my baby has found her one true love and ugh they are going to get married

Calum Hood Imagine Pt.2*REQUESTED*

Part two of you get pregnant and you decide to leave him only to see each other again in the future.

2 Years Later

“Mumma!” I felt a tug on my pants leg and I looked down to see my beautiful baby boy.
“Yes, Thomas?” I asked him, not taking focus off of the two button down shirts I was holding up in the air. We were currently at the mall with my mom because she felt like spoiling Thomas today.
“Up!” He held up his arms.
“Just a minute.” He began to get impatient and continued pulling on my pants leg and small whimpers fell from his lips.
“Mumma!"He cried out and I hung up the shirts back on the rack.
"Okay,okay.” I shushed him and as soon I bent over to pick him up, his whines and cries were replace with a smile.
“We spoiled the boy.” My mom said, pinching his cheeks and giving him a kiss on the forehead.
“Tell me about it.” I rolled my eyes, a smile tugging at my lips.
“I’m feeling a bit peckish. Food court?” She asked me and I nodded my head.
“Are you hungry, Tommy? "I asked in my baby talk voice that he loves so much.
"Ya!” He clapped his hands and we laughed at his excitement. My mother and I decided on Mcdonalds and then we would head to the park to let Tommy play off his energy. We went to Mcdonalds and ordered through the drive through, you know the process,asked then made our way to the park. We found an empty picnic table in the sun and decided to set up there.
“Toy!” Tommy shook the bag with the spiderman figurine.
“You have to eat first,baby.” I told him and he let out a whine and gave me that puppy dog face that brought back memories.
“Please,Kylie!” Calum whined, holding his arm out to me. He was lying in bed, the duvet pulled over his head, and his face buried in his pillow.
“I don’t have time to cuddle, Cal. I have to go to work.”
“Just call in sick.” He whined once again.
“I’m sorry, baby. We can cuddle all you want when I come back.”
“Babe.” He whined loudly holding his head up and giving me that deadly look of his. The one that’ll get him anything in the world, well at least from me.
“No,don’t do that to me.” It was now my turn to whine at him, staring at his big brown eyes and his pink full lips in an adorable pout.
“Please call in sick and cuddle with me and watch movies with me all day.” I looked away from his face,but he didn’t give up. I could feel his stare burning a hole in the side of my head.
“Ugh, fine.” I groaned and he cheered in satisfaction. I called my boss,telling him that I had a stomach bug and quickly got undressed.
“You’re beautiful.” Calum spoke as I made my way to the bed in nothing but my pink polka dot bra and matching panties.
“Yea I know,and you’re an ass."I smirked and snuggled up against his chest.
"I’m your ass.” He kissed my shoulder and wrapper his arm around my waist.
“That’s true.”
We sat in silence, just enjoying the warmth of each others arms.
“Why do you even work that stupid job anyway? I can take care of you,I make enough money for the both of us.”
“Because Calum, I don’t want you to spend all of your money on me. I’m capable of handling myself.”
“But you don’t have to worry about all of that if you just-”
“I know,but I don’t want people to think I’m using you for money. Besides, I like my job.”
“One day I’ll marry you, so that way you won’t have a choice but to stay at home and let me spoil you.” He smiled looking down at me and I returned it.
“You want to marry me?”
“Of course I do. I want to spend my e tire life with you and grow old together and have three kids and a dog.”
“Three kids?”
“Maybe four.” He laughed and I just looked at him, a huge smile on my face.
“I love you, Hood.”
“I love you too.” He kissed my lips.

“Ma'am!” I jumped looking at her. Tommy’s toy was opened and his good was set out in front of him.
“You zoned out. Thinking about him again?” She asked, wiping a tear from cheek. I was crying?
“Uh, yeah.” I sniffled, taking a sip of my sprite.
“I can’t blame you. He’s a spitting image of his father.” She told me,and I looked over at him.
“He acts just like him too.” I let out and breathy laugh.
We ate in silence,me having to feed Tommy myself at times because he wanted to play with Spiderman rather than eating his food.
“Have you thought about telling him?”
“No, I’m not planning on it either.”
“He’d going to have to find out eventually, dear.”
“No he doesn’t. I’ve been doing just fine without him and so has Thomas.”
“But what about when he starts asking why he doesn’t have a father?”
“I don’t know mom, just drop it. I don’t want to talk about this right now.” I told her, getting extremely agitated with her.
“Mumma!” He pointed to the playground.
“No, you have to eat your food first.” I told him.
“You don’t have a choice. Eat your food.” I told him sternly.
“Listen to your mother, Tommy.”
“Nana!” He cried.
“Great, here comes the waterworks."I rolled my eyes,knowing she would give in immediately. I mena Tommy is spoiled so he knows how to get his way, and sense he’s very smart and adorable it’s not hard for him to manipulate people to be honest. That’s just something else he gets from his father. I usually can hold off for a good while with the two but eve tally I give in because they’re just so darn cute!
"Just five minutes won’t hurt.” She told me and I nodded.
“Whatever.” I told her and continued eating my nuggets. I watched them walk off and they went towards the slide.

