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T W P G and K

T - time you woke up.

- I woke up around noonish today. 

W - worst habit.

- I literally never remember to lock my doors! 

P - person you last called.

- My dad, because I wanted food but was too lazy to go get it myself 🙃🙃

G - ghosts, are they real?

- I believe in ghost yes. 

K - kissed someone.

- the last person I kissed was my baby sister ❤️

Thanks for asking babe 💕

"I still love you"
Rating: R

Pairing: Michael Clifford/Reader (y/n)

Word Count: 1,794

A/N: So I’ve been wanting to write a smut and I thought today was a perfect day, because you know “She looks so perfect”. I had Michael feels while writing this so don’t judge me.

Enjoy and feel free to request

I wanted to forget him, he dumped me for another girl a month ago, a slutty bitch, and I heard that he dumped her last week. I couldn’t get over him, although he broke my heart, I still missed him. I know, he dumped me and I shouldn’t be thinking about him all the time. That’s why I am going out with my best friend, we’re going to the club. I put my little black dress on as I waited for my bestie to pick me up. She called me saying she was outside my house. I looked myself at the mirror one last time and went to her car.
The club was full of drunk people dancing everywhere, the strong smell of beer was invading my nose. Me and my friend went to the bar, we were drinking some shots until a guy asked her to dance with him. She left me alone there, so I started to drink more shots alone until a guy sat next to me.
“Aren’t those a lot of shots for just one girl?” He asked me. I looked at him, and he was actually handsome.
“Not if the girl wants to have fun.” I laughed.
“So you want to have fun, huh.” He smirked and I nodded.
“What’s your name?” I asked.
“I’m George. And you?”
I don’t know why but I had the feeling someone was staring at me so I turn around, and I saw him, he was standing a few meters away from me with a drink on his hand. I couldn’t believe Michael was at the same club as me, I just tried to forget he was there and kept talking to George, but of course it wasn’t that easy.
“And what brought you here, because you don’t seem to be one of those girls who likes to go clubbing all the time.” George said.
“I came here with my friend, we wanted to forget our ex boyfriends.”
“Maybe I can help you.” He said and I laughed. I heard someone clearing his throat behind me.
“Am I interrupting something?” He said.
That familiar voice I will never forget, I turned around and saw Michael. His green eyes meeting mine and all those memories came back to me. The first time we met was on a friend’s party, we hit it off instantly.
“Yes you are.” I shouted.
“Y/n, I want to talk to you.”
“Well, I don’t want to.”
“Please just a one minute.”
“Fine, start.”
“I know this is not the right time or place but I’m sorry, and I really regret what I did. I was a dick and I do feel like shit every time I remember my mistake. I just want to have you back.” He admitted.
“First of all, you left me for another girl and you pretended to love me. You broke my heart Michael, that’s not easy to forget.” I remarked.
“I never faked my feelings for you y/n, and I’m not giving up on you either.”
“Your minute is over Michael, I’m done with your explanations.” I cut him off.
“George, don’t you want to dance? because I want to.” I said and got up leaving Michael alone.
Suddenly an idea came to my mind, I wanted to make him a bit jealous and see what happens. So I wrapped my arms around George’s neck to pull our bodies closer, and he wrapped his arms around my waist. We stayed like that for like eight minutes, Michael still staring at us. I brought my face closer to his until our lips were almost touching as George squeezed my bum a little.
“Why don’t we take this to another place?” He whispered in my ear.
He grabbed my wrist and took me to the restrooms. He locked the door and pushed me against the wall kissing my neck, his hands were roaming all over my body. I didn’t want this to go further, I just wanted to make Michael a bit jealous.
“Hey, stop.” I mumbled trying to push him away but he pulled me closer, he was stronger than me. “You started this, now you gotta finish it.” He demanded.
“What? No, please let me go.” I cried.
“Not an option baby.” He said furiously kissing me hard and pulling my dress up.
Someone kicked the door and it swung open, it was Michael. He glared at him and he punched George multiple times. I just slid my body down the wall until I hit the ground and cried there. I saw how Michael grabbed George’s shirt and told him to get the fuck out of there.
He looked at me and I saw how hurt he was to see me like this. He pulled me into a tight hug and I felt protected. He brushed his fingers through my hair and kissed my forehead, I just cried.
