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Every Me And Every You - Valentines Day Add On

“You do you belong to, Y/N?”

The voice was cool and commanding, and it sent shivers down your spine and straight to your core.

“You,” you replied meekly, trying figure out where in the room Spencer was. You were completely naked and on on fours with a blindfold blocking your vision.

“Pardon?” he gave a sharp pull on the chain that hung from your chest, tugging hard on the clamps attached to your nipples which he’d sucked into hard nubs only moments ago. Fuck, that hurt. But oh God, it was so good. You wriggled your butt, it almost tingling in preparation.

“You, Sir!” you just about squeaked.

“Good. That’s what I thought,” you could hear him walking around the bed, stopping behind you. “So when you receive flowers from a secret admirer, what should you do?”

“Not accept them…. Sir.” They weren’t from a secret admirer, you knew exactly who they were from. But it had been a while since you two had played so…

Spencer’s hands moved between your legs, spreading them apart on the bed, his slim fingers teasing your wet folds.

“You know that I have to punish you, don’t you?” he asked and you nodded. Yet as his digit circled your clit lazily you were thinking that this really didn’t seem like punishment.

“Yes Sir,” your breathing became ragged as he dipped his finger inside your hole, retracting it almost immediately when you moaned.

“I think ten should do it.”

You braced yourself, the sensory deprivation adding to the excitement as you waited qwith baited breath for his first strike. It came within seconds, a short sting that was nothing compared to what you’d taken in the past.

“That’s one,” Spencer liked to count them out loud, a constant reminder of how many you had endured.

A moment later you felt another smack across your buttocks, this one harder than the first, the sound reverberating in the room. You gripped the bed sheets with your fists, ignoring the feeling of dampness between your legs.


Three, four and five came in quick succession, one after the other with Reid counting out loud as he administered them. Your cheeks were beginning to burn, your eyes watering. Yet the feeling at the top of your thighs would contradict the look on your face. Your pussy was aching to be touched by him. And you knew that if you endured your punishment, then you would be rewarded with his cock.

“You’re so wet Y/N, I forget how much you enjoy this,” Reid’s tone was mocking and he paused his bruising of your ass to stroke over your clit a few times, causing you to whimper. He quickly withdrew the pleasure and slapped your butt again, harder this time. You had to brace your legs to avoid being sent forward. A different sort of pleasure washed over you as he counted out the final spanks, each one harder than the last until you were gasping and grunting, knowing your ass was going to be a beautiful picture of red later. And possibly purple tomorrow.

“You’ve endured your punishment like a good girl now Y/N. Do you think you deserve to be rewarded for taking it?”

“Yes, yes Sir. Please Sir,” you would beg right now if he made you, and he often did.

“What do you want?”

“You, I want you. I need you to fuck me. Please Sir.”

“As you wish.”

You heard the jangling of Spencer’s belt being unbuckled and the weight of the bed changing as he shifted. Hands gripped your waist as he slid into you quickly and easily, a groan leaving his throat. Spencer began moving, not bothering with long and slow thrusts. He moved quickly, his thighs slapping against your bruised butt cheeks, the momentum causing the chain between your breasts to sway and pull at your peaks, adding to your pleasure more.

“You are mine, say it!” he growled, thrusting in and out of you as if his life depended on it.

“I’m yours, no one else’s,” you gasped, your breathing heavy as he slammed into the you. You weren’t going to orgasm from this, you knew it was going to be over too quickly. But you didn’t care. You pushed back against him, clenching your walls around his dick and feeling his nails digging into your hip in response.

A few thrusts later and Spencer was filling you up, his orgasm shooting through him. His pace slowed and once he had milked himself dry he pulled out, his come leaking out and down your thighs immediately. You went to move but he stopped you, his hand on your back.

“Wait. I’ll get it.” You kept your position as soft baby wipes mopped at the mess between your thighs, his hands then moving to your chest and gently unclamping your nipples, you wincing at the sensation that instantly flooded them.

“Can I take this blindfold off now?” you asked, still on your hands and knees.

“In a minute. You can sit normally though, if you can.”

You could, having taken a lot worse although it still burned as you carefully shifted into a seating position, feeling Spencer drape your silk dressing gown over your shoulders. Then all you could hear was rummaging. What was he doing?

“Now?” you were beginning to get frustrated.

“In a sec….. Okay, now.”

You raised your arms to head and pulled the blindfold off. Knelt in front of you was your boyfriend of three years now, the person who had introduced you to this lifestyle and shared all of has experiences with you. He was the person you loved more than anything.

And in his hands was a ring.

“Spence….?” you croaked.

“I know it’s cheesy because it’s valentines day but I couldn’t wait any longer. I-I love you Y/F/N, and I can’t imagine spending my life with anyone else. Will you marry me?”

Jesus fucking christ. But…

“Yes! A hundred, thousand times yes!”

