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@bokuakakuroweek DAY ONE: RIVALRY | COHESION

(I’m so sorry, all of my entries are going to be hella late OTL)

Alright, but consider Bokuto and Kuroo doing Who Has the Best Akaashi-Pickup Lines competitions every once in a while, in any place they are. They always shoot the absolute worst pickup lines, which make everyone sigh and shake their head while Bokuto and Kuroo are grinning stupidly at each other, trying to outmatch the other’s terrible pickup line proposition. 

Then one day while they’re training all three of them alone, and another Pickup Lines competition has started, Akaashi can’t take the secondhand embarrassment anymore and says without hesitating, “Please, take me to the hospital. I broke a leg falling for both of you.” And it feels like time has stopped, Bokuto and Kuroo are speechless, looking at Akaashi with their jaws haging open, a massive blush spreading over their faces and tears making their eyes shine.

Akaashi thinks, “I’m so in love with these dorks…”