my baby love you

  • Shiro: Keith...
  • Keith: .... * is sleeping *
  • Shiro: Keeeeiiiith....
  • Keith: * groans * what is it, baby?
  • Shiro: I can't sleep.... * frowns *
  • Keith: * sighs * come here..
  • Shiro: * rests his head on Keith's chest *
  • Keith: Do you know what puts me to sleep?
  • Shiro: Counting knives?
  • Keith: * lightly smacks his head * No.
  • Keith: I relax and listen to your heartbeat...
  • Shiro: Oh... * blushes *
  • Keith: You try it..
  • Shiro: * closes his eyes and listens to Keith's heartbeat *
  • Keith: * running his hands through Shiro's hair *
  • Shiro: You're right Keith.. * yawns * its very relaxing...
  • Shiro: Thanks, Baby.. Good night.. *sleeps*
  • Keith: ........
  • Keith: Now I can't sleep...

Right, to me, March 25th (well, 26th for me, lol) 2017 is the best day ever! We get that ad about Harry’s single (which still has me shook!), Liam’s baby news (that little boy is already fucking adorable and I haven’t even seen his face), Louis performing with Steve to all those people (so proud of him!) so….


But also, it’s not every day that the person you’ve fallen so madly in love with tells you that they’ve fallen in love with you just as deeply. And my two amazing best friends are going back to good terms, and I’m just so overwhelmed with excitement, joy, and love! And I’m spreading all of that love to whoever sees this on their dash!

All the fucking love

Olivia xx


Thank you for giving me the best 2 years of my life so far!!! we’ve come such a long way together and we’ll always be together for more years to come and whatever is in the afterlife <333333

i’ll always be by your side, thank you for everything you’ve always done for me and for all the love and support you’ve always given me. You’ve helped me grow so much as a person and you have no idea how much i love you and appreciate you!! <3333 i love you with entire heart and i feel so lucky and blessed for having such a wonderful man in my life ;___; <3 <3 <3 <3 you’re so amazing my precious baby <3 <3 i love you !!!!!!

You make me super happy!! we’ve gone through so much together, so many laughs, smiles, tears, but always supporting and loving each other through thick and thin. We’ve created so many memories together and we’ll create many many more <333333 you’re the love of my life, my best friend, my angel aaAHHHHHHH I LOVE YOUUUUUU

HAPPY 2 YEAR ANNIVERSARY BBY!! I’ll always be by your side <333333 you deserve the best and i’ll make sure to give you everything you need in this world because you’re amazing and you deserve only the best <33333333



You may appear to be indifferent and tough but truth is you are just too good at hiding your own emotions. But sometimes it is okay to break. Thank you for doing such a great job at leading Red Velvet and for being so strong despite everything, BAE JOOHYUN IRENE. Ignore all of the insensitive comments about you and continue to be comfortable living in your own skin. No words could describe how much of a wonderful person you are #ProtectLeaderIreneAtAllCost ♥