my baby is in shock heheh

Chapter 90 thoughts (just the way I see it)

This chapter was just so mind crushing and I am still totally out the double Ciel theory to be honest. 
  The part where Ciel rejects Sebastian because he is an adult and clings to Finny -who in all means is still like a kid- 
It were the adults that tortured Ciel,force fed him,and killed the children that he had spent a month there(Sebastian triggered that when he had to use the same method to get him the medicine so that he would get cured).
Now there is the person that he seems to trust and treasure just as family maybe,or perhaps he met someone there that he made friends with,the panel with someone putting a hand on his, and then Ciel holding a hand in his own is so confusing, and I am not sure if Yana is just switching between them like she drew from the other boys view???? Like the kid would be looking at Ciel(and we would be looking trough that persons eyes??) o.O 
  Then the next thing is the way that Ciel talked about himself in third person.Now let us not forget that he was 10 years old there and might ,after waking up from that treatment, go into some kind of a shock–I have a feeling that Ciel is right now against a 10year old,reliving the time that he spent there–heck the reason why only a person who is not build as an adult can touch him. The fact that he is now even blind is like a punch to the gut really,if that little witch does not heal him I will start flipping shit.All this time I was just ‘oh God,not my baby….don’t dare!!!!-oh look naked Sebastian and ciel *insert giggling and otp feels a bit*yeah the scenes was like hehehe but I don’t even have time for this CIEL is being HURT -oh don’t you dare no no no Ciel..Sebastian DO SOMETHING JESUS SATAN!! ;A; 

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