There was complete silence besides the faint laughs and giggles from my mother and son, causing a smile to come onto my face.
“Kylie?"I heard the one voice I thought I would never hear again. I didn’t turn around and I didn’t speak, too in shock and scared to say anything, to do anything.
"Is that you?” I heard footsteps come closer and I spun around on the bench.
“Don’t.” I told him and he stopped. It was Calum and the boys. They were all taller since the last time I saw them, Michael’s hair was blue, Ashton hair was longer, Luke definitely grew a few inches and looked like a giraffe, and Calum. Dear God, he was more muscular, maybe a inch or two taller, his hair a bit shorter, and his voice a tad bit deeper.
“Hi.” Luke smiled, waving at me and the other boys followed.
“Hey.” I smiled, actually glad to see the three. I missed them so terribly much. When I left Calum, I left my three best friends too.
“What are you doing here?” Calum asked.
“I’m here with T-family.” I almost slipped out his name.
“Can we uh, talk?” He asked.
“No!” I said quickly, barely letting him finish his sentence. I watched his face fall in disappointment and closed my eyes, taking a deep breath.
“Mumma!” I heard and my eyes widened.
“Fuck.” I breathed out as the five of us watched Calum 2.0 run, well waddle over to me with his arms in the air.
“God, he’s a fast one. You’d think a baby with tiny chubby legs wo-” my mom stopped in her tracks staring at us. “I knew this day would come.” She smiled and shook her head, grabbing her purse.
“Gee, thanks mom.” I rolled my eyes.
I looked at their faces and all I could see was shock on every single one of them except Luke. He looked more confused and curious than anything.
“Who’s this little guy?” Ashton asked but i ignored him,continuing to look at Luke. He stared at Thomas for a bit then at Calum and I watched as he turned to me with big eyes. Fuck, he figured it out.
“Kylie, how old is he?”
I hesitated before answering the question. “Two.”
“Holy shit, that’s why you left!” Luke said and I saw Michael’s thinking face and he counting on his fingers. He was probably counting the nine months and two years.
“Oh God.” He said once he got his calculations right.
“Calum you’re a dad.” Ashton whisper yelled.
“W-what? He’s mine..?” Calum asked and I sighed deeply.
“Yes, Calum. He’s yours.”
“Why didn’t you tell me you were pregnant?!” He yelled and my eyes filled with tears. I quickly wiped them and watched the boys walk away from us.

“Why didn’t you tell me, Kylie?!”
“Because you were going on tour and the band would’ve been ruined-”
“Fuck the band, Kylie! I’ve spent two years of my life wondering what I did so wrong that you fell out of love with me! When you left I couldn’t sleep, eat, hell I could barely hold myself together on stage. The boys and fans were convenced I was depressed and tried sending me to therapy. We had to reschedule tour for Christ sakes!” He yelled and I just stood there listening to him.
“I didn’t want to burden you.”
“Burden me?! Kylie, I’ve always wanted a family with you and just because we started ours early on accident didn’t mean you had to leave me! I would’ve been ecstatic to know you we’re pregnant, I would’ve taken care of you. Now instead of having to deal with the fact that you didn’t love me anymore,I have to deal with knowing that I missed two years of my son’s life and he was going to grow up without a father.” I watched a tear slide down his face and that was it for me.

