my baby my king

a concept: eddie wearing richie’s clothes for any reason but he’s too small and richie’s so tall to the point that the clothes practically swallow him and it’s so damn adorable to the point that richie can’t help but smile every time his boyfriend wears his clothes. but eddie is always grumbling while richie fawns over him until he scrunches his nose up whenever he gets cute little Eskimo kisses

according to the foxhole court wikia andrew is “At 5’ flat, he’s very short - his Exy racquet is taller than he is.” and this is the cutest thing ever like im fucking 5'4 i could hug him and even prop my chin on top of his head and this gives me life

…for like, 2 seconds or something because he would probably stab me and id die lol


Michaela Pratt, a known badass [requested by anon]