He slipped the ring onto your finger and you admired it, it was perfect for you. Exactly what you would have chosen for yourself if you’d even allowed yourself to dream that this would happen.

You embraced your new fiancé with a hug and a sweet kiss, a total 180 from the behaviour you’d been displaying to each other just moments ago.

“I think though… We might have to edit our engagement story somewhat?”

Spencer chuckled, “I agree. Maybe some story about a romantic restaurant or something.”

You nodded, your cheeks - facial cheeks that was - aching from grinning so wildly.

“Oh and Y/N? I know you sent those flowers to yourself…. ”

Art & Anatomy 3.5 (Trixya) - Pinky
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 AN: For the Shrooms to my Pink! I hope you like this QweenKimChi/Rose/Shrooms/Squeaky 😊  This takes place between parts 3 & 4 - a little summer interlude. I apologize in advance for the concerning lack of pee scenes, this was a gift for Squeaks and we all know I’m the pee qween. ~ Pinky 🎀

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for your autistic Spidey and schizo Deadpool one shots can you do one where Spidey has a panic attack in front of the avengers??? if you want to of course. Also I'm autistic and you don't find a lot of accurate autistic representation especially in fanfiction and I love the way you write Peter :))))

[Thank you, new nonnie! I assume by your comments anyway that you’re a new nonnie ;) It took me awhile to get around to it, but here it is. Not quite what you asked for I think but hopefully just as good!]

“Well, that went pretty well I’d say. Wouldn’t everyone agree?” Iron Man asks. The question is barely out of his mouth before Spider-Man sprints past him, faster than any normal twenty-or-so-year-old ever could, fast enough for Tony with his helmet face open and newly shrunk-back-down-to-human-size Bruce to feel the wind chill against their faces as he passes them.

“Not everyone,” Bruce mutters, glancing down to readjust his specially designed shorts to make sure they don’t fall down.

“Oh. Right. I’d forgotten about that part,” Tony says, unable to look away now that he’s been reminded because really, how often do you see something like that? That being Deadpool, currently impaled on a giant metal shard from the ship that exploded and fell out of the sky in pieces mere minutes ago.

(“Another alien invasion? Seriously?” Tony had griped to no one in particular as they all hurriedly geared up less than an hour ago. “We fought one last week. At this point I’d happily fight off a zombie horde instead even if it is another cliché.”

“Do not even joke about that,” Deadpool had said, he and Spidey already suited up as usual and just waiting for the others to catch up so they can all pile onto the Quinjet together. “You do not want to see what a world of flesh-eating us types looks like, trust me.”

“Yikes,” Spider-Man responded, appearing to give that some serious thought. “A bunch of supers infected with our very own homegrown T-virus? Now that would be scary.”

“You can relax though, baby boy,” Deadpool had reassured. “If I manage somehow to stay uninfected this time around, you can just lop off my limbs and eat those all day every day instead of having to worry about hunting down poor hapless humans.”


“Ugh, get a room, you two,” Tony had told them. “After you help us put these baddies down, I mean.” He didn’t even want to know what Wilson meant by ‘this time around.’ Hopefully just more of his usual crazy nonsense.)

It is decidedly strange seeing someone you were just bantering with not long ago being very decidedly dead right in front of you, but considering Deadpool’s track record of coming back faster than the Mortal Kombat guy would even be able to shout “Fatality!” he isn’t exactly worried either. Shortstop, on the other hand, seems to have no trouble worrying up a storm big enough to make up for everyone else’s nonchalance.

“As soon as he wakes up, I want to thank him,” Hawkeye tells Spider-Man soberly, the other not seeming to hear him with how busy he is holding the dead man’s dangling head in his hands and muttering his name over and over again under his breath. “If he hadn’t pushed me out of the way, it’d be me making the human kebob impression right now,” he adds to try to lighten the mood a bit.

When that doesn’t work, he tries to reassure the younger man instead. “He is going to wake up, Spider-Man, I promise. You just have to give him some time,” he says, reaching out to pat him lightly on the shoulder.

“I know that!!” Peter screams without warning, knocking Clint’s hand back with enough force that he comes dangerously close to spraining the other man’s wrist. He doesn’t notice in his own distress that Barton backs away from him ever so slightly after that, cradling his hand and looking down at it with the expression of a man who realizes how close he just came to losing it.

“I know,” he angrily shout-sobs again. Fucker just needs to hurry up and get on with it. The last time he witnessed Wade’s death, it was a bullet to the head meant for him, which this idiot decided to take for him instead even though Peter’s quick reflexes and spidey sense would have kicked in to save him just fine, dammit, seriously Wade, what the hell were you thinking, you big dumb romantic jerkface. He had woken up much faster than this though, which is one of the reasons Peter is so worked up. The other is Holy fuck, my lover just died in front of me and I couldn’t do anything to stop it and I’m allowed to feel bad about that, okay, fuck you very much.