“I’m sorry!” I yelled, and at on the bench bawling my eyes out. “I’m sorry for everything since that night, all of the pain I he caused. I’m so so sorry, Calum.” I told him and he got quiet. Thomas began crying after seeing me cry and I had to comes myself for him.
“It’s okay, shhh.” I told him, running my fingers through his hair to calm him, just like I did to Calum whenever he was upset.
After the two of us were settled, Calum cautiously made his way over to us and sat next to me on the bench.
“What’s his name?”
“Yes, I named him after you and he has your last name. I wanted him to have some connection to his father.” I looked away from Cal and looked at Tommy who was chewing a apple that came with his meal.
“C-can I hold him?”
“Sure.” I said, handing him over and once Calum got him Tommy looked terrified.
“Mumma?” He whined and I saw the tears in his eyes and the little pout form.
“It’s okay,baby.” He wiggled and reached out for me and Calum looked so hurt by this.“ It’s daddy, Tommy. It’s okay,don’t be scared.”
“Daddy?” He questioned and I nodded, stroking his cheek.
“Daddy.” I nodded and he looked up at Calum who just stared back at him. After a few minutes he smiled at him and wrapped his little arms around his neck.
“Daddy!” He giggled and it bung tears both to mine and Calum’s eyes.
“Yeah, I’m your daddy.” He smiled happily.“I want to be in his life, Kylie. I don’t want him to grow up without me.”
“ I want you in his life too.” I smiled and fiddled with my fingers.
“I also want you in my life.” He scooted closer to me.
“Please, we can take things slow, I just- I need you back.” I thought for a minute and nodded my head, causing his whole entire fave to light up in happiness. He grabbed my face and kissed me hard, pouring all of his love and compassion into it. How much he missed me showing in it.
“I missed you.”
“I missed you too.” I pecked his lips once more.
“Now, how about we go get ice cream with your mother and the boys.”
“I don’t know,you like the sound of that?"I asked Thomas and he laughed while clapping his hands.
"That’s a yes.”
I grabbed my purse and Tommy’s bag before we made our way to the car and drove to the ice cream parlor. I was glad to have Calum back in my life and I’m even happier that he was now in Thomas’.
THE END. The ending sucked because ei ran out of ideas. Anywho, you can request an imagine or just ask me questions or anything if you like .

CEO!Luke Part 21


Warning: None

“Wait are you serious!?” I ask smiling putting my hands on Luke’s cheeks. “100% baby. You’re it for me. From the moment I met you, I knew you were the one” Luke says to me. “And since you are having my child, I want him or her to have a fully committed father” he says. “Of course that is what I want too” I say looking into Luke’s sparkling ocean blue eyes. “I love you Y/N more than anything. I want you. I want to raise our child together. I want to live with you. I want to have even more babies once our first tiny bean is born. I want to wake up next to you every single day and go to bed with you every single night. I want to watch you decide what you’re going to wear for the day. I want to watch you do your makeup every day. I want to be the one who takes care of you. I want to be your shoulder that you cry on. I want to hold you in my arms and god I want to kiss your lips every minute, every second of my day. God Y/N I just want everything with you. So what do you say Princess? Let’s take this journey together.” Luke breathes out all in one making me smile nonstop. I wipe a tear from my left eye with my sweater I had thrown on earlier. “Yes. Yes!” I say happily pouncing onto Luke. “I’m so in love with you” Luke mumbles into my hair as I cling onto him like a koala. My arms hold tightly against his body not wanting to let go. “Baby” Luke chokes. “Oops sorry” I giggle as I let go of him. “It’s alright love” Luke smiles as he leans in to kiss me. “What do we do now?” I ask laughing a little looking around the room.

“Well looks like someone needs you right now” he says looking behind my shoulder. “What do you mean?” I ask him. Luke then points showing me my phone which was buzzing on the bed. “Oh thank you” I respond as I swipe right on my screen to answer Clara’s call. “Hey what’s up?” I ask her. “I’ll be in the shower” Luke whispers pecking my lips once before flashing a wink at me making me blush. “Okay” I giggle whispering back not listening to Clara’s rant about something. “Y/N? Hello? Are you listening?” she asks me. “Yeah sorry can you repeat that?” I ask. “Ugh fine. So I need you to come with me to pick up my dress for the wedding as well as your dress” she tells me. “You already picked out bridesmaid dresses?” I ask furrowing my eyebrows as I lay back on the bed. “Yes it was a quick decision but as you know me, the queen of fashion, I knew how to do all that stuff” Clara brags. “Oh okay well when do you need me?” I ask inspecting my fingernails as I hear the water running from the shower. “Today around 4. Are you free then?” she asks me. “Yeah defiantly. I’m at Luke’s so just text me when you’re on your way” I say to her. “Will do. Thank you so much!” Clara responds then hangs up. I toss my phone to the side and sit up from the bed. I smirk to myself as I get up and walk down the hall to Luke’s bathroom. Of course he left the door opening. I strip off Luke’s button up from my body letting it slide down onto the tile floor. I faintly see his tall and broad body due to the hot steam surrounding him and the glass. I quietly open the slide door and as I raise my head, my eyes meet Luke’s face that drips with water as he smirks running his hands through his hair. The sight making me want to pounce on him but I kept myself stable so I wouldn’t slip. “Glad you could make it sweet love” he grins taking my hands and letting me in. “Wouldn’t wanna miss out” I respond as we switch places so now the water rushes down my back. “Luke the water is so hot” I tell him as I back away. “Oh is it? I’m sorry let me turn it down for you” he says reaching for the nozzle. I stop his arm with my hand as I drag my fingertips up along his muscles. “It’s okay. I like it hot” I seductively say to him. Luke’s hands slowly wrap around my waist bringing me closer to him. “Gosh Princess what am I gonna do with that dirty mouth of yours” he whispers against my lips as one of his hands travels up to hold my neck. “Kiss it” I whisper before I make my move and kiss him.

