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Isak and Even hair drabble | what even is this tho?

I miss Isak, I miss Even…I wonder what they are doing right now…

I imagine that they are being goofy as always, showing their affection by arguing about something silly like 

OMG like Isak deciding that he wants to get a flipping haircut! And Even is just like NO !!!!! FUCKING !!! WAY !!!! BOI. He is literally so offended and I mean this actually turns super serious. Isak kinda just said it one day like “Ugh my hair is getting so long, and it’s so curly and so annoying and I just want to chop it all off” and Even’s all like “lol don’t do that baby, you would not pull of bald. You’d look like a cute baby egg” and then he just kisses his golden curls and Isak playfully slaps him away while grinning “Shut up! I would not, I’d look like a fucking king” 

Even just laughs and is like “sure baby” 

but then of course eventually it gets serious??? like Isak brings it up again one day, like Even mentions a film he wants to go see and Isak is like “Oh let me know the time it’s on because I was thinking of getting my hair cut on Sunday” and Even just like freezes and is all “EXCUSE ME? wot da fuq” and Isak looks up at him and is like “yeah i mean i’m just gonna get it cut a little shorter so it’s not as curly and annoying.” Even’s hand (which was stroking all of Isak’s ‘annoying’ curls) has just stopped in his hair and he is just Not. Chill. At. All. he looks at Isak with his mouth all open and pouty “You are not cutting your hair.” he declares meeting Isaks eyes. 

Isak laughs “what??” he shouts amused and surprised at the passion inside his boys voice over his damn hair. Even just tilts his face down and gives Isak his “I am not kidding babe your not going there, fight me boo” look. 

and Isak just laughs before shouting “oh my gosh your being ridiculous! It’s just hair It doesn’t even matter EVEEEEEN!” 

so then Even just thinks oh you want to fucking start this before smiling and nodding. Isak nods with pride thinking he’s won this fight befooooore Even says 

“You know what? You’re right, summer is coming up and it just gets so hot, I think i’ll go and get my hair cut with you.” 



Isak looks back up at him in horror “NEI!” he practically screams before he could rethink it. 

Even’s eyebrows shoot up smugly “what? no? But baby it’s just hair right?” 

Isak rolls his eyes and crosses his arms in defeat “Fine…fine no fucking hair cut. I hate you.” 

Even rolls over and pulls grumpy Isak closer to him, holding him against his chest. “You love me…” He runs his hand through Isak’s prince hair and kisses it before whispering in his ear “and I love your hair.” 

Isak smiles to himself and blushes. He would never tell Even but after hearing those words from the man of his life, Isak has never looked after his precious curls more.  

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awww omg babiess

hehe such a gentleman x3


EEEEEP welcome to the agency baby ; u ; 


BABIESSSSSS again im not crying at all 

i mean just look at her precious face you deserve this so much cutie im so happy for you 


yess gives her all the food she ever wants and needs 

she may be a bit tipsy? xD but hehe big sister <33

hehe naomi is me all the way my precious child and hahah kunikda is caculating prices shhh its okay lets celebrate first! also ranpo and kenji always where the food is 


hehe atsuhi to show his love and care for her too 

my precious babies <333 

AHHHHHH KAWAII DESU im ranpo and kenji x3

im so happy shes finally happy she deserves so much love 


Noblesse Icebreaker

I was tagged by @mytigernacho​ and @pandora-twists​ so LET’S DO IT (maybe more people tagged me and I haven’t seen it yet aaaaah)

  • Name/nickname: Ibijus or just Ibi  ´ ▽ ` )ノ

  • How did you find out about Noblesse?: I was searching around for a light slash of life to read, I think I was hitting the random/surprise me button from some site and fell on Noblesse, thought it would be some cute “silly vampire trying to live as highschooler” and them there was Frankenstein kneeling and talking about searching for Rai and I was like “ok so the other monsters, like a werewolf and mummy and all the others will show up  to live as highschoolers too, right???” and haha not quite aaaaaand I was hooked

