you that I’ll love you forever?”


• the intelligent but goofy dad

• looks like a hipster professor

• wants to impress his kid and kid’s friends

• but ends up looking like a dork

• “hey, wanna see a magic trick?” accidentally drops cards

• but other than that

• he’s a genius

• the kid always comes home with an A or A+ from a project

• all with genius namjoon’s help

• wants his kid to be successful

• always supportive

• “dad, I’ve been meaning to tell you this…”

• “I know, and it doesn’t make a difference”


• the laid back dad

• is always appeared to be calm and collected

• even if he’s dying on the inside

• though he’s a busy man

• he never leaves his child out of reach

• does his best to raise his child

• will teach his child piano as soon as they can talk

• reminiscing and telling stories about when he was a famous rapper

• “back in my day, way before you were born, I was so famous my fans sued me because I was talented and good looking”

• since his own dad was strict and tough

• he wants to be close to his child and form fond memories

• will slap some sense into anyone if they dared to comment negatively about his child

• “oh, you think my son/daughter isn’t talented enough? at least they’re smart enough to know they can do better than talk bad about someone”


• the hyper dad

• is the type to cheer out loud at his kid’s soccer game


• others pointing out how much his child and him look alike

• same eye smiles

• straight nose

• flashing smile

• and dimples

• he’s very active with his kids

• the kids won’t be the only hyperactive one in the house 


• for some reason I imagine him being really casual?

• his kids would be such angels

• he’d quickly break up any sibling rivalries 

• no child shall go hungry under his watchful eye

• “eat, it’ll help you grow taller”

• loves his kids to death

• such a soft dad

• would honestly cry seeing his little girl/boy being independent

• doesn’t know how to punish very well


• the type of dad that would do everything with his child

• a true goofball 

• to make his kid stop crying, he’d legit pull his face into the funniest expressions

• would sing his kid to sleep

• “hush little baby don’t say a word~” 

the most extra dad out of all 

• I have a feeling he’d get his kid a bowlcut hairstyle

• would try not to wear his signature white shirts when around his kid


• let’s be real here

• he’d be that really comedic dad

• but at the same time he’d be that one artistic dad 

• would take a million pictures of his child(ren)

• has mini photoshoots in public 

• affectionate af 

• “you see these moles on my arms? if you pinch the middle part, you’d see an elephant. cool huh?”

burns the pancakes when being in charge of breakfast

• his kids would take after his good looks I swear- 

• that one dad that every mom swoons over at soccer matches 

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Drama Recommendation

welcome to the segment I call Ranxie Recommends!!!.. lol that sounded like what a Vlogger would say oh demn!🤦

HARD NUT! ( ハードナッツ! )


it has all the perfect ingredients that define my style…

  • It revolves around Mathematics   ✔️
  • its crime and investigation   ✔️
  • beautiful casts  ✔️
  • Slight tinge of romance   ✔️
  • best of all its hardcore COMEDY  ✔️✔️✔️

What more could I ask for.. it was just sugoi for me.


the story is basically a genius girl and a detective using Mathematical approach to solving difficult cases.

“Unbeknownst to us all, our reality operates according to mathematical laws.”

I particularly love this line because it just stated the fundamental truth…

YES, PEOPLE!!! Whether you like it or not MATH IS ESSENTIAL!

As an engineer, I have a fair background to those technical terms, mathematical equations and principles that were used so perhaps I had more in-depth understanding of what she was saying but don’t worry everything was simplified into layman’s term so you’ll still completely understand it.

Every case shown in here was very interesting (even though I immediately predicted all the real killer just by the start), how they played it out on how it would be solved was already enough to keep me pinned to my seat. and the leads are just adorable enough to entertain you.

The only set back is there were a lot of questions left unanswered in the end. I’ve read a comment (dated 2014) that they’ll do season 2 but it’s already 2017, therefore the probability of that happening is very low now


Ah for ones they’ve portrayed a genus being quirky(not serious and moody), friendly(not antisocial), kind(not rude), and cutesy(not prim and proper). Not your typical genius trope. I JUST PLAINLY LOVE HER.She gave color to the show and her comical antics were the best! I had a good laugh.