“Don’t cry baby, I swear I won’t let anyone hurt you.”
“How did you know I was here?” I whined.
“After he locked the door I heard you crying and I knew you you weren’t okay.” He said wiping the tears off my cheeks.
“I hate him so much.” I cried again.
“Shh, don’t worry he’s gone now. And if I see him again I swear he won’t be so lucky like before.”
“I don’t want to be here.”
“It’s okay, I’ll drive you home.”
“Your home?” I asked.
“We can go if you want to.” He said.
“Sure, I don’t want to be home alone.”
He grabbed my hands and helped me to get up from the ground. He looked directly at my eyes and wiped my tears away. He held my hand and we got out of the club to his car. It was almost 3am, Michael was sitting next to me in the car. He still cared about me, maybe it was our destiny to be together.
“Thank you, for everything.” I mumbled.
“You know I’ll be always there for you. I love you.” He admitted holding my hand.
I just stared at him with don’t knowing what to say, wasn’t ready to repeat those three words and he noticed that.
“I know you’re not ready to fall in love with me again, but I’ll wait.” He sighed placing both hands on the steering wheel.
“We’re home.” He said parking his car on the garage.
He unbuckled my seat belt and I got out of the car. He looked for his keys in his pocket and opened the door to let us in. I sat on the couch and he turned on the TV. He was so nice to me, I just needed to give him another chance. After all this time I never stopped loving him, it wouldn’t be fair if I denied my love to him. I turned my head to my side and he was focused watching TV.
“Michael. I need to tell you something, I should have told you a while ago.” I spoke taking him by surprise.
“What is it?” He said flustered.
“I love you.”
He looked at me wide smiling and traced my jaw line with his thumb, I connected my lips with his. Suddenly the kiss got heated and I started to lift his shirt up but he stopped my hands.
“Are you sure with this?” He asked.
“Completely sure. I want you to get rid of the marks he left.” I answered and he nodded.
He nibbled on my earlobe, his warm lips trailing down my neck leaving love bites. He connected his lips with mine and roamed his hands on my thighs. I moaned during the kiss and he smirked, it turned him on. I lifted his shirt and traced circles on his collar bones with my thumb.
“Let’s go upstairs, jump.” He ordered.
I wrapped my legs around his waist feeling his bulge grow bigger. He took me to his bedroom and placed me on his bed carefully. He pressed his hips against mine, lifting my dress up and taking it off of me. My dress was now on the floor, he unclasped my bra and kissed the valley between my breasts. I felt loved, he kissed every inch of my body, from my neck to the top of my underwear. He pulled my underwear and threw it to the floor. His hands trailing my thighs, he lowered his head in front of my heat sucking on my clit.
“You’re so wet baby.” He mumbled running his tongue up and down my slit.
I was a moaning mess already, he continued sucking on my swollen clit. I arched my back and curled my toes as his lips and tongue worked around my area, my orgasms growing closer.
“Michael I’m going to cum.” I moaned and released all over his face.
After I came down from my high I hovered over him. I pulled his pants with his underwear and his erection sprung free hitting his stomach, pre cum leaking from the tip. I put his length on my mouth and sucked up and down his shaft. He bucked his hips until he hit the back of my throat, making me gag. I hollowed my cheeks and bobbed my head as fast as I could. I wanted him to feel as good as possible so i took him further in my mouth.
“Shit y/n I’m gonna cum!” He moaned. I felt Michael twitch in my mouth and his hot cum ran down my throat. We switched positions again, he was on top of me now.
“What do you want y/n?” I didn’t answer, I was breathing heavily.
He positioned his length on my entrance and pushed harder. He started to roll into me faster hitting my g-spot with every thrust. I attached my hands to his hair as he looked deep into my eyes picking up the pace going faster and faster.
“I know, let it go.” He said.
My body started to shake and I let myself go over the edge. His thrust became sloppy and I clenched my walls around him. We exploded at the same time and I felt his hot cum filling me up. He pulled out of me and lay beside me. He tangled his fingers in my hair and we stared at each other.
“I love you.” I said.
“I love you too.” He smiled kissing my nose.
After all this time we were really meant for each other, I was definitely giving him another chance. He wrapped his arms around me and covered us with the blankets.
“Night babe.” He kissed my forehead.
Dan’s Savior- Part II

