my baby ily im so happy for you!!!

Dan and Phil play Sims #31
  • aka happy domestic simulator
  • that was actually rlly good life advice thx phil
  • weetown ??
  • yep im unsubscribing if phil dabs again
  • “you’re gonna get expelled- which is worse than being killed as we all know” i gasped ily dan
  • “why don’t we make a baby” yeah why dont ya?
  • “if this was realistic this would have happened accidentally a year before they got married” lol
  • “eating some pinza” “i like to edit out my word flubs but phil’s bullying me” that was so c u t e omg
  • don’t chuck babies kids
  • “look at them being cute” dan’s face he looks like a proud mum
  • dan making phil listen to nicky minaj’s cuz the song’s underrated is such a dan thing
  • “stroke this wooden penis and your actual penis will have great success!”
  • “hey dan” phils sass was real hey
  • k but there was too much talk abt fertilizing
  • tabitha is number one bath trash
  • fish tacos is the most romantic thing u can snack on?? wtf guys
  • oooh..wanna do it?! dans face again
  • jesus that was some intense wohooing
  • t-bag is pregnant oh my god
  • the confetti lol nice celebration
  • how excited dan gets everytime they have to change smth about the house
  • black marble everywhere
  • yep my brother has that weird “snowball” ikea lamp
  • “i think a harry potter picture is a good way to start” y e s  i t  i s
  • the kids bedroom actually looks so nice tho i want them to redecorate my room
  • im on dans side in the welcome mat fight
  • they have a bath and a shower now this is the life
  • dan you weirdo dont look at tabithas boobs
  • mirrorbutt 10/10 comeback
  • dil has abs now ?? not relatable anymore
  • dad material
  • im not ready for the baby tbh

phanielintheden  asked:

I just love dogs so much they're so pure and happy and aaah yes dogs (congrats on 1k btw!! Ilysm) 💖💖

,,,dont even get me started on doggos char omg (thank you so much!!!!! ily too!!)

url - not my type / okay! / pretty!! / im,,, yes
icon - not my type / nice! / gorgeous / holy fuck
theme - default / okay! / beautiful / my eyes are happy
mobile theme - not my type / okay! / wowie!! / :O!!
content - not my type / okay! / yEs / YES
following - no, sorry! / now i am! / yes!! / omg of course i am are you serious??
note - i love you so much, youre so pure and funny and pretty too? and you love dogs?? and your blog is so good??? like theres nothing else i could say about you, youre pretty much perfect,,, i hope youre feeling well and i hope youre happy!!!! ilysm

julia rates blogs!



Happy birthday to our very own ball of sunshine, Jung Daehyun! It goes without saying that B.A.P just would not be quite the same without your smile, without your laugh, without your kindess and energy. You bring so much happiness to this world and that is something I can never thank you enough for. Your positive outlook on life and charasmatic attitude will never fail to bring a smile to my face. You are my sunshine, my ray of hope. Please never change, I miss you, I love you and I hope you enjoy your day and eat well!


ok fam so i’ve hit 3k and that’s amazing. i’ve been in this fandom since 2012 and i’ve had this blog since 2011 but the past year has been so much fun because i’ve made a lot of friends. so yeah, everyone i follow is incredible and y’all should check them out :)

preciouspeachharry: gracie my darling you are just the peachiest peach and im so happy we started talking <3 my fave lil baby peach
daggeremoji: caitlin u r my one and only. we have too many inside jokes to count and sometimes i’ll be sitting in class or some shit and die laughing from something you said like a month ago. ily.
ruesflower: une how are we still friends omg it’s been like 8000 years yet i still love talking to you (almost) every day (school sucks)
arolouie: jaxie ur blog is alright i guess
babyfeverharry: valentina i can’t believe i got to meet you in person? holy shit? it was so great ily

 louiisharry vipharry lilrbb harrietrash & hima: thanks for being a constant source of entertainment (and saltiness)

stella’s hoes larriedup harrysgoldboots sockbunstyles thighstattoo stylesperfect thetrashiestlarrie cuddlyblue : im so happy this GC was made i love u guys a lot (and stella)


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