Your typical detective that has mysteries surrounding him. but unluckily none of it was revealed… His past remained in the shadows.

but nonetheless, I pretty much like all the characters even the annoying ones lol!


I give it 8.5/10… because of a number of unresolved issues I cant give it a perfect score but it was one of the best crime dramas I’ve seen so far.

I bet after you finished it you’ll appreciate the power of Math.. Don’t go hatin’ on it. Well, you might not see the importance of those X and Ys doing with your life but try to at least try to appreciate for you can’t escape it, any field of profession you go Math is required.

As also tackled in this show, the things you are using and doing today ALL used Math to make it possible… for short you won’t be even enjoying the comfort of your life now without Math principles.(wow that felt like I just gave an inspirational talk about Mathematics)

so go watch this drama you’ll have a better understanding how it works.

Plus I assure you won’t be bored because the casts are just too funny and cute.

JAA NE!! ( ^_^)/

So you’re an arsonist now?

It didn’t matter how you built your pyre. It still doesn’t. You weren’t sure how you were going to fracture yourself and fall together in a better way - like gravity, like collapsing into a black hole - but if death is an inevitability, surely the death of an ego is inevitable too?

It wasn’t supposed to matter, but it did. You carried sadness around you - you did, you did, and you still do. So what would come first, the sadness or the memories that caused them? It was a sick juxtaposition - it was the contrast between ‘okay’ and 'not okay’. You think that if you had never learned how to be happy in the first place you wouldn’t be so sad now. You think there’s still plenty of time left to be happy.

What did they - the pictures, the chatlogs, the people - matter to you now anyway? Physicality is easy to burn, physicality can disappear - into carbon under bunsen burners, into smoke. It was what came after you were afraid of - of not having anything to look back at, of not being able to pretend that this past was your future. It was not having these security blankets - not being able to read these conversations  and trace over these memories until they were as smooth as your bathroom tiles from wear.

You think about them a lot. If a relationship has ten effort units total, and you give all ten, then you’re not going to get anything back. If you look up to someone, if you spend hours social media stalking, if you keep up obsessively without getting any acknowledgement of your existence, if you write emails that never get replies, if you spend hours upon hours drafting messages that never get read - then do you not force them to look down on you?

And you wanted to become something greater, to become a phoenix at the threat of rebirth - wanted something of revenge, or regret, or some other unnameable noun that started with r. You didn’t want to become something greater if they weren’t going to look back at you.

But not now. The pyre is built and the funeral is ready. There are no white flowers, no observers, no wills or last rites. Nothing but you and the flame. Nobody will cry for your death - but then again, do you need anyone to?

So you jump in.

Too little, maybe, but not too late.






I swear she’s gonna pass me up in like two years maybe

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20. Dancing


19. In formal wear


we were watching enchanted and jenny and i were like haha r u thinking about fire emblem. ha ha. yeah. then patrick dempsey’s whole right sleeve tore off and jenny was like YOOOOOOOOOOOOO and i wanted to destroy the world

the fact that john lennon had a pic of him and paul mccartney in his studio makes me wanna jump out of a window and cry all the tears i had inside of me

Yankee Girl.

I pulled the navy blue New York Yankees cap further over my eyes, my curly bundles of hair struggling to be contained under the material of the baseball cap I had trouble tightening earlier. The cool night breeze rippled against my exposed stomach. I had chosen to wear an unbuttoned Derek Jeter jersey and a black Nike sports bra under, the only thing standing out being the bright white check, and a pair of denim shorts that barely stood out under the length of my jersey.

Marco had asked me to show him around my favorite places in New York and so I did with Yankee Stadium being one of them. My father had dragged me to games all of my childhood and though for a while I showed absolutely no interest in the sport, I began to realize just how intriguing sights of Derek Jeter could be and that wasn’t just because of his good looks.

And though I could profess my love for the game of European football, baseball trumped it by far for me. I just didn’t bother to tell Marco that.