Part 1:

*Dan’s POV*

It’s been six months since that day y/n bumped into me at the coffee shop, effectively changing my life for the better. My lapses of existential crisis have grown fewer and far between, but I still have them occasionally. For the first few weeks we were dating, I felt as though I was walking on air and had never been happier. The past week or so, however, I had been feeling particularly, well, shitty.

I don’t understand it. There’s no reason I should be up all night pacing in my room and stressing myself out and feeling like the world is pointless. I have an amazing job that I love, I work and live with my best friend, and I have the love of the most wonderful, beautiful girl I’ve ever met. I feel like a bad person and a bad boyfriend for having everything and still feeling like this. I feel like I’m not appreciating what I have enough. And what’s worse is that y/n has started to notice.

“Come in,” I shout from the couch as I hear her light tapping on the door.

“Hey,” she says as she reaches the top of the stairs and strolls into the lounge. “I brought some thai curry for us to have for dinner.” She holds up a plastic bag as proof.

I force a smile, “Thanks babe!” Trying to will myself to be excited to spend a night with the woman I love, eating delicious food and watching tv, I broaden my smile and reach for the bag. I set it gently on the floor before wrapping my arms around her waist and pulling her close to me. I rest my head against her stomach and close my eyes. “I love you,” I murmur into her.

I feel her sigh and run her fingers through my hair. “I love you too, Dan.” She says, but her tone makes me look up at her. With worry in her eyes, she says, “We need to talk.” I freeze up as she takes a seat beside me. Sensing my panic, she rests a hand on my leg to comfort me, “Don’t worry, honey. I’m not going anywhere. I just want to talk about the rut you seem to be in. I want to help, if I can. You just have to tell me what’s wrong.”

I sigh and look down guiltily. “I don’t know. I’ve always gone through period like this. I just keep questioning the meaning of existence and feeling insignificant but also guilty for feeling that way because I have everything I ever wanted. Especially since I’ve been with you. How can I be like this when I have you?”

She smiles at me, a sad, but understanding smile. Reaching up, she brushes my fringe lightly with her fingers before kissing my forehead. “Baby, being with someone, no matter how much you love them, isn’t going to make problems like this go away. You have to find the strength in yourself to fight these battles and to find meaning in your life and yourself. I love you so much, and I know how much you contribute to the world and how many people you help with your videos. And you are a good enough person to use your influence to try to better the world and society. You’re an amazing man, Dan, and you have to see that for yourself.” She places her lips gently on mine before continuing. “Please don’t be so hard on yourself.”

I smile softly, gazing at this girl before me that I can’t even fathom. “Thank you.” I say quietly.

She cups my cheek in her small hand, “Anytime. Now let’s eat, okay?” I grin back at her before nodding, finally feeling like maybe I can tackle this thing on my own, though with her by my side it will be a lot more bearable.