It must be the metal shard that’s keeping him from regenerating yet, he thinks, deciding to ignore Wade’s previous handwavey comments about “comic inconsistency for the sake of dramatic tension, blah blah” in favor of doing whatever he can to speed Wade’s so-good-it’s-like-magic healing factor along.

“Whoa! Hey!” Tony shouts once he’s recovered from the sudden shock of witnessing a huge, javelin-shaped hunk of metal go flying half a city block and bury itself deep into one of the only slabs of concrete still standing from a burnt out husk of a building across the street. “Watch what the hell you’re doing, underoos, you could have hit someone!”

The sound Spider-Man makes when Tony approaches is nearly akin to that of a territorial jungle cat, and only slightly less unnerving than the way he gathers Wilson’s body up in his arms and backs up, all the way up the side of a building behind him with all the spindly, jerky finesse of one of his namesakes. Tony almost half-expects the young man to wrap Wilson up in a tight web cocoon to save him for later, causing a shudder and, not for the first time, the unwelcome intrusive thought that the kid would truly be a nightmare if the thing holding him together inside ever snaps and causes him to flip sides.

Tony backs up to stand with the others again and mutters to Bruce, “What are the odds you think of Deadpool not waking up this time?”

“Slim to none,” is Banner’s official scientific prognosis. “Why do you ask?” He knows Tony well enough by now to tell that his concern is about more than the potential loss of a fallen comrade.

“Did you see that just now?” Stark replies, gesturing as subtly as he can at the jagged shard embedded in the wall across the way. “Christ, I can’t believe I’m about to say this in a not you-based situation but,” he turns his head slightly, one hand held unnecessarily to his ear in an unbreakable habit from ye olden days of old-school Bluetooth, “Friday, just as a precaution make sure Veronica is primed and ready to go, would you please.”

“The Hulkbuster? Are you being serious right now?” Bruce hisses under his breath.

“Look, I hope like hell it’s not necessary but you did see that, right? You want to imagine for a sec what happens next if Mr. Creepy Undead Boyfriend over there drops the ‘un’ for good this time?”

“I really don’t like saying this, but Tony’s got a point,” Clint mutters just as softly as the other two.

“Surprised you heard that,” Tony mumbles.

“It’s called a hearing aid, you asshole,” Clint jabs a finger furiously at the device just barely visible inside his own ear. “Back to the part you missed where I was actually agreeing with you for once,” he adds, slipping off his glove to show them the bruise forming on the back of his hand, “this sucker’s gonna be the size of an egg by tomorrow morning, and that’s him still trying to hold himself back for now. I don’t like it either, guys, but if somehow Wade doesn’t pull through this time, it means that God hates us and doesn’t think locusts or floods are gonna be enough to wipe us out. It’ll be Apocalypse via Spidey.”

“Don’t let Natasha see that,” Bruce warns. Clint nods, pulling the glove back on with a slight wince. She, Cap, and Falcon are scoping town to check for any stragglers from the alien army while Scarlet Witch leads a team including Vision and Ant-Man to search for survivors who might not have made it out of the wreckage in time and still need assistance. Bucky is away, currently aiding T’Challa with some other project in Wakanda, and Thor had to return to Asgard to avert another crisis there, though the latter will probably be miffed when he hears about all the fun he missed out on here once he returns.

A loud, sputtering gasp pulls their focus back to the situation at hand—or rather, the lack of one now. Each man relaxes minutely in his own way to see Wade Wilson, still dangling high above ground in Spidey’s arms, take in many deep, sharp breaths like a drowning man.


Peter is so happy now he could flap, if not for the fact that he’s stuck to the side of a building with arms full of his now not-so-dead weight but still pretty heavy boyfriend. Instead, he crushes the man closer into a hug and mumbles his name over and over again just like he did a few minutes before.

“Hey, b’by boy, wassup?” Wade mumbles, slurring just a little as he recovers from his recent demise like a heavy sleeper just waking up. “Oh, looks like us apparently,” he giggles once he realizes they’re high up off the ground.

“Wade, I hate it when you do that,” Peter complains into the crook of his neck, still shaken. He can’t tell him not to do it though, not when it’s to save someone else who won’t be coming back if he gets skewered.

“What, die?” Wade asks. All Peter can do is nod, blinking back tears that can’t be seen through the mask but that Wade knows are there anyway. This is why he tries to avoid dying as often now when he can. He shushes the younger man and reassures him, giving comfort despite the fact that he’s the one being held.

“This is giving me some pretty fabulous ideas for later though,” Wade tells him, waggling his eyebrows suggestively behind his own mask. It works at shaking loose the last bit of tension in Peter’s muscles while he laughs.

“Later,” he agrees, and gingerly climbs back down with his precious cargo in hand.

Road Trip

This is for @impalaimagining Dean’s Birthday Challenge!!

Song: Whiskey in My Water by Tyler Farr

Paring: Dean x Reader

Warning: Lots of fluff

Word Count: 1.250

Summary: The Reader came to the boys via a case and Dean agrees to drive her back home and they go on a little road trip


“You ready?”

