my baby ily im so happy for you!!!

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hi! as someone with super thick, curly hair, its sooo hard to find hairs that match how much volume my hair always has, but let me tell you, all your hairs are so wonderful. like with your curly bun!!! omg, my buns are always really big like that so putting EAs baby buns on my simself just didnt look right, especially because my hair is such a weird texture, but either way im so thankful your apart of this community not only for braids/dreads but also just thick hair!! <3 ily, have a great day!!

Yes!!!! I love this. Thank you so much for sending this! I’m happy it was the right fit

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Happy Valentine’s day  💫🌟💖

(me? one day late? ,,never) but ehh i wanted to spread some love for this worldwide celebration of love, so here is finally my first ff ever!!! im so grateful for all of u, you’re the best mutuals in the whole world and universe (not even being extra) i hope you know u can always hmu even if we’ve never talked, and i hope this year of 2017 is kind and fulfilling for all you<3

(this is going to be so long sorry,,)

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To the boy whom I adore most; Happy Birthday Wonwoo ♡
I’m not the best with words but, thank you for always working hard. Thank you for always showing us a new side of you. Thank you for being a part of Seventeen. Thank you for your dedication and passion. Thank you for being born. Thank you for just being you. It pains me when you’re in pain but I hope you’re happy and healthy and always will be. You’re so special to me, to all of us and I can only hope you know that. You deserve everything and more – the world is your oyster :-)
#HappyWonwooDay #전원우_복덩어리_생일축하해


seven urls, six fics, five tours, four man-children, three years, two albums, one dumb band and god knows how many hours of my life later, here I am, still 5sos trash.

thank you thank you thank you to all twenty three thousand of you, I can’t believe you’ve somehow put up with my shitposting for this long (kudos if you’ve been here since the ashtonsjigglypuff days). when I first made this blog, it was purely an outlet to scream about this band and post lyric art on but it’s become so much more than that. I’m not gonna turn sappy but I’ve met some amazing people through this band and some of my favourite memories are thanks to them so it’s safe to say I’m feeling a lil nostalgic and emosh.

SO here’s an appreciation post for those blogs that make my dash brighter by existing, thank you xxx (shoutout to larissa for these gifs u da (from my slfl videos yay))

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+blogroll :-) ily all, here’s to the next three years!!

Happy happy birthday, Jung Hoseok!

Wow okay so it’s been eight months since you stole my heart yet it seems like it was yesterday. So cliché ew but it’s true. I don’t really know how to even begin to explain what it is that is so wonderful and undeniably charming about you but I know that your smile and the joy that is perpetually radiating off your face is what makes you shine over everyone else. You’re so special in so many ways I swear I don’t even know what my life was before you. I hope that you can continue to be happy in the years to come and that when you look back at these years you feel satisfied and accomplished. I think I speak for many when I say you’ve changed lives. This is my pledge of loyalty to you. I will stand by you and your career for as long as it lasts. God bless you now and always. I love you♥

Happy Hope Day! @-@♥



Happy birthday to our very own ball of sunshine, Jung Daehyun! It goes without saying that B.A.P just would not be quite the same without your smile, without your laugh, without your kindess and energy. You bring so much happiness to this world and that is something I can never thank you enough for. Your positive outlook on life and charasmatic attitude will never fail to bring a smile to my face. You are my sunshine, my ray of hope. Please never change, I miss you, I love you and I hope you enjoy your day and eat well!