I'm still mad//J.J


Johnson came tiptoeing into the house, slowly shutting the door. I heard the door closing from upstairs. Right now I’m sitting on my bed in some lingerie. I was going to do something special for my baby until he came home at 3 in the morning. He opens the door to our room. “Hey babe.” he says. “Hi Jack.” I say while getting up from the bed. “Did you get all dressed up in thigh high boots for me?” he smirks. “Actually I did.” I smile. He tries to kiss me. “I said I did.“ say putting my finger on his lips. “What did I do to not deserve all of this?” He asks while grabbing my ass and wrapping his free arm around my waist. Even with heels on I’m still not even half of his height. He picks me up as I wrap my legs around his body. “You should’ve come home on time.” I say kissing his neck then taking his arms off of me. “So no Y/N sexy time?” He frowns. “No.” I glare at him. “Woah, you are upset.” he says. “Are you at least sleeping in that?” he smirks. “No.” I say. “Then what are you sleeping in?” he asks. “Turn around and look at the door.” I smirk. He does as I say and I quickly strip out of the lace set and lay under the covers naked. “Alright, you can lay down now.” I smirk. He takes off his pants and shirt but keeps his Calvins on. He gets in the bed and his face turns red. “Did I just see what I think I saw?” He smirks. “Yeah.” I say. “So I do get some sexy time?” He asks while touching my thigh. “No but you can cuddle with me.” I say. He wraps his arms around my boobs and my pussy. “Why those places?” I laugh. “Because these are mine and I like to hold things that belong to me.” He smirks. “You know I’m mad at you right?” I say. “Yeah I know but I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to change your mind tomorrow.” He smirks against my shoulder. “Not this time.” I say before drifting off to sleep.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The next morning☀️☀️☀️~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
I throw on one of Jacks old shirts that looks like a dress on me and don’t bother putting on a bra or underwear. I go downstairs to make breakfast. I start to make the eggs by the counter. About an hour later I feel someones hands on my ass. “Morning baby.” He says, kissing my neck. “Hey.” I say moving to go to the stove to cook the eggs. "You’re not really mad, are you?” Jack asks me. I just laugh and move his hand from underneath my shirt. “Whatever, tell me when you stop bitching.” He says.

Jack Johnson - Home this Christmas (based on the song)

I have always wanted to write one based on my favourite Christmas song, Home this Christmas by Justin Bieber and The Band Perry. It’s better if you listen to the song while reading :)


I told him to wait until the next morning, I told him to stay wherever he was, but he had to be so damn stubborn once again, risking his life with driving through a biggest storm of the year just because he wanted to be with me on Christmas Eve, which is really sweet, but I would rather have him stay at a hotel for one more night and come home later than drive through a killer storm just to be home earlier. But this is Johnson, he never listens to me, but that’s maybe something I got used to through the three years we had spent together as a couple.

Looking out the window
Waiting for your headlights
To pull up in the driveway
It’s really coming down tonight

I was walking back and forth in the living room with my phone in my hands hoping he would call me or text me or do whatever just to let me know that he is okay. The light flickered once again not being able to handle the strong wind outside. I glanced out of the window in every other second just to see the exact same thing: nothing, other than snow and darkness. There was no sight of Jack.

I tried to call him, but it went straight to voicemail.

“Baby, it’s me. Where are you? Is everything okay? I’m really worried, just let me know that you are safe. I’m still waiting for you, you dumbass. You should’ve stayed at the hotel,” I said after the beep and then with a sigh I ended the message.

Pacing down the hallway
Trying to fight the urge to call
I could almost hear a pin drop
‘Cept for the clock on the wall

I almost dialed his number again when I put the phone down, but I stopped myself and stepped to the window once more, but nothing changed. It was fully silent in the house, the only sound I wanted to hear was the engine of his car as he pulls over to the driveway. I wanted to hear him shut the door and then call my name, so I knew he was home safe and sound. I wanted to kill him for this move and I knew he would be punished for risking his well-being just because he didn’t want me to spend the night alone.

I’m praying that you make it home tonight
So we can lay down by the fireside
You and I till Christmas morning
There’s nothing else that I want this year
More than just to have you here, whoa
I’ll be waiting

I was so scared that something happened to him. I recalled our last conversation when he called from the car saying he was on his way home.

“Have you lost your damn mind?!” I almost shouted jumping to my feet. “It’s the biggest storm of the season, what the Hell Jack?! There is a reason why your flight was cancelled!”