Turning to Dean you throw your sunglasses on, adjust yourself in your seat, and throw him a thumbs up, “let’s do this.”

In my truck flying down a dirt road

Pickin’ you up, feelin’ kinda crazy

I think I’m in luck ‘cause I know my baby


Thirty miles in and you’re already crying laughing. “Dean! Watch the road!” you get out between laughs and tears. Dean keeps an eye on you as he smiles wider than you’ve seen yet. “What are you lookin’ at?”

“Trouble.” You laugh and punch Dean’s shoulder before turning back to the map.

She slaps my knee says ‘boy why you smiling?’

Doing my best so hard to hid it

I know what’s up, so I just shoot her a wink


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anonymous asked:

hey beauty, your writing is fucking amazing omfg i cant. I was wondering if you could do something along the lines of One of the boys (preferably Mikey or Ash but idc) being like really really dominant and it's like too much for you to handle and you get overwhelmed and have to use a safe word and start to freak out?

OMg KK bro

so lets do ashton and let’s imagine that you’ve been dating for ages and you’ve always been really open and both always getting into heaps of kinks, like, it would’ve started one night when you were like just hanging out together and you would’ve been sitting on his lap and with your hands through his hair making out with him. And he would have both his hands on your hips and normally you would’ve gotten really quickly into the heated stuff and be taking off each others clothes, but this day it was slow travelling. And because you’d just been casually making out for so long, Ashton would sort of have forgotten like where he really was and he would’ve completely just gotten lost in the kiss. So then when it did actually get a little bit faster paced, he would subconsciously like dig his fingers into your skin and be like pulling your pelvis into his and you’d think, okay, so he’s being a little bit more aggressive than usual, you can handle that, that’s okay.

But then he’d start mumbling all this crap, with his eyes still closed and still kissing you and now one hand would be snuck around and really squeezing your ass, like, ‘oh baby, you’re such a naughty girl,’ and then you’d like back away in shock because he would’ve never said anything like that before so you’d like full on blush and he’d kinda snap out of his trance and be like, ‘what the fuck did i just say?’ and then you’d both freeze for a second and then you’d bite your lip and laugh and ashton’s face would be bright red and you’d feel bad because he was embarrassed so you’d just quickly cover up like, 'you haven’t even begun to see me be a naughty girl,’ and he’d like inhale really deeply and he’d still be kind of unsure like does this mean you’re all for it or what, and you’d say something else so he would get the hint you’re keen and you’d like whisper in his ear, 'but maybe you should punish me so that I’m not bad again.’

And after that he was just fucking you senseless and holy crap, you had no idea that boy had such a mouth on him. And then after that night, you two had just changed from being the cute little sensual sex couple and all the time you would have to be trying out new scenarios. Like, you would do the teacher/student thing and boss/employee and masseuse/client and omf idk like you’d just both get so heavily into the roles and it would be amazing, and then after each time he would have to be really really lovely to remind you that he loved you. Like, he’d always cuddle you from behind and kiss your head and be super cute like, 'you’re so beautiful, baby, I’m so lucky to have you,’ and all that 

So, like, all this time you kind of knew in the back of your head that eventually ash would want to do like bondage or something along the lines of that, and it’s not that you didn’t want to do it, but you were worried you might accidentally freak out bc there was something about being restrained or in confined areas or anything like that that always made you panic. That’s just the person that you were. 

So then one night, you would’ve already pre-decided that you were gonna do the whole cop thing, and Ashton would walk in the room and be like, 'Stick em up,’ and you’d giggle kind of because he actually looked adorable wearing a fake police outfit and holding a fake gun and he’d yell back super angry like, 'don’t fucking laugh at me, sweet heart, do you know who I am?’ and you’d be like oh shit and he’d walk over and sit on the bed and omg he’d force you to strip in front of him and you being the teasing girl you are kind of made it into a strip show/lap dance thing and he literally would’ve gotten so entranced by it, he would’ve just shoved his hand down his pants and just been like pumping himself while he watching you prance around him and like bend over in front of him in your underwear. And like all of a sudden out of bloody nowhere, he’d switch back into action and start booming his voice like, ‘bend over my legs, now,’ and you’d be blinking your eyelashes and like, 'yes, sir,’ and omG HE’D SPANK the SHIT OUT OF YOU, and then he’d run his fingers over your pussy through your panties while you were still laying out on his lap AND YOU’D BE S O WET LIKEM OMOGMJJREU…..

