my baby will be loved back

okay real talk though, but if a boy called me baby or love or darling or whatever, and sat with me on my bedroom floor, our backs leaning against my mattress, with mugs of tea wound tightly in our hands, and went along with my bouts of spontaneity and agreed on late night drives with lamp posts and city lights dusting the bridge between his neck and jaw, with CDs of soft music filled with strong words playing on and on and on, and held me when I can barely hold myself together, all the skin, bone, ambition, pensivity and self-doubt. remember that I will not take all of these from a beautiful boy and never give anything in return, but I would, without a second of logic to interfere, do the same for him. logic and love never really did get along anyway. 

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Sorry to bug, but I think my ask might have gotten eaten. It was for a little scenario of England and baby owl, how baby owl loves to be with England and wants to help, so early one morning it goes to garden, find what it's looking for, and goes to England's bed. England finds two fuzzy yellow caterpillars on his bed. Apparently baby owl thinks England's eyebrows were caterpillars and needs to be changed every few days.

XD This is too funny! Glad this came back! -Admin Jay

Arthur blinked awake slowly as he felt something fuzzy rubbing against his hand…was Sir Pounce-a-lot sleeping with him? That was rare…his cat usually preferred the window sill…he sat up slowly…and nearly had a heart attack. Caterpillars?! Did Sir Pounce bring them in?! What were they doing in his bed?!
“Ah! Get off!”
Arthur shook his hand and knocked the caterpillars on to the floor as he gasped. How did they get into his house? Let alone his bed…
A small hoot beside him caused him to turn. Galahad was awake…interesting. If owls had expressions…he would say Galahad almost looked…sad?
“Galahad…did you bring the caterpillars inside?”
Arthur frowned. He couldn’t speak owl…though once he sat up and ran a hand through his hair he watched Galahad fly toward his face…and peck at his eyebrows…
“Oh no…did you…Galahad…did you bring them in…for my eyebrows?”
Arthur groaned and face-palmed…even his owl made fun of his eyebrows…were they that bad?
“Galahad. They are eyebrows. Not. Caterpillars.”
Galahad looked so upset at being scolded, Arthur couldn’t bear it. He gently petted the owl and shook his head before giving him his morning snack as he brewed himself some tea. He would let it slide this time…though maybe he should have someone do something about his brows…

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Merlin with 💔,💛 please! Also love the new theme (v spook)

i am riding the spook train, baby

Has your muse ever been heartbroken? If so, explain what happened.

In year 13, Merlin dated this girl named Genevieve Smithwell, and she was the love of his life. I mean, back then being in a relationship for four months was big deal. The two seemed like they were meant to be – or at least, Merlin thought.

… Until she dumped him the night before prom to go with the footie captain of his rivalry prep school. 

Yeah, that sucked.

In what ways does your muse express their love to their partner?

Merlin thinks little things are nice – he sometimes buys you flowers on his way home and really loves waltzing through the door with a colorful bouquet that makes your face light up. 

All in all, if it makes you happy, Merlin will do it.

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How would Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Taiwan and Macau react to their platonic best friend announcing that they’ll name their kid after them?

Haha, comin’ right up!~ Admin Sarah (Also, Switzerland fun facts. His name is Vash because it is French for cow (vache)…He thought it was funny because of his love for cheese..moving on!)

Switzerland: “ know what Vash means…right?”
Vash would turn bright red and shake his head. No, no no..not a good idea. Vash is a term in France that means..well. Cow. Vash would nervously laugh before blushing as scratching the back of his head, thanking them for the nice gesture in the best way he could, but politely telling them to rethink the baby name.

Liechtenstein: “You think my name is pretty? Oh thank you..!”
Lily would be honored to have her best friend name their baby after her, of course she’d ask a thousand times if they were sure, but in the end, Lily is a very simple and sweet name, you can’t go wrong. The babies first gift would be a ribbon for their hair..! Well..when they grow some..

Tawian: “My name? Really?”
Xiao Mei would be happy that they thought about naming their baby after her, though if they’re not of Asian descent…Maybe just name her Mei/May. Soon after she heard the news, she’d end up clapping up and down before thanking them over and over again; it would make her feel so special to know she inspired a baby name!

Macau: “Huh? A baby named after me?…Wow.”
Cheng wouldn’t be used to such an honorable gesture, but he would thank his best friends dearly after hearing the news. In his eyes, he would be honored to know someone chose his name for their own child.

Taylor it’s time me and you have a lil chat

I know like you have a special place in your heart for all your albums but like fearless platinum doesn’t get enough credit. This SMOL child (fearless platinum) is like fearless’s twin that always gets forgotten about and slept on. While her sister fearless is getting straight A’s and her lil sis debut be the family’s fave cause she’s the baby. And speak now is going through her puberty phase where she’s Jumping around and falling in love with boys she just met. Red is sitting in back like GURL BEEN THERE DONE THAT. BITCH STOLE MY SCARF. and then 1989 is standing here like ladies let’s get in formation, you are too good for this! You look better without the scarf anyway. And here my baby, fearless platinum just like sitting on her bunk bed hugging her unicorn pillow because NO 👏🏻 ONE 👏🏻 APPRECIATES 👏🏻 HER 👏🏻. SO LETS GIVE SOME LOVE TO LIL FEARLESS PLATINUM. SONGS SO PURE YOUR HEART GOOD BURST. thanks. Also. Aunt reputation bout to walk in and fuck shit up and I have never been so ready.


jake peralta doing IT for/because of amy santiago


our dearly treasured choi seunghyun,
we, your vips, will wait for you. just know we love and adore you and that we’re keeping you in our thoughts & prayers. please don’t worry about us too much and return to us safely. we miss you already. counting down til nov 2018.

Help me find my dog?

So, lemme start this out by saying I know this probably won’t work but I am the most desperate person atm and I really love my dog and I don’t wanna just give up at trying to get her back

So this is Candy, she’s about 12 weeks old. She was stolen about 3 days ago from our yard because she got off our porch while my dad wasn’t home (I don’t live here)

Lemme just say this is the dog that my grown Pitt bull gave birth to, that I had to nurse by bottle for almost a week after she was born because she wasn’t eating, the dog I named and began training, and the dog that I personally took care of until I brought her to my dad’s when she was about 10 weeks old.

She doesn’t respond to her name yet, I don’t think. She has a black collar with white (probably brown with dirt) skulls and crossbones on it. She basically has the body of a pitbull, but the fur patterns of a Rottweiler; black body, brown paws, and she has a white speck on her nose, and lil black speckles on it.

My dad’s house is in Raephord North Carolina. If you see this dog at a shelter in this area (I have to ask my dad to stop by one) PLEASE pm me and tell me the shelter. If you see this dog in a yard or something in this area, PLEASE pm me and give me an address, or a plate number or SOMETHING that will help. We filed a police report but otherwise I can’t do anything else but ask for help.

I know this probably won’t work, chances are really thin, but I really love this dog and if/when I get her back I’m taking her to have her chipped as soon as I get paid what I’m owed, and she’s staying on a chain outside until we get her house trained.

If you don’t live in this area could you pls rb this? I know, it probably won’t work, but please just try to help me out? I just want my dog back

i’ll prolly never finish this bc the original video is already perfect and 1000x better than anything i’ve ever produced but hey!!! i’m back!!!!