my baby trying to understand a bow

***Could you do an imagine where the reader is Jax’s girlfriend and she comforts him while he sulks at Gemma and Clays wedding because he’s mad at his mother moving on so fast? Can there be lots of Clay/Gemma & Jax/Reader fluff at the end?***

“Baby, stop it. Just try to be happy for your mom, she deserves to be happy.” you sighed as you fixed Jax’s bow tie. “My father has barely been in the ground and she’s already marrying someone else.” Jax snapped at you. You sighed and looked down at your hands in your lap. You didn’t know what to do. Jax had been acting like a baby all week. “And it’s his best friend too! Do you understand how sick that is?” Jax practically shouted and pulled the truck over off along the side of the road.

“Babe?” you questioned quietly, you hated to see him so upset. “First Thomas, then JT and she’s just acting like nothing’s wrong.” Jax mumbled and you sighed climbing over the console to sit in his lap. You wrapped your arms around him and hugged him close. “Don't  worry, baby. She’s just doing what she’s gotta do to protect her family. One day it’ll be your club and you’ll be able to protect your family. Let’s just go to the wedding, everyone’s there. Opie’s probably looking all over for you.” you cooed trying to soothe him.

“Fine.” he mumbled but kept his arms locked tight around your waist. So the two of you sat there for a moment in a comforting embrace until he buried his hatred and was ready to go.


The reception was beautiful and you were having a wonderful time until Jax walked over grabbing your hand roughly and pulling you toward the truck. “What?” you gasped as you nearly spilled your drink down the front of your dress. “We’re leaving.” he growled, causing you to dig you heels into the ground. “Jackson Nathaniel Teller you let go of me right now. I am not leaving right now. This is a nice night, and you will not ruin it for your mother.” You growled back at him. “Y/N! You can’t really be enjoying this!” Jax groaned back.

“Stop being so selfish. If your mom hated the girl you married she would still be there for you. Why can’t you do the same for her?” you snapped and his face softened a bit as he realized that you were right. You walked away to get a new drink and you were soon joined by Gemma. “You did a good job, sweetheart. Thank you.” she said softly. “I learned from the best.” you said with a wink before walking away.

Jax pulled you to the dance floor, “I’m sorry.” he whispered in your ear as he held you close. “I know you are.” you giggled back and he squeezed you a little tighter to him. The two of you swayed back and forth, simply enjoying each other’s company.


“She’s good for him.” Clay said quietly as he watched the wedding reception go on around him. “She kept him from leaving.” Gemma agreed. “Reminds me of us. Strong man, and an even stronger woman.” Clay chuckled. Gemma just laughed and kissed him. “Take me home, Clay.” she said, still laughing as they stood up. Everyone followed to Clay’s bike and waved the couple off.

We let the books wrap us up with its pages, how warm it must feel to find fiction more real than reality. I let the words scratch my spine, I bent my soul to read those words. We ran those chapters dry, every thought still climbing into our eyes. Climb back into bed, the dead is still living. The night seems to pick apart my heart, the night seems to lick my tears clean, and I must be a part of the art that says, hello, I’ve been looking for you. I bow to the sunrise and still the sunset comes too soon, the curtain falls down and the roses they draw passion into our palms. All the things we’ve said, our eyes they could never lie. Our eyes speak the truth no matter who we talk to because we are in the end, honest poets trying to understand the pen. Darling, the pen is a tattoo we couldn’t let go of. So, won’t you write with me tonight? Baby, feed me all your words and call me yours. I didn’t get enough of you in my previous lifetime, and these sleepless nights are writing your secrets across my lips for safe keeping. The sky is just another ocean for us to sing along to the fear of waking up to a reality that doesn’t hold us. Goodnight is just another puzzle we play when I told my heart to stop beating for him. The sun is a prayer, swallowing the wishes we haven’t blown out yet. Darling, you’ve got a smile like a pocketful of broken glass and I swear I saw happiness there once. I swear I felt love like the most satisfying puddle our reflections hide from. Sometimes you hold my hand and I think about how he left; and sometimes I listen to your heartbeat and wonder if it’ll change once I leave. But maybe, on days you feel like you don’t belong to the world, you belong to heaven. I once wrote a letter that talked back to me. I poured gasoline years onto my fireproof-tears and asked it to burn. I once fell in love with the idea of love, the concept soon learned how to bite and it has been taking chunks out of my flicked cherry heart. They told us that love would hurt, but they dare not whisper about the flames that involves lips looking like the volcano erupting into the sea. We became something solid, a slide down memory lane was going to molten lava softened by the touch of words we said during a feisty game of truth or dare. The dare was to love us forever. The truth was we were always going to fall apart. It took me 6 years to write that last part. You can have these black lungs.
—  When love catches you on fire, don’t ask how long you’ll burn… ask how long it’ll be until you return to me because love hurts even when it doesn’t. That must be why we learned to react like natural disasters… if only it were a lie.
// The Ate & The Bunso