And idk he’d be a dickhead officer and get all patronising and like, ‘damn, love, you’re so wet, aren’t you? you make me wanna have a taste,’ and he’d pull your panties off and bring his tongue to your clit, but then he’d be like, ‘hmm, I don’t think you deserve this, considering you’re breaking the law with all this indecent exposure,’ and wtffffffffffff you’d be so annoyed and you’d be begging like, 'please, please, please, touch me, ash,’ and he’d be spitting like, 'excuse me? You don’t address me with my first name, get on the fucking bed.’

omg So then he’d whip out his hand cuffs and like tack you to the bed head and you’d be a little concerned and considering saying something because you didn’t really like the idea of being attached and not able to move, but you’d think like, nah it’s okay you can handle it, you’ll be fine. And you’d go along with it, and then ashton would move to get on the other side of you or something but he’d brush his hand over your centre *purposely or accidental; we will never know* and you would DIE AND WHIMPER SO LOUD, and then he’d laugh deeply and be like, 'maybe we need something to shut you up,’ and he’d grab some masking tape and at this point you were so close to speaking up and being like, ‘ashton I don’t know if I’m comfortable with this,’ but then you’d quickly think it over and be like, no no it’s okay, ashton will look after me, it’s okay because he’s here with me. So there you are with your hands cuffed up above your head and masking tape covering your mouth 

And then Ashton sees that you’re so horny and you’re like trying to rub yourself on the bed to get any friction and he loves that you’re squirming so much so he puts his hand on your thigh momentarily and all calm like, 'I’m think I’m just gonna go get something to eat, I’ll be back in a sec,’ AND HE GOES OUT THE ROOM AND THEN SHIT GETS REAL. LIKE, YOU’RE LIKE, HOLY FUCK, WHAT THE FUCK. AND YOU START FREAKING OUT AND normally you’re okay with being completely vulnerable but only when ashton is there because you know he will take care of you and you just felt so like restricted and it was too scary without him there and you’d be freaking out and it was like double as difficult to breathe because you could only get air in and out your nostrils and by the time he came back you’d have tears running down your face and your chest would be rising and falling rapidly and you’d look like a mess 

and as soon as he saw you, he would know immediately that you were not okay and this was not part of the act and he’d rush over and tear off the tape and be saying shit really quickly like, 'fuck, fuck, baby, i’m so sorry, shit, I didn’t mean to make you upset, are you hurt? or are you just scared? fuck, I swear I didn’t intend for this,’ and he’d get you out the cuffs and you’d instantly just wrap your arms around him and turn into a blubbering mess and he’d hold you close and be like, 'i’m so fucking sorry, [y/n], I shouldn’t have tied you up, I’m sorry, and God, I’m so sorry for leaving you, baby, please, I’m so fucking stupid.’

And it would be a while until you calmed down and you’d just have to explain and be like, 'it’s not your fault, I just, I don’t know, I freak out when I’m like confined or restrained at all,’ and he’d be all hushed like, 'honey, why didn’t you say something earlier then?’ and you’d just shrug and be completely honest like, 'I was going fine until you left.' 

Poor ash would feel terrible and then you’d just cuddle for the rest of the night and he’d probably run a shower or a bath and you’d have some romantic lovey dovey sex instead for the night and he’d promise never to tie you up or leave you again and he’d make you promise that you would speak up whenever you’re even the slightest uncomfortable :) 


“Hey babe!” Justin greeted you cheerfully on the other line of the phone.

“Don’t babe me! Where the fuck are you?”

He chuckled. “Why? Did you miss me?”

“Look I called because your mom called me and asked if you were with me. I told her no because WE broke up. She’s really worried. So WHERE ARE YOU!”

You could imagine him rolls his eyes at you right then. “I could take care of myself Y/N. No need to worry. Anyway guess where I am right now.”

“You’re supposed to be in bed in your room resting your ass off, fuck Justin why would you sneak out when you’re sick?!” You started to get angry again. “Why’d you just left without even leaving a note for your mom? She’s really worried! Are you with Kenny?”

“Nope. I’m all alone. In the mall.”


”Jesus! Y/N, you don’t have to yell.”

“Don’t have to yell? Don’t have to yell? Fine! I hope you get trample by your fans. Goodbye.” You ended the call and immediately start to continue what you were doing when your phone started ringing again.

“Okay, I know you’re upset because I made my mom worried and I made a stupid mistake by coming here all by myself. But trust me on this Y/N, it’s gonna be fun!”

“What fun?” You asked, started to get pissed again. “I don’t think a famous artist like you walking around a crowded mall all alone without a bodyguard and sick is FUN.”

“Y/N please.. I know that you hated me right now but I really wanna make up. I mean, I have a surprise for you. All you have to do is follow the clues.”

“I don’t care about the god damn clues, just go home Justin before you get yourself into trouble.”

“No. I won’t go home if you won’t say yes.”


Justin groaned as soon as he heard your reply. “Come on, babe.”

“Are you fucking serious? Are you nuts? I want you to go back home and go into your bed and-“

“That sounds kinky.” Justin interrupted, letting out a chuckle that followed in a serious of bad cough.

“See? You’re sick. Please go home Justin.”

Justin clears his throat. “I’m not going back until you find me.”

“Okay.  I hope you bumped into one of your favorite paparazzis and get mobbed by fans and vomit on them.” You retort. “I-“

“Good luck then.”

