my baby's first christmas

Baby’s First Christmas

Summary: Your son’s first Christmas is not at all what you had hoped it would be. 
Pairing: Jensen x Reader
Word Count: 655
Warnings: None. 

A/N: This is my entry for @jensen-jarpad​‘s Christmas Challenge! My prompt was Silent Night

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Baby’s First Christmas - Terrornuckel
a/n: holy shit guys, it’s been 84 years. here’s a lil something stupid, and send me some prompts. i’m going to slowly but surely start posting regularly again. thnx.

“Okay but like, what if she knows already that Santa isn’t real?” Brian questioned quietly, glancing up at his husband as they laid together in bed.

Brock couldn’t help but to roll his eyes at the insanity of the question, and the stupidness of his significant other. “And just how would she know that?” He retorted.

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anonymous asked:

How about a short fic on baby Cal's first Christmas at Strip and Lynda's house?


Everything about the season was magical for Cal. His parents usually took him down south for the holiday season, where it was warmer, but this year they’d left him at his aunt and uncle’s while they took some personal time to get away. 

And he was loving it. The days were shorter, but brighter with all the snow. He’d never really gotten to play in it before. Nighttime was even better. The Christmas lights on their front porch made the icicles turn all sorts of colors, and illuminated the falling snowflakes. He could go outside and touch the cold, see it firsthand and never be too far from the warm, cozy house, where there was always a fire going and holiday movies on the TV.

That Christmas Eve, Cal was restless. There was so much excitement in the air. The Christmas tree was decorated with a few perfectly wrapped presents gathered underneath it. Cal knew that fun things awaited him, and that he just had to be patient. 

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There is something about this time of year that makes me so happy. I swear it’s just magic. It can wipe away all worries, all doubts, all sadness. There is just something about the holidays that just make everything right.

This is the first Christmas living with my baby and I couldn’t be happier about it. Looking back on my life, so much has changed and I’ve grown into a completely different person from years past. I’ve grown from making immature decisions (financial and in other ways). I’ve grown from not being honest about my feelings. I’ve grown from getting swept up in drama at work and home life . And it all makes perfect sense now.

This holiday season, I have a wonderful job that continues to flourish. I have a man that I fall more in love with everyday and it continues from the three years we’ve been together. I have a new home that isn’t an apartment but a place that he and I are making our own. Everything is just falling into place and I’m really excited for this time of year :)

Imagine Woozi looking at you in awe because you’ve managed to prepare a delicious Christmas feast for 14 people.

Grant Ward + Brainwashing

I’m going to proceed this by stating that yes this post will be about Grant Ward so before you bitch about it feel free to walk away now.

Still there? Good.

So I was waking up from a nap, thinking about wanting to write a Bobbi having been brainwashed fic (because Jemma being brainwashed is too obvious) and I started thinking about how weird it was that she was the one mentioning Bashki being brainwashed and he never uttered a trigger word for her which he could have easily done to get himself out of there and when he implied she’d done horrible things it wasn’t in a ‘because we forced you to comply way’ but a 'you did horrible things on behalf of S.H.I.E.L.D. way’ and I had this sudden thought I deemed to be 'crazy’ a moment later:

what if grant ward really was brainwashed?

i immediately shook it off because nah, my boy’s finally come to terms with what he is, he’s taken responsibility for his actions, he’s moving forward and then i started to realize 'it is just like a whedon to get him through that milestone only to say 'haha gotcha’ then i realized:

shit, what if grant ward was really brainwashed?

because the thing is like jemma said it herself:

any hydra member could have been [brainwashed]; wouldn’t know it.

Then some things that had been bothering me surfaced and I began to realize this might not be so far-fetched after all (come under the 'read more’ to come along on my journey with me)

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I don’t think any of you know what this means to me… I started crying about this bear..

I had recieved the girls version of this bear on my very first Christmas in ‘96 as a baby and I couldn’t sleep without it until I lost it during my high school years.

By that point, my bear had went from being a girl with a plaid bow and dress, to a boy with a red tie because everything had gotten too dirty and worn to keep on her.

My mom found the boys '96 version online and bought it for me because she knew how upset I was over losing him.

His name was Teddy and it still is… and it smells like the 90s…
I couldn’t help from crying
- Luna 🌛

Justin has called Selena : Selena ,  babe , baby , my everything , a blessing , his Christmas love , his first love and probably many other cute names that he hasn’t said in public.

Justin has called Hailey : Hailey and douchebag 

anarchyaustralia-deactivated201  asked:

could you write something with daddy Calum and baby's first Christmas? :-)

“Calum, you know she’s not going to remember any of this, right?” you ask, a smile tugging at the corners of your lips.

“I know,” he says. He tugs her little sweater, which reads “Baby’s First Christmas”, down over her stomach and smiles at his daughter. “That’s why we’re taking as many pictures as we can because my baby girl deserves a perfect first Christmas.”

He hasn’t stopped using his “baby voice” all day. He’s too excited about your daughter’s perfect Christmas. You are more than happy to help him achieve the perfect Christmas though, hoping to show your daughter all of the cute pictures once she’s older.

“Come on, we need the family picture,” Calum says. “Mum will kill me if I don’t get at least one of all of us.”

You chuckle, knowing just as well as Calum that Joy would have a few things to say if she didn’t get all of these pictures. Calum carefully holds your daughter in one arm and takes your hand with the other, leading you to stand in front of the Christmas tree. 