I let my tongue enter his mouth as Luke’s tongue battles mine for dominance. “No rush Luke. No rush” I say to him. “But baby you’re addicting” he growls pushing me gently against the wall. “I just wann-” DING DONG. Luke groans and steps away from me before reaching for the handle of the door. “No I’ll get it. You stay” I tell him replacing his hand with mine. “Are you sure?” he asks. “Yeah I’ll be right back” I respond stepping out of the shower and grabbing a white robe that I wrap around myself. I close the bathroom door behind me as I hear another ring from the door bell. I speed up and open the door revealing an angry Clara. “Wow you’re very early. Hey,what’s wrong?” I ask her letting her in. “Everything!” she says storming over to Luke’s living room. “Explain everything” I tell her sitting across from her. “First off some idiot almost rear ended my new car. Second, I’m starting to break out all over my forehead. Third, my wedding date had to be changed” Clara responds. “Okay well one there are always idiotic drivers in New York so we are used to that. Second, you’re breaking out due to nerves and stress of this wedding Clara and that’s normal. Third, I’m sure the wedding being moved isn’t that big of a deal. When is the date now?” I ask her. “This weekend!” she shouts standing up to pace around the room. “Wait really?” I ask. “Yes! I had to literally tell everyone to come this weekend instead of two months from now” she says biting her nails. “Well think of it as a positive thing! You’re getting married to Michael in a few days!” I tell her. “That’s the thing I love but I’m just so behind on beauty preparation” she whines. “Clara you’re stunning I’m sure you will be fine. Take it easy these next two days and do whatever you do to get ready. Then, on the day of your wedding, you know I will be there with Sarah and Emily, and we will make you more beautiful as ever” I comfort her. “What would I do without you Y/N?” she asks me. “Probably die” I joke bringing her into a hug. “Very funny” Clara laughs pulling away from my embrace. “How’s my little munchkin” she asks me placing her hands on my stomach that is starting to show. “Well Luke and I find out the gender in a few weeks so that should be exciting” I smile.

I hear Luke’s footsteps come down the hall as he shows up looking all dapper in one of his suits. “Hey guys” he smiles walking over to the kitchen. “Hey lover boy” Clara says to him. “Are you going somewhere?” I ask him. “Yeah Michael and I have to run a few errands for the afternoon” he says sipping his coffee mug. “Oh okay” I respond looking back at Clara. Luke throws his keys into his pocket as he makes his way over. “Well I better be off now” he smiles leaning down to kiss me. The kiss lasted a little longer than usual making me laugh. “Okay okay I’ll see you later” I giggle pushing him gently off me. “I’ll call you later” he smirks and heads for the door. “Bye girls” he says before walking out. “What kind of kiss was that?” Clara asks. “Normal one” I respond. “No he put passion into that one. I saw it with my own eyes!” She protests. “He’s just very affectionate” I laugh before putting on some fresh clothes from a suitcase I left here when I slept over. I don’t want to tell her about Luke proposing to me yet because once him and I are ready to tell then I will spill it to her. Maybe after her wedding. “So are we going to pick up your dress?” I ask her. “Yes!” she smiles opening the door for me as we both walk out to her car. The drive wasn’t bad at all which was nice on a day like this. Tiffany’s Bridal Shop was written with big cursive letters making the store look elegant and really nice if I say so myself. “Ready?” I ask her. “Y/N I’m not getting married right now” Clara chuckles. “I know but you are very soon” I smile opening the glass doors. Gorgeous white dresses in all sorts of styles were either hanging on racks or displayed on mannequins. Couches were scattered along the store in front of giant mirrors. “I feel like I’m in an episode of Say Yes to the Dress” I laugh as Clara and I walk up to the counter. “Hello Ladies, how may I help you?” the receptionist asks. “Hi I’m here to have my fitting” Clara tells her. “Alright Clara I’ll go get that dress for you. You can come with me while your friend can sit on the couch over there” she smiles. “Okay I’ll see you in a few” she says before walking to the back with the woman.

