my baby just look at him

Jimin as a boyfriend

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  • woo boy lets begin shall we
  • the home boy jimin has lips hella plump
  • he kisses you a lot with those mf
  • honestly such a sweet boyfriend
  • basically the literal human version of an angel
  • from hell…
  • you cant get anything done with his beauty
  • who is the prettier one in the relationship?
  • he really enjoys to tease you just to see you pout like a baby
  • “aw is the little baby pouting”
  • “look at those chubby cheeks puff out…my baby”
  • you can be scary when you get back at him
  • “shuddup shorty”
  • “at least I can reach the cups on the top shelf
  • he will chase you around the house unless you take it back
  • you squeals and his cute little giggles are heard around the dorms
  • the boys ‘puke’ at you two being so cute
  • you two blush bc shy little babies in love
  • he smells like sandalwood and super musky
  • v v v v masculine but his looks say other wise
  • “baby lets go eat”
  • “minnie im not hungry.”
  • “I dont care I want you super plump”
  • “nooo i need to diet”
  • he gets mad when he hears you say you need to diet
  • shows you how wonderful you are no matter what you look like
  • you two go to the sauna and have fun
  • “Bet you can’t stay in here longer”
  • “Bet shorty “
  • you both end up caving bc its too hot
  • you guys are the like  lady and the tramp
  • cuddles for weeks
  • sleepy selfies
  • awkward photo booth couple photos
  • he is so in love with you that he thinks you are the universe in his eyes

JM : baby you look so tired *pulling kook closer to him*
JK : no im fine hyung *coughing*
JM : just dont say anything i will treat you better today..
JK : its ok mochi, fans are there too..
JM : Idc, let me take care of you ok? dont leave my side on stage um? *caressing kook’s cheeks*
JK : ok *leaning into his touch*
Later ~
*things happen on stage like jk is jimin’s responsibility, even though jimin was tired too, he took care of his baby*


“You can’t be mad at me for this long.”

Harry whined, clinging onto you as he knows that you very well can, his arms draped heavily on your shoulders and his face being close to your neck that his nose’s touching your jaw.


He pouted, his pride being completely diminished as he’s been doing this for almost an hour now just to get you to talk to him or even better, to get you to forgive him.

“You’re not talking to me.”

Harry pressed his lips onto your cheek again, exaggerating the sound just to get you to notice him, the mwah filling up the room.

“Oh look, look! My girl’s talking to me!”

He’s now helplessly resorted to cooing at you as if you’re a baby, yet even as a slight matter-of-fact for him, you are one to him, his fingers tapping against your sides quickly in attempt to make you laugh, his statements being restless.

He whined again, collapsing his figure onto yours that made the both of you completely lie down on the bed, continuing his attack on your cheek.

“Give me attention.”

He sighed, looking over to you who’s offering both an annoyed yet amused stare, his mouth forming agape as there’s a slight quirk on the edges of your lips.

Harry laughed, a pinch being brought to your cheeks as he finally got to pull you closer to his chest, a grin widely displayed.

Even though as it’s a simple one, he still has fear it would turn over into something else because that’s how he is with you, you being the primary reason for him to think ahead over everything.

“That’s m'girl.”


BTS React to their S/O eating a king crab really fast

I changed the times in some of the reactions so hopefully, that’s okay~ Let’s dive in!


Needless to say, he would be happy and slightly surprised. You were challenged by one of the younger boys and being the competitive person you were, you couldn’t say no.

As you slurped down the giant crab, he felt himself grow hotter and hotter until eventually your yell of victory snapped him out of it. He looked up just in time to see you hold up your empty plate victoriously.

He smiled and cheered along happily.


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When you had been challenged by Jungkook to a crab-eating contest, you at first said no way. It wasn’t your style at all. After Jungkook bet one of his pairs of Timberlands you had to admit that you were interested.

Yoongi had tried to stop you but to no avail. There you sat in front of him, stuffing your face with crab. It was all over your face, as your cheeks puffed out from being filled with crab meat.

He sighed and continued to watch until eventually, you finished the whole crab. And with just seconds to spare. Even Jungkook hadn’t finished yet, giving up halfway through and pouting dramatically.

You got up and started crazy dancing while holding your now empty plate.

“Okay, that’s enough dancing for now. I don’t want a crab meat fountain coming out of you. Don’t complain to me if you’re sick.” Yoongi commented nonchalantly, as you turned away from him to cheer.

As soon as you turned away he looked at the other boys and made a ‘give me’ motion with his hand, eyebrows raised expectantly.

“What? You guys lost the bet so pay up.”

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When you had been challenged on the broadcast to a crab-eating contest, you couldn’t exactly say no. You loved to prove people wrong and all the boys were saying you couldn’t do it.

As you started eating, the harder it became to hold back. Eventually, you were practically vacuuming the crab down.