We fell into our seats, our hands filled with our phones and an arrangement of different snacks to keep us occupied for the next few hours. That was another thing I liked about baseball. You never really knew just how long the games would last. There was no set time for quarters or halves. It all just depended on performance and I could remember quite a few nights where I sat curled up in my seat as a child until nearly 11 p.m. watching games drag on and on.

I wasn’t quite sure my boyfriend would make it that long.

I looked over at him seated to my left, wearing an all-black Yankees cap nearly identical to mine besides the difference in color and a regular t-shirt and jeans. “Gosh, you look hot,” I blurted. It wasn’t a rare compliment for me. I thought of it all the time when I saw him. When I scrolled through my phone and saw the silly selfies he had left for me, when I watched him play on television, when he laid by my sides at night when we weren’t separated by large bodies of waters. He was definitely a sight to see and one I never would have guessed I could land.

Not downing myself and my ability to pull hot guys but Marco was admittedly out of my league, whatever my league was. A Buzzfeed quiz had told me that league was “Hot nerdy guys who spent time in front of their Mac computers dissecting the latest technology”. Marco was more in the league of hot, gorgeous jocks who spent their time in the sun, playing sports and getting laid.

He chuckled, causing me to drift out of my daydream. “Thank you. I’d return the compliment except I’m not a fan of yours right now for that outfit you’re sporting.” I looked down to my exposed bust tightly held under my sports bra, my gold necklace with my name in cursive enhancing the golden skin that lay under it.

“Oh come on. It’s hot outside and there’s nothing but old guys here anyway. The cute guys can’t afford these seats.” I shrugged and took a sip of my drink before breaking out into a smile.

“Thank you for that reassurance,” Marco joked before taking a sip of his own drink and letting his eyes drift to the field.

“Anytime, my love.” I focused my attention on the game that was already going on as well though it was still the first inning. “Fair warning that if a ball flies in our direction, I’m running and you better catch it.”

“I’m not really good with my hands.”

“Well learn! I really don’t want to leave here with a black eye.” Somehow I had survived all of these years without a ball coming my way at dangerous speeds and knocking me unconscious. I did not plan on allowing this to be the day that all changed.

We relaxed in silence for a few moments as we watched the game until someone walked up to us. I expected that they were here after recognizing Marco but they instead spoke to me. “Hi,” the teenage girl spoke with a gentle wave. “Are you that YouTuber?”

I gave a small nod and a smile. It was still a bit weird to be recognized in public for the things I did on the internet but I had gained quite a following through my videos about life, makeup and everything else every other woman my age harps on. That quote unquote fame only increased when I got an Instagram. “Yes. I am. You are…?” I held out my hand and the girl quickly took it and introduced herself.

“Would you mind if we took a picture together? My friends are going to freak when they find out I met you.” I gave a nod in response and looked to Marco who was watching from where he sat.

“Do you mind taking the picture?”

He shrugged and the girl handed over her phone while I stood up and posed beside her. Marco quickly took the picture and handed the phone back to the woman who was now beaming and pulling me into a hug before she uttered, “Thank you.” She gave another wave before scurrying off and I sat back in my seat.

“I didn’t realize my girlfriend was so famous,” Marco smirked, his arms folded across his chest as he relaxed in his seat.

“Americans are vain. Instagram famous is the new celebrity. I’m still no one,” I shrugged. “I don’t have little fangirls waiting for me like you do,” I joked.

“One day you will. I have a feeling pretty soon.” He looked over his shoulder in the direction that the girl walked away before facing back forward to pay attention to the play on the field. “Next thing I know I’m finding out you dated one of the players.” Marco motioned to the dugout where the New York players sat.

I smirked. “Well A. Rod did offer me a date once but I told him he had enough going on where he couldn’t put his focus on me. I told him footballers were way less busy.”

Marco could only roll his eyes playfully and chuckle. “Please explain to me why I date you.”

“Well let’s see. I could count the reasons. You are oh so in love with me. I give you space. You think I’m sexy. Have I said anything wrong yet?”