“Will you hold her?” he asks, glancing down at your sleepy daughter fondly.

You take your daughter in your arms without a word, smiling down at her. He messes with the camera for a moment before asking “you ready?”. 

“Yeah,” you say, allowing him to put his arm around your shoulder.

You smile for the picture, holding your daughter tightly. After the click, he turns the camera around to see the picture.

“Perfect,” you say, smiling. You lean in, pressing a quick kiss to his cheek. “She’s going to have a perfect first Christmas, Cal.”

anonymous asked:

You're my absolute favorite writer! Prompt idea: maybe Killian and Emma are hanging and drinking with Snow and David making the loft look festive and everyone is education Killian on what christmas is and he feels apart of their family ☺

Oh,wow, thank you so much!!

So this is set after the S3 finale ‘cause I needed slightly insecure Killian, also baby Charming’s name is Leo because denial is a thing. Hope you like it!

This Christmas Thing; ~ 2, 500 words; also on

Killian considered himself a confident man. He was Captain Hook, for crying out loud, the most cutthroat pirate to sail the seven seas.

It’s just that… well, it’s much harder to be confident, cutthroat pirate or not, when you are in an unfamiliar land that is becoming less familiar with every passing day. Just when he started to think he was getting used to the Land Without Magic, all the citizens of Storybrooke decided to wrap their dwellings in wires (ones that sparkled at night he discovered), populate their front lawns with figures of dwarves (much happier than the ones drinking at The Rabbit Hole every night), stags  (which seemed to all have a nose infection for some reason) and fat men with white beards and red clothing (some of which had even been possessed so as to sing or jiggle their hips).

Then there was the music. Killian already found this land’s take on melody perplexing but now everything had become so much more… jiggly. Or jingly was perhaps the preferred word? Since it seemed to be featured in most of those overly cheerful and increasingly repetitive (and thus annoying) tunes.

Then there was the food. Granny had changed her entire menu overnight. Adding ginger and peppermint and cinnamon to everything that could take a dose (or a dozen!) of the stuff. Little booths seemed to pop up every day on the sidewalks: some selling drinks featuring all the aforementioned flavours (sometimes all at once, much to Killian’s dismay), some – baked goods, some – gilded apples (that he was half-convinced were Regina’s doing) and miniature walking canes stripped in red and white (that he was absolutely convinced would be of any use only to the cricket back in the Enchanted Forest).

He wasn’t even going to start with the trees they kept bringing inside. They did realize that they’re basically tree corpses once cut off, right? Right.

Killian was right back to square one where understanding the Land Without Magic was concerned.

And that wasn’t even his most pressing concern. No. That title belonged to a certain blonde sheriff.

They had kissed. And they shared some manner of drink (be it coffee, Emma’s treasured hot cocoa or an alcoholic beverage) at least twice a week. They had shared a few meals as well, with Henry joining them once before the mayor showed up and whisked him away with a half-exasperated, half-amused smirk for Emma and Killian. He had also gone sailing with the lad a couple more times and another with him and the prince who had claimed that his presence was needed to “supervise the pirate’s influence on his grandson”.

Overall, he thought he was handling himself tolerably well where Emma and her family were concerned. Her mother excluded, perhaps.

Then the whole Christmas nonsense hit.


It starts with Henry, hopping on the barstool next to him and giving his coffee (a beverage he was merely fond of and in no way ‘addicted to’ despite what Swan claimed) an almost disgusted look.

“This is not festive enough!” the lad shakes his head and makes Ruby a sign to double whatever he ordered before deciding to come and pass judgment on Killian’s morning beverage.

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A Very Albarn-Evans Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone!

Here is some of my wedding planner babies (WP AU) first Christmas together fluff! I hope y’all enjoy and that y’all have a wonderful holiday experience :)

One scene was inspired by this art here by eisschirmchen

Usually Maka wasn’t one for holiday decorations or the holiday season in general. She had grown up in a household where Thanksgiving and Christmas weren’t exactly family get togethers one wanted to attend willingly. The day had always started out with cordial greetings and sweet smiles from both her parents, but by the end of the night — before the dinner was even on the table — they were always at each others throats and found drinking to be the solution to their problems. So it was no surprise to anyone that Maka didn’t particularly enjoy celebrating holidays, even when she was older.

However, when she rekindled her relationship with Soul, she swore to change that aspect about herself. Unlike her, the man actually enjoyed the holiday season — loved them was a more adequate way to put it. He was the type of person who sang Christmas carols around the house, bought the tree a month ahead of schedule, decorated the tree before the first snow graced the ground outside, and gave presents that had been pre-planned months ahead for his loved ones. She had been well aware of this when they dated in college and the knowledge did not leave her as she grew older.

Which was why she wanted to make their first Christmas together as a married couple special in some way.

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My dear followers, my babies,

At first I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas. I hope you can enjoy the people around you & the food.

I have deeply respect for those who suffer from a eating disorder and those who are addicted to alcohol. Be strong these days, try to eat, try to enjoy without throwing up. And if you are going to drink, behave yourself when you get too impulsive. You all are so strong.

Also my love goes to those who are alone these days. No matter if it’s about having no friends or family, or if everyone passed away. Make a good day for yourself, watch christmas movies, turn on christmas music, and buy yourself something nice.

And I wish all the strength for those who have to celebrate Christmas with the one who raped them, or abused them. 

I wish you all the love from the whole world, and a very merry Christmas.

I love all of you.