  • Favorite character(s)? oh god definitely Rai, Shinwoo, M-21 is my baby, for the longest time I was like why people love Frankenstein I won’t love Frankenstein OMG I love Frankenstein sO FREAKING MUCH, absolutely love Tao and Takeo and Seira and Regis… Karias, Raskreia, ALL THE FAMILY LEADERS jesus I just love everyone… From the werewolves there’s Muzaka and Kentas, I really want to like Lunark but can someone explain to my how and why she’s an Elder from the Union??? I WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT (M-21, Takeo and Tao are my holy trinity) (aaaand I like Ignis in a way, mostly I love her expressions, and I like her name, so there’s that, but I don’t like her in a “you need redemption so you cna join the good guys” way, I want her dead but I can apreciate her evil/crazy deeds in the plot)

  • Favorite scene(s)? Smug anime girl M-21 (when he’s stuck with the werewolves asking why they don’t sacrifice themselves for their people) When the trio wake up in Lukedonia and Takeo has his arms raised like he’s holding his gun. Worried Takeo and Tao after M-21 disappear (like, the last time we saw them before papa and mama go have a little talk with the weres). OMG WHEN FRANKENSTEIN TRICKS MUZAKA WITH THE COKE CAN THAT’S MY MOST FAVORITE THAT’S THE ONE.

  • Why are you still following it? It updates weekly holy hell that makes me feel so spoiled. I really wanted to see M-21 rescue and now there’s Rai life at the line and I SO WANT Tao and Takeo relieved faces when M-21 is back home. And what’s going to happen with the weres now??? There’s a lot of things I want to know, I can’t let go now help

  • How do you like to spend time in the fandom? reading good fanfiction, writing shitty one, making incorrect quotes and dialogues, thinking of silly headcanons, always looking for the next AU, all that fun stuff

  • Do you have any ships and/or crackships that you’d like to share? I’ll ship everyhting that moves. Want to know what I was thinking the other day? Why am I not shipping Ikhan and Regis? Regis carrying Ikhan on his shoulders just because, them Ikhan is like “someone bring me a trench coat!” and they go to the market like that and Ikhan can’t stop laughing. I’ll ship everything.

  • I really want to talk to someone about WHY IS LUNARK AN ELDER? I have this theory that LUNARK = INDIANA JONES: I can’t remember her being a scientist, but she seem pretty “yeah, fuck humans, don’t care what happen to them” (like every other werewolf) but what if she traveled a lot and did archeology stuff finding misterious things (like strange coffins deep in the sea, or lost laboratories with notes signed with a single F) and Maduke ripped all the benefits until someone from the Union was like “shit we want that lady working for us, that ass is getting all the benefits from her work!” and the other elders push for it and Maduke gets mad but he don’t want to fuck his rep with the other elders, so Lunark becames an Elder and is like “yeah wathever here’s some cool skull I found and thanks for paying for my trip to some isolated temple full of traps” OR think of Lunark not as a scientist, but a thecnician, like, she’s the one that got the Union equipment and adapted it, made sense of it and pointed how to improve it for her people use, it would be valuable for both Union and to modify the werewolves, but really idk WHY IS SHE AN ELDER????
  • Also The lost world: Jurassic Park was on tv again and they had the baby t-rex while papa and mama circled the trailer and all I could think was Frankenstein and Rai going to the werewolves territory to take M-21 back. Just put a blond wig on top of the angry lizard and we got Frankie, I swear.

That was fun~ I think everyone have done it already or at least been tagged aaaaaah I’m so late  (o´ω`o)

How I view the signs

Aries: literally sweethearts. They poke fun at you a lot but only out of love

Taurus: tree huggers. Boho babes. Really good hair and style.

Gemini: my flighty babies. Ilysm omg. So silly.

Cancer: I get you. I really do. I feel your vibes hard. But sometimes you confuse me a lot? Why do you keep so much inside?

Leo: Queens and kings baby. They know what they want and how to get it. I admire you guys. I really do.

Virgo: Cute. Silly. Why do we all laugh at literally everything? Or is that just me and the Virgos I know? Knows what to do but always does the thing they shouldn’t anyway.

Libra: Princess. Like Anne Hathaway kind. You are perfect. And way too sweet.

Scorpio: moody butts. Ily. You hold grudges for too long. Sometimes it’s better to let shit go ya know. You’re really helpful and great to talk to. You give good advice

Sagittarius: how are you so chill? How does one go with the flow like you do?