Hoseok sat across from you, slightly disgusted but more so interested in how fast you were eating. Of course, all the boys were pretty surprised when you had half the crab done in 3 minutes.

When you had held up your (now empty) plate, the boys yelled and clapped. Hoseok was the loudest.


He held you and screamed as you laughed.

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Rap Monster:

You had challenged yourself. The other boys had laughed and declined your ability to do it. Even Namjoon. They had bet you $10 each that you wouldn’t finish it in under 10 minutes. Scowling to yourself, you decided to prove them wrong.

Ordering the biggest crab they had you got cracking (pun intended) and started slurping down the delicious crab meat.

Namjoon looked at you with wide eyes, watching as you gorged on the giant crab. It had only been 7 minutes when you declared that you had finished. As you proudly held up the empty crab, the boys sighed.

All of them starting handing over the money as you stood there with a smug smile.

“Pay up boys. Never challenge me again.”

Namjoon smiled and pulled you towards him as you counted your bet money.

“Maybe you can slurp something else, babe.”

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Jimin laughed as he watched you furiously dug into the crab meat that you had painstakingly gouged out of the crab.

“Yah (Y/N) slow down! You’ll choke!” Jimin laughed again as you glared up at him with your mouth stuffed full of crab.

Jimin kept laughing as he watched you shovel crab meat into your mouth. It had only taken you 10 out of the 15 minutes you were given to finish.

You sighed, leaning back as you pushed your plate away, patting your stomach triumphantly.

“How did you manage to do that, (Y/N)?! I’ve never seen you eat anything more than 2 crab legs!” One of the other boys commented.

“I may or may not have thought of the crab as Jimin.” You commented slyly, giving a wink to everyone.

Jimin blushed as the rest of the boys guffawed. You sauntered up to Jimin and started pulling him away, calling to the rest of the boys behind you,

“I’m off to have a snack. Don’t disturb us!”

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“GO (Y/N)! YOU CAN DO IT! WHOOP WHOOP!” Taehyung screamed as you ferociously attacked the crab meat with your teeth.

Somehow, he had managed to enter you to be in a crab-eating contest and instead of you refusing, you decided to humor him and try.

You had never thought you would be in the lead though.

“(Y/N) you can do it, baby! Only a couple pieces left!” Taehyung yelled.

You looked down and noticed you had one piece left to eat. Making eye contact with Tae, he smiled and nodded at you.

Grabbing the last piece you ate it. You slammed your hands down on the table triumphantly and yelled!

“I KNEW YOU COULD WIN (Y/N)!” Tae yelled as he ran up to hug you.

“Yeah Tae don’t shake me so hard or you’ll have some crab as well!”

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“I totally can finish a whole crab you doughnut hole!” You told Jungkook.

He had told you not to order something you wouldn’t be able to finish, to which you took major offense to.

Sure you could barely finish 3 slices of pizza but that’s different. You were absolutely sure you were able to do this. No one was going to stop you.

“Babe what if you get sick. That much food in your tiny belly won’t be good at all.” Jungkook tried to reason with you.

“I can do it though! Just let me try please!” You pleaded using your puppy dog eyes.

“Fine but you have to eat it all. And if you don’t finish in 20 minutes then I’ll finish it for you.” Jungkook said, sighing at your stubbornness.

15 minutes later

“KOOKIE THIS WAS A BAD IDEA!” You screamed with your mouth full of crab.

“Finish it (Y/N) or you lose!” Jungkook chimed back to you.

“Uhhhuhhh.” You moaned in dissatisfaction with your mouth full of crab as you shoved the last piece in your mouth.

“Wow (Y/N), 19 minutes and 45 seconds. You had 15 seconds to spare. I guess you were right. (Y/N)?” Jungkook turned around to look at you after you didn’t answer.

You were leaning back in the chair, holding your stomach and groaning.

“Never again Kookie. Never again.”

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There you guys go! I sorta ran out of ideas but hopefully, it’s good enough! Please make sure to request! I ONLY do writing scenarios/reacts for various groups! Just send a request with the group, scenario and my name (Admin Rhi)!

Thanks, guys!

-Admin Rhi

at the end of “kingsman: the secret service”, eggsy asks his mom to come live with him in the new house he has. (harry’s old house).

so. “kingsman: the golden circle” should’ve been about his family tbh. eggsy being worried about the safety of his mother and little sister. look, i like what a sweet boyfriend eggsy is, but 50% of the time it was eggsy being all “my girlfriend! my girlfriend! my girlfriend!” during the movie and, no mention of his mother or his sister?

the mother he loves, sworn to look after, and was straight up ready to beat down his step-dad when he found out he hit her?

i mean, we do see her in the end of the film. but it was just her. no baby sister. (i really think they forgot eggsy has a little sister.)

so, a more nicer scenario would be eggsy’s mother and sister living with him. eggsy’s mom is packing up for a trip to visit her sister. eggsy obviously can’t come along but he wishes his mother and sister a safe trip. daisy insists on taking j.b. with them. eggsy lets her, telling j.b. to be on his best behavior. (this way no one fucking dies when that house explodes)

All Hands on Deck - JW+KYG

Yugyeom x Reader ft a helpful hand from Jackson

Warning: Smut? It’s kind of a threesome, but it’s also..not?