“Good luck on what?” You ask, you could feel he’s about to hang up now. Not even changing his crazy mind.

“Just go to the mall where we first met. Your first clue is ‘Youre the apple of my eye’. Bye see ya!”

“Justin don’t hang up on me!” But he was gone.

You are now sitting all by yourself on the bus heading to the mall to hunt down your ex-boyfriend. “You’re seriously dead, Bieber.” You utter to yourself. When you reach the mall, you immediately search every store while trying to figure out what’s the answer to that stupid clue. When you reach an apple store you saw some fans rushing towards you. “OMG it’s Justin’s girlfriend!”

You smiled tightly. “Hey, have you seen him?” He’s seriously dead, you thought to yourself.

“He was here. But he left a really cute message for you!” One of the girls says.

“So you really did it,” a familiar voice says through the speakers as soon as you came inside the store and saw a video of Justin on one of the computers. “I knew you couldn’t resist my charm.”

You rolled your eyes at his cheesy line. “Don’t roll your eyes at me.” Justin says on the video earning a chuckle from you. “Remember during our second date we disguised ourselves when buying my new laptop, so no one would recognize us. ” You didn’t answer out loud because he wasn’t really there but you just nod. “This is gonna be fun.” He promised. “Next clue, you’re brighter than the star.”

“Where the hell is that?”

“Uhmm, starbucks?” someone suggested.

“Okay girls, let’s head to star bucks.”


“Okay where is it?” you asks a girl on the counter of Starbucks.

“Excuse me?”

“Where’s the next clue?” You said patiently.

“Oh you must be Y/N.. Justin-”

“Yes, Justin’s ex-girlfriend.” Your answer earned a gasp from the counter girl and a shriek from the fans standing behind you. They sounded happy, not surprise or sad which makes you more irritated. “So?”

“Uhm, ma’am.. Mr. Bieber strictly instructed that No order, No clue.”

“Bull-” you stopped. You know you can’t curse when there’s fans around you, that’ll start another rumor. “What? I-” then an idea strikes you. “Okay.. I’ll order.”

The counter girl smiles widely. “What would you want?”

“Hold on for a sec.” You turn around to face Justin’s fans that’re armed with camera phones. “Do you girls want a treat from Justin?”

Every girl screamed and jump in excitement. “That’s a yes, I guess.”

“But ma’am-”

“Look, I’m here to look for my sick crazy ex-boyfriend. Now hand me the next clue. I already ordered.”


“Hand. Me. The. Next. Clue.”

It didn’t take long before you finally reach the third clue which is the lingerie store. “What the fuck?” You curse under your breath.

“Hello, ma’am. May I help you?” The XOXO lingerie sales lady asked you.

“Hello, uhm I’m here for the clue?”

“Ah! Yes, the clue.” She quickly turns towards the counter and grab a bag. “Here you go.”

“What’s this?”

“The next clue.”

“Serioulsy?” You asked when you pull out two pink lace lingerie with a note sticking on one of the bras. “Next clue is rhymed with your favorite muffin flavor.”

“Thanks for coming!” The sales lady calls out as you storm outside the store.

Muffin.. Muffin.. the only flavor you like is blueberry. Okay, so blueberry. What store does rhyme with blue- BURBERRY! You screamed inside your head.

“Can we all just skip these god damn clues and tell me where my idiot ex-boyfriend is hiding?”

The burberry girl just smiled. “Sorry ma’am but Mr. Bieber has strict orders. I’m just doing my job.”

“So.. how are you doing?” A familiar voice booms out from the store speaker.

“I’m freaking tired you twat!” you yell even though he won’t hear you. “Where the hell are you?”

He chuckles. “I know at this point you’ll probably burst into anger but I swear you’re almost close to where I am. Now after this store go at the parking lot, Alfredo’s gonna pick you up.”

With a heavy sigh, you left the store and headed to where Alfredo’s waiting.

“Hey Y/N! It’s nice to-”

“Don’t touch me!” You move away. “Where’s Justin?”

“No need to be angry at me. He forced me into this!”

“You could’ve told me about this whole stupid thing and I’d be the one to kick him in his ass!”

Alfredo chuckles and buckles his seatbelt. He started the engine and drove. “You’re still tough Y/N. One of the reasons Justin loves about you.”

The ride took 15 minutes. You were drop on the restaurant where you and Justin had your first date together. Most girls would probably hug their boyfriends and kissed them and thank them for this whole romantic thing but you don’t. As soon as you saw Justin walking towards you, you immediately smack him on his arm. “You idiot!”

“Aw! Why’d you hit me!”

“You made me walk around the mall, forcing me to buy expensive things and making me look like I’m after your money. Plus, your fans followed me around like lost puppies. And don’t forget that your mom sent me a hundred text messages asking me if I already found you. You’re a complete idiot for doing all of these-” Then just like that, his lips crashed onto you.

