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Happy Birthday, Shigezane!
Per Tenka’s second year birthday tradition. He climbs the battlement and shouts out his wishes. It’s hilarious.

Hiromasa: Thank you for coming all the way to Omori castle!
Kojuro: Not at all. It’s a request from Shigezane.
Hiromasa: Yes, it seems that young master wants to make some announcement.
Masamune: But where is he?

Shigezane is up there in the tower, ready to express himself.

Shigezane: Today is my day! My time honestly–say–
It was not so clear to hear but they decide to humour him on Hiromasa’s behest.
Hiromasa: Let’s hear what he has to say.
Hiromasa, Kojuro, Masamune: whaaattttttt?

Shigezane: Jiya, you should do less ikebana lessons!
Hiromasa: Ah… that’s worrying…
Masamune: What is even…
Shigezane: Masamune, your voice is (too) small–
Kojuro: Hey, that’s rude! It’s you that’s too loud!
Shigezane: Kojuro, why are you always sweet to Masamune? Be nicer to me too—!

(Awww poor baby)

Masamune: Was my voice too small?
Kojuro: That’s…
Masamune: It’s true isn’t?
Kojuro: No, it’s Shigezane who is too loud…
Hiromasa: That’s right, it’s young master who is loud.

Shigezane: Heyyy what are you whispering about, listen to me–!
Kojuro: By the way, we brought some snacks from Yonezawa.
Hiromasa: Thank you, well, shall I show you inside.
Masamune: Much appreciated.

Shigezane: Heyyy, where are you going? Wait for meeee!

Awwww my poor baby Shiggy. Don’t worry, we’ll take care of you today❤️ tagging @gobigforshigz2k17

Paper cranes (Sehun scenario)