“Go on, Yugyeom,” Jackson urged the maknae closer to you, “I know you want to,”

“Hyung,” Yugyeom almost whined, backing away from the bed and just wanting to run and not look back, “This is really inappropriate,”

“But look at her,” Jackson stood behind him, his chin managing to just reach the younger’s shoulder, “She wants it - don’t you, baby?”

“I do,” you nodded, “Come on, Yugyeom,”

“Noona, I can’t,” he shook his head, “You’re hyung’s girlfriend,”

“I’m allowing you - this time only,” Jackson nudged Yugyeom’s shoulder, “Do it before I change my mind,”

“Do what?”

“Kiss her,”

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Jay park with a chubby gf

  • Sexy comments all the damn time
  • “Damn babygirl. You ass looks sexy in those shorts”
  • Probably hides all of your clothes so you have to walk around naked
  • “Damn baby. If you want sex just ask”
  • “Not funny jay. Give me my clothes”
  • “On one condition?”
  • “Fine, what”
  • “You call me daddy”
  • “Fine. Daddy give me my clothes”
  • And thus the daddy kink was created into the world
  • Listening to his puns
  • Tracing his tattoos with your fingers to relax him
  • Naked cuddles
  • Random booby grabs
  • Wants you to cook dinner naked
  • “Uh oh, it looks like youve made a wife level request. To receive what you want give me a ring and your last name”
  • “Ok princess. I was planning on marrying you anyway”-jay
  • “Wait what”-you
  • Wanting you to dance with him
  • “No jay. Im not skinny enough to dance”
  • “What? Where did you hear that? Dance has no weight limit. Now get your sexy ass over here and dance”
  • Crushing your doubts
  • “But i dont look like those girls in your videos”-you
  • “Who says you need to princess?”
  • “Society”
  • “Well society can kiss my ass. All you need to be is yourself and thats enough for me to date you and love you”
  • Dirty stuff🎀👌😅😏
  • D A D D Y
  • Dirty talk
  • Multiple rounds
  • Like to change scenery
  • Has fucked you in these places :every room in the apartment, the car, his studio, his office, the dance studio, a club reastroom, he fingered you in a library.
  • I guess he likes the chance of getting caught
  • “God princess, you look so sexy laying there helpless, begging for me to fuck you”
  • “Is that what you want? my cock?”
  • Degrading names are a big no no
  • He thinks you you only deserve the best so you get called the best

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May I please ask how the allies would react to a baby owl hitting their window? Hetalians check on it, and Baby owl is ok but it keeps glaring at them like "how dare you have a window there! And I hate your interior decoration!"

Well that is just rude little owl! -Admin Jay and Sarah

France: “How dare you not like what my home looks like! It’s not my fault you ran into a window”
One word. Triggered. At first Francis would rush over to the window and carefully help the little owl stand, but as soon as the owl began to glare at him, obviously judging him, he would quickly become offended with the little owls stares. What is wrong with his decoration!? He put hard work into that!

Canada: “Are you okay?….Why are you staring at me?…”
Matthew would rush over to check on the owl, making sure that it was okay and could still fly, though when the owl started staring at him he would nervously laugh before scratching the back of his head. He wouldn’t know why exactly the owl was staring at him…Was he doing something wrong?… Or did the owl not like him?…Either way, he’d over think it but soon let the little owl go back outside and fly way, though he’d still be confused why the owl was staring at him…Did he have something in his teeth?…

Russia: “Hey there, little one! Next time, do not be trying to hit window!”
Ivan would check on the owl and pat it’s head, though when the little owl would start to stare at him he’d blink a few times before staring back. It wasn’t his fault the little guy flew into his window, and if anyone was going to with the staring contest, it would be him. As soon as the owl backed down Ivan would stand up before opening the window again so he could fly away.

America: “Oh poor little dude…hey don’t be mad at me for the window being there. I can give you a snack?…”
Alfred would jump at the sound of the owl hitting the window before rushing to the little owl’s aid and taking care of it. Though once it started staring, Alfred would bite his lip and shrug before giving it a piece of whatever he was eating as a peace offering. After a bit he would nervously chuckle and smile at the owl before grabbing a jacket and making a little nest for the owl to chill in as he leaves the window open so it can fly away if it wants. If not, he is totally down with having a small owl pet. The more friends the merrier right?