When he pulls back, you’re too stunned to say anything.

“I was just trying to be romantic..” he admits. “I’m sorry.” He brushes his thumb on your cheek.

“Good. Now let me get you home so you’re mom won’t-”

“Y/N, today isn’t about my mom. This is about you.. about us.”

“I told you Justin. We’re over.”

“You’re just saying that because you think I don’t have time for you anymore. Because you think I’m too busy with my tour I don’t think of you every single day.”


“You’re wrong. I’m ready to give up everything just to be with you.”

“Don’t do that.”

“I would if that’s the only way get you back.”

“Come, let’s just go home.” You pull him towards the door when he pulls back.

“No, wait. I have to show you something.”

“Is this another clue? I already found you!”

“Nope. Just follow me.”

“I’m tired.” But you followed him inside. “Just because you kissed me doesn’t mean- oh my god!”

The whole restaurant looks like one of those galleries because all of the chairs and tables inside are gone and are now replaced with portraits of you and Justin under fairy lights. The walls are plastered with memories of you and Justin. There’s a photo on your first date, next to is a photo of you laughing beside Justin. “Where’d you get all of these pictures? I don’t even remember taking these?”

“The paparazzis are sure good source of these.”

You turn to Justin who was already staring down at you. “I don’t want you to waste your money for all of these!” You slap him again on the shoulder.

“Ouch!” He cries out. “Hey, I’m just trying to give you what you deserve. And I’m sorry of I didn’t have much time to be with you.”

A familiar song starts to play from the restaurant’s speakers. It’s your favorite song by Ed Sheeran. Justin slowly wraps his arms around your waist and started slow dancing with you. “Please Y/N..I’m really sorry baby.”

“I don’t need any of this. What I need is time. Time to be with you.”

“Then tell me what to do to make things right.”

“Stop spending your money. You don’t need to show me you love me by wasting it on these stuffs. I love you because you love me. That’s quite enough.”

He leaned in and rested his forehead on your forehead. “THIS is enough.” Then he planted a kiss on your cheek. “God, I missed you.”

You quickly gave him a kiss on the lips. “Me too.”

Just like that you spent the whole evening with your boyfriend.


#47 Cold

Calum: Calum and I were walking home from our date in the park and we didn’t drive, so it was late at night and really cold. We were just on our street when it started raining really heavy, I started to run towards the house even though I was in heels. “Y/N! Wait!” Calum called after to me, his hands catching my waist turning me to face him. “Calum I’m cold.” I whined, he didn’t respond. He just dipped his head and kissed me softly. His hands tightened on my waist, my arms went up to his neck. My whole body shook with chills, I don’t know whether it was because I was freezing or because of the intimacy of the moment… Maybe it was both. “I’ve always wanted to do that with you.” Calum whispered as he drew back. “That’s nice but I’m freezing my tits off here.” I said, wrapped my arms around myself, Calum laughed. He quickly lifted me up bridal style and ran us quickly to the house… Damn he was fit. 

He was puffed out as he shut the door behind us. I switched on the heater. I started stripping out of my wet clothes, taking them to the laundry. Calum did the same, when I came back the heater was in full effect. I stood in front of it in my underwear, trying to warm up. Calum’s arms wrapped around me, I leaned into his body. “That was really sweet Calum, but I’m still freezing.” I said turning around in his hold, his skin still cool and wet from the rain. “Aww I’m sorry baby.” He turned away getting something off the lounge. I was suddenly enveloped in a fluffy blanket. Calum lifted me up into his arms taking me to the bedroom. I crawled under the covers keeping the blanket with me. “I’ll be back in a sec babe.” Calum said running out of the room. 

He came back smiling at me, crawling in beside me. His skin a little warmer. I shivered a little, as his skin came into contact with mine. “You still cold sweetie?” I nodded cuddling into his chest. “Oh I’m sorry I thought it would be romantic." 

"It was, I just didn’t think of the consequences.” I mumbled, he chuckled, I felt the vibration against my cheek. I pressed my legs against his, he tensed for a second. “Oh my god. Did your feet turn to ice?” I nodded, he kissed the top of my head. “I know a way to warm up.” He said seductively in my ear, I shivered at his words – ironic I know – his warm hands reaching around my back unhooking my bra. He threw it onto the floor. His warm hands roaming my cold skin. I caught his hand as it went to the band of my underwear. “Not tonight, I’m sorry can we just cuddle?” I asked letting go of his wrist. “Of course. I need to keep you warm at least.” He said cheekily, he kissed me softly. His arms tightened on me. I slowly warmed up as the night went on. I drifted asleep against Calum’s warm body, acting like another blanket. 

Ashton: It was the morning of my wedding with Ashton and I was so nervous. I don’t know why but I had broken down, I didn’t want to tell anyone but when Luke, who was my brother, came into my room… That secret was down the drain. “Y/N what’s wrong?" 