Capricorn: a little too salty/sometimes/. You guys have the weight of the world on but you gotta realize you can’t force other people to carry that weight too. But I love your sarcastic humor and your steady quiet hardworking attitude.

Aquarius: so interesting and full of ideas all the time. Really big talkers. Super generous. You give me that hippie vibe.

Pisces: my other half ❤ I love the mix and mingle we have. You guys are so funny. And come up with the craziest conspiracies and scenarios. Your minds are so open.

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omg!!! drunk felicity + be my baby daddy pleeeeease

a/n: this is so silly, but….

“Oliver Queen!” Felicity shouted. “Be my baby daddy!”

Oliver froze in the middle of a packed bar. His girlfriend was plastered and standing on top of a chair shouting at the top of her lungs. He couldn’t believe it. He had only left the room for a moment to visit the men’s room and came back to this. He was sure she couldn’t have downed that much more alcohol in the few minutes he was away from her, but then again he could be very wrong.

“Oliver,” she whined dragging out the R.

He blinked and walked towards her.

“Be. My. Baby. Daddy,” she punctuated each word.

“How about I take you home?” he asked putting his hands on her waist and helping her down off the chair.

“But I want you now,” she giggled and put her hands up his shirt.

Oliver’s eyes went wide, “Felicity!” he pulled her hands away.

Felicity pouted up at him and smacked his arm gently, “Don’t be a such a fuddy duddy.”

He gave an exasperated sigh, “We can do whatever you want when we get home.”

She immediately perked up again, “Anything?”


Felicity smirked and hooked her fingers into his belt, “Oliver Queen is gon’ be my baby daddy.”

It wasn’t often that Oliver blushed, but Felicity was making it easy that night.

“Alright, it’s really time to go home, Felicity,” he said pulling her fingers from his belt.

He held her hand as he gently tugged her towards the exit. Felicity continued to shout about their sex life as he weaved through the crowds. As much as he was blushing he knew that tomorrow when Felicity woke with a hangover she was going to be doing just as much blushing if not more. Oh, it was going to be bad.

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asks about michirou

Asdfsd thank you guys so much for liking Michirou baby enough to send asks about him! I feel bad about clogging the dashboard with my replies so I thought I might compile them! ;v;

lilysuits & absolute-exclusivity 

Ahh omg thank you so much you guys!! >/////< Michirou is more impulsive than cunning, I think~ His favorite food is steamed buns, and his favorite past time with his parents is…hmm…Yuu and Michirou would camp out in the kitchen watching Mika cook and steal food until Mika slaps them both away because the food isn’t done uwu SILLY FLUFF LIKE THAT YEAH~ DROWNS YOU BOTH IN FLOWERS <3

Yuu, definitely! Mika would be more calm, though if anyone made Michirou cry or get upset, Mika would be just as bad 8)


Yes, I’d definitiely draw a family picture with Yuu, Mika, and Michirou!! ;v; Probably with Michirou at varying ages hehehe  <333 THANK YOU GUYS GWASDFADFS 

Ahh omg thank you so much, anon!! I’m so glad you like Michirou’s design gwafhsfsf <33 I debated between blond & green eyes and black hair & blue eyes…but considering my bias for blue eyes it wasn’t a hard decision asdfad <33 YOUR MESSAGE GIVES ME LIFE I LOVE YOU TOO ANON!! //rolls you in a burrito and snuggles ;a;



Pegasus why are they so ornate

Pegasus: Jessigirl, ~I~ am an ~artiste!~

omg shut up

(The Pegasus that lives in my head and I have a lot of silly arguments.  Pegasus is basically my frilly artist side.)

ANYHOW, Shadi basically goes around in Devil Said being a spooky ghost man in a sombrero.  (Personal headcanon is that he’s essentially Shada and Karim’s spirit baby, ha ha, so there you go.  Please don’t lecture me about your personal Shada and Karim headcanons this time around you know who you are, this is my AU.)

I am aware that the Eye looks kind of silly and don’t care.  I am also aware there is a danger of confusion between “Ryuko” and “Ryoko” and continue to don’t care.  “Ryuko” is Seto’s biological mother and one of the White Dragons.  “Ryoko” is Ryou Bakura in this AU.  The latter is more likely to get spoken to.

I have no idea what to do with the Scales, and the Key (rifle?  I dunno) is mostly just a rough.