I grabbed for his hand, intertwining our fingers as I looked over at him and he looked back at me shaking his head. “Nope. Not yet.”

image credit to marcohan

Siblings (Louis imagine)


Today was my mum’s wedding. I was a bit nervous, being the best man is something huge on your own mum’s wedding. She was marrying Dan, a lovely guy I met a while ago, before I went on tour. He is everything my mum needed, he is caring to her, lovely to my sisters and I’m glad he is the one to make her happy, so I’m honored to be the best man of their wedding. Unfortunately, I didn’t had much time to talk to them on their big day. You know, a lot of pictures being taken with them, a lot of people to say hi… so I just gave up, gave them a hug and went to find some beer to drink. I sat down a bit, looking at my mum and her now husband, seeing how happy they were feeling. Until Lottie and Fizzy came to talk to me.

“You look horrible sitting here being all sad on our mum’s wedding” Lottie said.

“You should go out there on the field and take some good fresh air” Fizzy said and smiled to me.

The thing was, I broke up with Eleanor a couple months ago and still feeling a bit sad about it. She was a good girl and missed being with her. But I knew it was the best for us before we start fighting too much.

“I was wondering if mum and Dan introduced you to his daughter Y/N.” Fizzy said. I remembered Dan once said me he had a daughter named Y/N who was about my age. And I realized I hadn’t actually met her.

“Not at all. Is she here?” I asked to my sisters.

“She is out there. You should go meet her. She’s lovely and have such beautiful eyes. You would love to see them.” Lottie said and I stood up ready to go outside.

“We love to see you happy Louis. Don’t do this to you anymore ok? It’s painful to see you feeling bad about something we knew you didn’t like it anymore. We bet Y/N is a good girl to talk to, maybe you two get along well.” Fizzy winked at me and Lottie smiled.

“Thanks for being here when I need. You are everything to me. Most important thing in my life.” I hugged both of them together and gave a peck on each heads. “I love you”

“We love you too” they said together and went to the candy table while I was going outside.


I sat on a bench, near a clear lake that had on that property. Of course I didn’t find any girl. I didn’t even know how she looked like, so I obviously gave up after 3 minutes looking through the people that was outside.

“A hug to your thoughts…” a girl said behind me and I turned around to see her. It was obvious that she was Dan’s daughter. She had his smile and it was that kind of thing that you can’t miss out. “May I join you on this bench?” she asked pointing to where I was seated.

“Yeah, course.” I rubbed the back of my neck and she smiled.

“So… You are the famous Louis Tomlinson, huh?”

“Guess so… my band is get….”

“Not about the band. Of course everyone knows One Direction. I’m talking about only you.” She cut me halfway my phrase.

“What do you mean?” I sat beside and took a sip of my beer.

“Well, I came to stay with my dad 2 days ago and stayed at your house. So, let’s say that all your four sisters didn’t shut up their mouths a minute about you.” She said smiling and I gasp.

“Oh, don’t you say? I hope it was something good, though.”

“The best things ever. Don’t worry.” She winked at me and led her sight to the lake in front of us.

“Dan doesn’t shut up about you to me everytime I call him.” She smiled so brightly and I must say that it was lovely seeing her like that. “And I have to admit that he wasn’t lying about you being a truly beauty.” I smiled and her face turned a bright shade of red.

“Don’t believe on things my dad says about me. I’m even worse.” She smiled malevolently and I couldn’t help but laugh. It was the same smiled I had when I was up to no good.

“Wish I could discover more about that side of yours.” I said and she turned to me.

“I have a feeling that we are going to be good step brother and sister.”

“What do you think about we decide our “naming thing” after? Cause I have a feeling we could be more than that someday.” I smiled and she went bright red again. I smiled even more, thinking about I made her shy two times in a single conversation.

“Sounds good to me.”

I stood up, gave my hand to her and we went inside to spend more time with our family. I didn’t let go of her hand a single time, cause for some reason it gave a warm feeling that my heart needed that time. 

A/N: Hi! New imagine as I promised. Let me know if you liked it or not and if you want me to write something else about it. I really think this one needs a part 2. :D