England: “Oh dear me! How hard did you hit that window? I must have cleaned it too well…”
Arthur would gently pick up the owl and bring it inside as he carefully tended to it and gave it a small snack. He would give it one of his sweaters to nest in as he carefully checked it for wounds, but once it started staring he would shake his head and chuckle. “Is classic Victorian not your style? I do have a lovely bay window for you to sit in…” And true enough to his word, he would slowly move the owl’s makeshift nest into his room with the bay window so the owl could look outside but be cozy in it’s new nest. After ensuring that the owl is okay, Arthur would open the window so the owl could fly off if it chose to. He would not want to prevent such a beautiful creature from rejoining what family it could have out there…but he wouldn’t mind some company in his house…

China: “Aiyah! Are you okay?! Come here, I can fix you up.”
Yao would immediately take in the little owl and make sure it didn’t hurt itself in the impact. Soon he would start feeding it and playing with it around his house as he laughs and smiles. It was just too cute! It had to be fate giving him a new friend! Though if the owl started to stare around his house he would raise an eyebrow and shake his head as he leaned down to face the owl and smiled, “I know…it’s an old style, but I like it. I can make you a little corner if you prefer!”

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You said before Ink comes in and talks about me and Janelle a lot, exactly what does he talk about? I'm... Oddly curious...

A deep, slightly annoyed groan fills the air as one hand covers his eyes and the drops lifelessly beside him.

“Oh geez, what does he not talk about is the better question. He pops up, no warnings, and just starts gushing over the both of you.” He tries to imitate Ink’s happy face and make his voice higher pitched.  ‘Look how big my baby is getting!’ “Oh look she drew me, isn’t she the most wonderful little bundle of joy!? Oh Kitty looked so pretty today in her new dress, blah blah blah.” 

His voice, and face, return to normal as he ends his sarcastic tirade.

“Seriously, sometimes I have to threaten him before he gets the hint that I’m actually very busy and don’t have time to hear the newest InkyPawPrints update.”

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Oh my goodness you need to write something about H getting the snip. It'd be like in your story when he has a kidney stone removed and he asks the missus if his 'manhood' is still there x

PLEASE. Harry on Valium/Diazepam is something I need to witness. I’m sure just before/during  his wrist surgery, they had him on some nice anti-anxiety meds and he was feeling good

When I wrote him having his kidney stone removed he was coming down off anesthesia, and high on pain meds and anti-anxiety meds, but I feel like he’d still be really entertaining before/during getting the snip. 

“Baby…baby…will you still love me if they slip and slice it right off?” or “Should I look at my baby tube?” and, “This breeze feels realllly good.” At this point, she’d be losing it laughing. I’m going to have to write something, I think. xx.

Blind to Logic | Explicit | 10k | Mic/Aizawa/Midnight

“Oh, come on, stop being a baby,” Nemuri huffs, straightening out the tie so that it falls neatly against Hizashi’s chest. “I’m just making you look good.”

“Are you saying I don’t look good normally?” Hizashi asks, his expression dangerously close to a pout.

“You know that’s not what I meant,” Nemuri answers, and this time when she tugs on Hizashi’s tie, it’s to pull him down into a kiss.

Shōta averts his eyes and tries to ignore the rapid beating of his heart in his chest.

{ read on ao3 }

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I thought you might like to know I was playing GOH the other day as my newby lvl 23 self, was doing some dark side missions like normal and I go 'hey sweet it's palps, i've never seen him in the borrow chara b4' so my ignorant self just blankly starts the battle. Anyway it was your palps and everyone was on the floor just dead bc too much unlimited power. (( ༎ຶ‿༎ຶ ))

I’m glad he was useful! I know I have loved borrowing other people’s super powerful characters. And I admit that I love it when Palpatine electrocutes a whole squad, to like… an unJedi like degree of evil glee. 

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I have a lot of youngins following me so i cant write this on my own blog.. i hope you dont mind me sexually venting to you bc i have to let this out TT but i saw airport photos on my ult bias scoups last night + he looked so fukin good that i had a dream he spent all night rawing me so deep i woke up and creamed myself😭 he had just woken up from a nap with messy bed hair nd he just rolled over nd grabbed me really roughly and his voice ohmyGAWD he was growling into my ear all deep nd husky 😭

oHO@!@!! (you can vent to me anytime dear lorldkjsfadskfja)

so… While I am new to seventeen and taking baby steps….




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So Magnus and Alec had a bit of a problem where Magnus was in Valentine’s body, and Alec didn’t believe him? And there was a lot of, sort of betrayal on that? And it didn’t really went anywhere? Is that something that’s gonna come back?

2x12 Alec/Valentine/Magnus Scene Recap by Matthew Daddario