"I don’t know if I can do it. I’m just scared that it’s going to go all wrong.” I sobbed, Luke’s arms wrapped around me. “It’s not going to go wrong. As much as I still hate to picture you and him together. You are perfect for each other. He loves you so much, you clearly love him a lot too.” Luke said hugging me tight. “Don’t let cold feet ruin your big day.” He said pulling out of the hug, I nodded. “Thanks Luke. You’re the best brother a girl could ask for.” I said kissing his cheek. “Love you sis. I’ll let you get all beautiful for Ashton.” He said getting up and leaving. 

It was time for me to go down the aisle to marry Ashton. I took in some deep breaths to calm myself and not get worked up again. My dad walked me down the aisle, Luke giving me a thumbs up as I got to Ashton. He leaned in and kissed my cheek. “You’re so beautiful.” I blushed looking away from his face. “You look so handsome.” I muttered quickly. The ceremony ran smoothly apart from when I froze at the vows scared I would mess up. 

Ashton and I got into the wedding car after the reception. “I love you so much… Mrs. Irwin.” Ashton whispered against my lips, I smiled knowing that I had made the right choice in not letting my cold feet get to me.

Luke:  It was a freezing night tonight and the worst thing was that our heater broke. After trying to warm up in the lounge room, it was always really warm in there, we went into the bedroom. I was a little warmer; Luke however was still freezing. I went to make him so hot chocolate while he laid in bed with the heated blanket and several other layers.  I came back to find Luke wrapped up in a cocoon of blankets. “Aww, Luke baby. I brought you some hot chocolate.” I cooed, he smiled at me his lips white. “That means I have to move. Just put it on the table and cuddle with me.” He said, lifting up the several blankets. I put the steaming mug down and climbed in beside him. He pulled the blankets tightly around us. I shivered at his cold skin touching mine. “Oh my god Luke you’re freezing.” I sighed wrapping my arms around his shoulders. Just hands pressing into my back, they felt like ice. “How are you so warm?” He asked his face pressed into the warmth of my neck. “I’ve always been warmer than normal. Just think I’m like you’re own personal heater.” I said running my fingers through his hair. I felt his legs curl up to his chest so they were pressed against me. I giggled at the action, his lips pressed into my neck. “Y/N? My face is cold.” Luke whined, I smiled, my fingers catching his chin; tilting it up to me. I kissed him softly, his cold hand grabbing the back of my head pulling me in closer if that was possible. His legs tangling with mine, my arms tightening on him. His tongue slipping into my mouth, fighting with mine. He suddenly grabbed my bum, making me squeak against his lips a chuckle rumbling in his chest. I pulled away before it got out of hand. “I think I’m warm now.” Luke said his breath short, I smirked. “Good. Stay that way I don’t want to wake up to your cold hands and feet. It’s like sleeping with an Eskimo.” I joked, he smiled pulling the quilt around his face. “I’m your Eskimo.” He said before kissing my nose. “Good night Luke.”



I was so nervous about proposing to Y/N. So far everything was going okay, I was just so nervous about her saying no. I had set up a date for her on the beach I asked the boys to join us for how I was going to propose. I was waiting for Y/N to come. Luke noticed my nerves, he whispered to Calum and Ashton. “Michael what’s up mate?” Luke asked his hand on my shoulder. “I’m just so scared that she’s going to say no." 

"Cold feet?” Ashton asked as he and Calum came up to me, I nodded. “I can feel it she’s going to say no.” I said covering my face with my hands. “Michael Y/N loves you. She will say yes. I have never seen a woman look at a man the way she looks at you.” Calum explained, I shrugged. “She’s coming. Keep those feet warm Michael.” Ashton said quickly as the three of them ran back to their instruments. I took a deep breath trying to calm myself down. I walked over to Y/N, she looked beautiful. “Hey beautiful.” I said hugging her, I gestured to the boys to start playing the song. “Within a minute I was all packed up, I’ve got a ticket to another world, I don’t wanna go, I don’t wanna go, Sudden words are hard to speak” I sang softly, taking Y/N in my arms, her cheeks turning pink. I swayed with her as I sung with the boys harmonizing. The song finished, Y/N looked up at me with tears in her eyes. My nerves getting the best of me, I froze in front of her. I looked at my feet, before my brain could catch up I had already spoken and moved so I was on one knee in front of her, holding the ring to her. “Marry me?” It was Y/N’s turn to freeze. A smile beamed on her face. “Yes!” She squealed, standing me up and hugging me tightly. I slid the ring onto her finger, it fitter her perfectly. I heard the boys get up and leave the beach. Calum came up to us. “Having cold feet wasn’t such a bad thing.” He turned away and left. “We’re you nervous?” I nodded, she smiled kissing my cheek. “You didn’t have to be nervous.” She whispered, hugging me tightly, we stayed like that for ages in our loving embrace. 

A/N: Hope you like it! It was a bit different but who doesn’t like different??? 

~ Lucy xx