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satya is very beautiful and fareeha is very gay 


All I think about in this scene is how Shouto is talking to his mom about his school life and how it gets better everyday because he has Midoriya now and his mom sees the twinkle in his eyes every time he talks about this one boy who changed his life for good.

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hc where once they reunite again and team voltron finds out about what keith was about to do lance desperately runs to hug him whispering “ya perdi a mi familia, no puedo perderte a ti tambien” keith doesn’t understands a word of what lance just said, but the crack in his voice at something that sounded very like “family” was more than enough for him

found the cutest thing in a book of puns at target ♡ I hope you all had a good day loves! I’m currently catching up on some work I accidentally neglected 😅 tomorrow is reserved for finishing up my work and scheduling for the week ahead!

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