my baby is baaack

anonymous asked:

Hello, new shipper again. Could you also give me a list of blogs to follow please?

Heyyyy baby ur baaack ♥ 
Tagging my wonderful taekook angels! @imtaeshook@taintedstarlight@4-rmv , @bwinkook , @taeguk, @taekookhell , @im-like-taetae , @ao3feed-taekook , @taeandkookie , @tkgunslinger@ggukroses , @onlytaekook , @taekooktheories , @taekookficrec ♥♥♥ 

I also see a lot of new faces in the taekook tag! Don’t be shy to approach anyone of us. We are actually desperate to have more taekook stans to talk to ~