“Red alert” were the first words he saw when he woke up in that morning, his sweet sleep being cut short by the offending sounds that were coming from his phone. His first reaction was to bury his head in his pillow drowning the loud (and annoying ) sound but with no use, his sleep was long gone and looked like it wasn’t coming back to him no matter how hard he’d squeezed his eyes shut or pull the blanket over his head. With a loud groan he turned over in his bed, reaching for the “Satan work” also known as his phone and slide his finger over the screen to unlock it. A ghost of a smile spread over his lips when he saw the name on the screen, but it was replaced by a frown when he saw that the words he found when he opned the message weren’t the ones he wanted to read so early in the morning. Touching the screen for the keyboard he texted back only three words “ 20. be there”. Throwing the phone on the bed he looked at the hour on his clock, 8 in the morning, just when his sleep was the sweetest.
“ there”, there words, that was what you’ve been expecting from the second you sended that message to him. You hated to do this to him so early in the morning cause you knew how much he hated when he had to wake up so early in the weekend. You had learned that in the hard way, the first time when you decided to interrupt his sweet sleep on a Sunday morning 5 years ago. He didn’t speak to you for a week and it took a lot of pleading from your part to make him say two words back to you , but that was all it needed for him to speak with you again cause he just couldn’t stay away from you and frankly neither could you. You knew Sehun for 10 ten years, since your parents decided that they needed a change in their lives , and the next thing you knew, you where moving in a new house, right next to him. Back then he was just an 8 year old kid who didn’t missed any opportunity to make you cry and you didn’t miss any opportunity to kick his ass, but who knew that from all “pushing and pulling”- literally-  a strong friendship will be born.
A loud knock on your door brought you back from your thoughts as his head peeked inside your bedroom a goofy smile on his face.” I hope you’re dressed cause I don’t wanna become blind at this young age” his laugh dies down when he saw the state you were in . Puffy cheeks , red eyes all curled up in a ball in the middle of your bed, one of your pillows between your legs, still in your pj’s. “Awww look at my poor baby” his voice soft and full of pity. He knew he’d find you like this, just like all those other times when he had to wake up early in the morning , go to the store, buy lots of ice cream ,chocolate and some pills for your pains and then come back to your house where he’d find you, still in your pj’s(which he finds them hilarious. I mean what 18 year old girl still has pj’s with duckies?) curled up in a ball crying your eyes off. And this time it was no exception .It had already become like a tradition to the two of them, every time she was on her period she would text him letting him know that she won’t be coming to school that day (if it was during the week) and the next thing she knows he’s at her door with bags full of sweets and that goofy smile of his trying his best to make her forget all about the pain that comes with being a girl.
“Come on grumpy Sehun it’s here, cheer up would you. You looking at me like that it gives me the feeling that you don’t want me here” he had already crossed the room, crouching down in front of her bed so they could be at the same eye level. “But it hurts like hell. I can’t even move without feeling like my uterus is falling down” a loud groan made it’s way past your lips as Sehun grabbed hold of your both arms to hoist you up “Come one drama queen, I have lots of sweets downstairs and your favorite drama it’s on”. He carried you downstairs not caring about your complains on how he could end up with blood stains on his t-shirt if he would keep on with manhandling you like this. Once you two reached your destination ,which it had been the couch, he gently laid you down, with your head against the armrest and your legs in his lap. ”And how is this gonna take my pain away cause for your information it still hurts” you looked at him with a pout waiting for him to do what he always did when you had cramps. Slowly his hand that was caressing your leg stopped it’s rhythmic  movements on your calf , before going up, under your shirt, stopping right before the waist band of your pants, his finger cold ,as they skimmed over the sensitive skin of your lower belly . An approval hum got past your lips as his fingers start doing the same work he did on your calf, slowly making the pain subside. Your head rested back on the couch arm, your eyes closed as you took in all of his soft touches, the way his fingers moved over your skin and how good that felt. Damn those  hormones for making you fell like this, but deep down buried somewhere you wished Sehun could this to you in any moment of the day without any excuse. You thought those feeling you had for him for a long time had died or at least they weren’t as strong as the were since he has a girlfriend, but you’re only lying to yourself and you’re lying him also when you tell him he’s only your best friend when you wanted  him to be more than that.
A loud ring got you out of your day dream and when your eyes fell on Sehun you saw him talking on the phone a smile on his face and you didn’t need more hints to knew with who he was talking to. “Hey grumpy sorry to cut this short but  Ari wants me  to meet with her in an hour so I’ve gotta go but I promise I’ll drop by later or tomorrow to see if you’re still alive” and with that he was already on his feet, dropping a sweet kiss on your forehead, pinching your nose as well. When the closing sound of the door reached your ears that’s when the first tear rolled down your cheek and in that moment you didn’t know why you were crying, maybe it was from the slowly returning pain that made herself known as soon as his fingers left your skin or maybe it was from the aching pain that you felt inside of your chest. You knew from the moment when he told you, with a big smile on his face, that the girl he had a crush on had said yes when he confessed to her, that things won’t be the same between you two. And you couldn’t be more right. From the restrained skinship, to spending less and less time together to ditching her for his girlfriend( and she couldn’t blame him cause after all she was just his best friend and nothing more). But in those moments (maybe it was from the hormones or maybe she just couldn’t take it anymore) she hated Sehun for ditching her in favor of his girlfriend. Couldn’t he see that she’s in pain and she needed him more than his girlfriend did? I mean she knows him for a longer period than his girlfriend, she always there for him but why wasn’t he now here with her?
“Hey are you okay? Why aren’t you answering my calls?”, “Can you at least open the window and yell a “I’m fine don’t worry”, “That’s it I’m coming over”,” Why did you let that crazy dog free, you know he hates me! I haven’t run this fast my whole life’” , “Why do I have this feeling that you don’t wanna talk to me?”, “I’m gonna keep on sending you messages until I’ll make you snap and yell at me”. Four days had passed since you’ve decided to stop talking with that brat and your phone kept on beeping now and then letting you know that he wouldn’t just give up. Why couldn’t that brat just get the message: you were mad at him and you didn’t want to talk to him or see him. Was it that hard to get it through his thick skull? Putting down the phone after you deleted his last message your attention focused on your homework again but something in the corner of your eye got your attention-a pink paper crane. And then another one, and another one, paper cranes of different colors kept flying through your open window littering the floor of your bedroom. A snicker left your lips as you were ready to go back to your homework but something in the corner of a paper crane wing made you reach for it and unfolded. There in a messy handwriting which you knew it belongs to Sehun it was written “ I love your childish pj’s”. “What the..” you whispered as you unfolded another paper crane to find the same thing: Sehun’s handwriting but with a different phrase “ I love it when you get angry that your  nose crinkles” or “ I find it cute how you blush every time I tell you look pretty” or “ I love hearing you sing even though you sound like a stray cat” and with every paper crane she unfolded her eyes got even more blurry and her heart was almost ready to burst. Soon all the paper cranes were nothing more but colorful pieces of paper on her floor when another one makes its way from the hallway through her opened door. With small steps she reached for the paper crane unfolding it just like she did with the other ones “I’m sorry. Please forgive me” Sehun’s voice caught her by surprised, his soft breath tickling her naked neck, a gasp left her lips when she felt Sehun’s arms around her middle bringing her even closer to him.
“So do you forgive me grumpy?” but  when he didn’t  heard a single sound from you his lips turned into a smirk that you could feel against your skin.” So you’re giving me the silence treatment grumpy? Let’s see how long you’re gonna last!” you didn’t give any response and few seconds later you felt his full lips press to your neck. You breath trembled from your mouth as he began to pamper your skin  witl light, small kisses. “Sehun what are you….” But you didn’t have time to finish your words cause he had already spun you around to face him, his height looming over you. Your breath hitched in your throat as he slowly leaned down, stopping now and then, not sure if he should continue. His nose cautiously grazed yours , almost testing if you would pull away. You didn’t. Your eyes fell closed as you felt his warm breath wash over you . Eyelashes fluttered, Sehun closed the small distance, brushing his soft lips over yours for a second before nervously pulled away.
The feeling tingled on your mouth as you observed Sehun’s pink tongue slip out and run over his plump lips, his cold fingers playing with the tips of yours. “I’ve stayed up all night to write those words and I mean every single one of them. You could see a blush covering his pale cheeks but he turned his head to the right making it hard for you to look at him “This four days without you made me realize that I don’t want to be your best friend anymore. I want to be something more than that. But if you don’t want to…” you stopped him, raising your hand catching hold of his shoulder. You pressed your lips to his before you could chicken out. Butterflies erupted in your stomach, frantically flapping round inside of you . “You know you could have just told me all those things instead of writing them on those paper cranes” you’ve said after you pulled away leaning your forehead against his “ Yeah but that way it wouldn’t have been romantic" breath tickled your lips as his lean for another kiss. After all you had a lot to catch up with.