Pegasus’s left eye actually does “work” even though Shadi shot him with the Eye.  Remember one of the lines from the song: “So the Devil put stars in the old man’s eye.”  Same thing is going on here, except it’s getting “tested” by the Eye that did it.  (And yes, Shadi gives him the Eye after that.)

Basically Pegasus can “capture” free-roaming souls and put them into things, which is what he’s done with the White Dragons.  (He knows perfectly well that the women inhabiting the White Dragons are straight up connected to Kaiba.  He’s just a troll.) 

Kaiba’s hands shake because of having to shoot Gozaburo.  He’s generally going to have a slightly softer characterization in this AU than he gets in the manga, mainly because I prefer anime Kaiba.  

Mokuba wields the White Dragon that Kaiba doesn’t have the extra hand for.

One of my favorite things about this whole mess is that you don’t have to change Pegasus’s clothes much for a steampunk AU.  You just can’t put him in any turtlenecks.

#And the Devil Said Oooh

My Review...

OK, this is my silly review of TWD episode 6.15 and TTD. 

1. Glenn and Maggie took my heart and ran with it. That scene was so beautiful and what gets me is that Maggie has that eternal sad look, even when she tries to smile. I love how Glenn is so gentle with her and I also love that it appears that Enid is living with them. I’m happy that Enid has a new family now!

2. Richonne…Richonne…OMG!… Richonne!!! I just love these two. The kisses, the cuddles, the baby monitor next to the bed, the focus on the future and Michonne and Rick making it very clear that they have everything together. Rick is getting a little…or a lot cocky (cocky or not he is just smoking hot!), but I don’t blame him. He knows how to manage a ZA, he has the hottest wife in ASZ and his kids are with him safe and sound… for now….

3. I am a Daryl fan but….enough is enough! Daryl has to stop or the others have to stop running after his reckless ass! The two people that finally have everything (Michonne and Glenn) go after him to stop his dumb hotheaded ass! Even Rosita has something…Eh…Spencer…. Anyway, I wish there was someone that could have stopped Michonne and said, “Girl, your priorities have to be refocused now. I know you guys are all family and he’s like your brother, but you got those two kids, a sexy ass hubby and this place can be attacked at any minute and you need to stay home!” I wish someone could have told Glenn, “Dude, your wife is pregnant, you have unpredictable enemies anywhere waiting to pounce, Daryl isn’t thinking straight as usual and you need to stay behind the walls and protect your home and your growing family.” I wish there was someone to tell Daryl, “Listen, first, take a bath already, wash those dirty clothes, cut the hair and your name is Daryl not Dennis, you got that crossbow in season 4 so it wasn’t even your original one and hook up already with someone in the ASZ so you stop running off half cocked and getting other people in trouble.” I wish there was someone to tell Rosita that, “You’re the only Latina at the ASZ at the moment (So girl, please don’t die) and you have Spencer…Eh….”

4. Carol….Also leaving and knowing very well that people will be looking for her. Also putting people in jeopardy. If she doesn’t want to kill, then lock her ass up in Morgan’s new cell. She has a new love…. Tobin…Eh…. But anyway, she can start new. Also, it appears that Gimple recreated Carol’s character. She is no longer a survivor of the ZA,  now she is an X-Men with her magical machine gun with accurate aim which suddenly disappears. She hyperventilates and becomes a terminator and then the powers go away…. OK….

5. I can’t wait for the finale, but I’m also so scared. I don’t want to see anyone die, but I know it’s going to happen and I’m bracing myself. I also informed my colleagues at work that I’m coming in late to work the Monday after the finale (might even have to take the day off) but I’ll be ready….I hope…

6. TTD was basically about “The Walking Carol” and then other things. I really wanted them to discuss more about Richonne’s discussion regarding the future they perceive will happen, but it will be more of a reality after the Negan storm passes, more about Glenn and Maggie and how her reflection was focused on the car side mirror, Rosita following Daryl because Denise’s death also effects her, Rick and Morgan’s venture together and how Rick actually looked so tired, but Morgan looked very refreshed. It was quite evident that Rick’s kills is taking a toll on him. There was so much to cover, but they didn’t.

So, these were my reviews and/or rants…. Now, let’s see what happens next….