“Baby, calm down, aren’t you happy that I’m going to be home soon?” he laughed happily, but I swear I wanted to murder him at that moment.

“Jack, that’s the most irresponsible thing you have ever done! Why couldn’t you just stay at the hotel and catch the first flight tomorrow?”

“It’s only a four hours long drive and I’m already almost halfway. I thought you would be excited and happy.”

“I will be happy if you get here in one piece. But when you do, I will tear you apart, I promise,” I growled not believing he would do such a thing.

“Alright baby, we’ll see that. See you soon, take care,” he said and I knew he was smiling. That bastard!

“Stay alive, Jack, I’m serious,” I told him and then we ended the call.

Sometimes I was sure that he was going to be the death of me. How could a twenty-three year-old be so reckless? Every news and every site was going off about the huge storm and how all the flights are being cancelled, and then there he was, sitting in a damn car on his way home, while I was almost dying to know if he was okay.

I lay down to the couch with my gaze still glued to the window. I fully decorated the house since Christmas was my favourite time of the year. The Christmas tree was already standing next to the fireplace, and every corner of the house had something that recalled the Christmas feeling. I even placed some mistletoes to the doorways, above the dinner table and the couch hoping to get a kiss from my amazing boyfriend every time we stand under one of them. But that theory required my boyfriend to be home in one piece.

I must had fallen asleep waiting for him, because the next thing I knew was that someone was kissing my cheek.

“Baby, wake up, I’m here,” I heard Jack’s voice and my eyes immediately shot open. When I saw him kneeling next to the couch my heart stopped a beat. He made it, he got home safely and he was finally there with me.

“Oh my God,” I screamed throwing myself to him. He caught me right in time se we didn’t fall to the floor. “I hate you so much for doing this to me,” I whispered hiding my face in the crook of his neck exhaling his sweet scent.

“I’m sorry baby, but at least we can be together tonight.” He run his hands up and down on my back comforting me.

“Jack, I’m serious, don’t you dare do something like this again. Knowing you were out there in the storm while I didn’t even know where you were because you didn’t answer your phone… It just killed me.” I leaned back so I could look into his beautiful, blue eyes and I swear I wanted to look angry but I was too relieved that he made it through the storm.

“I’m so sorry, I was stupid I know, but I just wanted to see you,” he mumbled caressing my cheeks gently with his fingers.

I’ll be waiting under the mistletoe
While you’re driving here through the winter snow
Baby think of me if it helps to get you home
When the only gift that I really need
Is to have your arms wrapped around me
Baby think of me if it helps to get you home
Home this Christmas

“You were the only thing I was thinking about this whole ride. I just wanted to be with you tonight,” he said brushing a few locks of hair out of my face. “I know it was a stupid idea, but you know how stubborn I am,” he chuckled.

“I know, but next time I will just beat your ass,” I said pouting my lips at him.

“Alright, I’ll keep that in mind.” Looking up he saw the mistletoe and he shifted his gaze back to me with a wide grin. “Well, look what we have over there,” he cooed staring at my lips.

“I thought you would never notice,” I giggled putting my arms around his neck. He didn’t waste much time, just pressed his lips to my lips and finally kissed me.

It didn’t matter how mad I was at him, I was happy that he was home with me and that at the end of the day we could cuddle next to the fireplace wrapped into blankets. He was my best Christmas gift.

Tennessee Teacakes: Thirty-Two

Hello, my little cupcakes! Funny seeing all of you on a Friday night! I’m very excited about this chapter and I can’t wait to hear your thoughts!! <3

Sugar on the Asphalt & Previous chapters


drinkin’ mulled wine and wastin’ apple cider donuts; october 24, 2019

Two minutes before my alarm was set to go off, I felt the swiftest of kicks that not only woke me, but also Harry.

“He’s not even born and he’s already up before the sun,” Harry groaned and craned his head back just enough to catch a glimpse of me. 

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