I turn on my heel to go sit down on the couch. I place my purse on the side and take out my phone to check any emails. I respond to a few of Luke’s clients then I switch over to reading Cosmo magazine. Tiffany’s shop is very popular here in New York and it’s always full during this season. Seeing women try on dresses just makes me smile because knowing that they have found someone in their life makes me happy for them because love is a true gift. Knowing that I’d be doing this one day too, fills my stomach with such excitement it’s uncontrollable. Knowing Luke is going to be my husband and the father of our child. Ugh. I can’t even describe the feeling. But it’s a good one.

Reading articles about how to spice up your sex life to going on a diet makes the time go by faster, it has been about a few minutes since Clara has been gone. I look around the store seeing women look at themselves in the mirror deciding whether or not that dress is for them. I look more closely at the girl next to me. Short black hair, pale skin, skinny body. She’s wearing a gorgeous dress that suits her very well. She’s accompanied by an older man along with his wife I think. Anyway, something about her feels weird to me but I just can’t put my finger on it. I wasn’t able to see her face until she looked at herself in the mirror. Once she did, I almost choke on the water I was drinking. It must of gotten her attention because she stepped down and started walking over to me.

“Y/N is that you?” she asks holding onto the sides of her gown. “Sadly it is” I say squirming to hide my face. Mother of god I swear I am cursed because wherever I go, April goes! “It’s me, April” she says looking at me. “Yes I know it’s you. What a coincidence that we are both here at the same time. What’s next? The nail salon” I scoff sitting back. “Well actually I’m here picking out my wedding dress” she says gently. Why is she acting all nice? This isn’t her. I look at the giant diamond ring on her finger but also the hospital bracelet above it. “Who’s the lucky man?” I say giving off a fake smile. “James” she responds. “James as in the Vegas waiter?” I ask. “Yes him” she tells me.

I was about to say something but she cut me off. “Look Y/N, after everything that has happened, I’ve come to realize that my actions were completely out of control. I wanted Luke. I was desperate for him. Along with his money which wasn’t right. I physically hurt you and even Clara and I’m so sorry for that. I was taken to a mental asylum where I was taught multiple lessons and faced the consequences of my wrong doings. I’ve changed and I hope you can forgive me” April tells me. The look in her face showing me that she is actually saying something true for once. I gulp before I spoke up. “To be honest April, you have caused so much shit these past few months. You manipulatively played games with my head that I couldn’t win. You threatened me and physically hurt me all for one person. But you have never came out on top. I did. I won’t forgive you for what you have done to me but I do give you respect for admitting the truth. I hope what you said was true. I hope you really have changed because I believe there is always a little good in everyone. On a good note, I think that dress looks great on you April and I hope you and James have a happy marriage.” I tell her then sit down letting out a huff not looking at her.

April nods and turns away heading to the back of the store where the changing rooms were. “That was like watching an episode of the Real Housewives” Clara says behind me. “Ugh you saw?” I ask. “Of course I did!” she tells me walking over in front of the mirror. “You killed her with kindness” she responds. “Okay Selena Gomez” I laugh waiting for Clara to show me her dress. “Now let me see my beautiful best friend” I smile. “What do you think?” Clara asks. “Oh my god a million times yes!” I shriek standing up. “The neckline, the lace, oh my god everything about this just screams you” I say still shocked. “Of course it does. I designed it” she says. “And I still fit so that’s a bonus” she adds on. “It’s incredible” I say. “Aw thanks. I just can’t believe this is all real” she smiles looking at herself. “It’s insane I know but life only gets better after that” I tell her. “Michael is a very lucky man” I add on. “Damn straight he is” Clara says making me burst out laughing. “You look lovely Ms. Clara! Would you like me to wrap that up for you?” Diana, the receptionist asks. “Oh yes please! That would be wonderful. Thank you” she responds. I give Clara a hand as she steps down. I sit back onto the couch and wait for her again. I take out my phone and see that Luke has texted me about twenty minutes ago.

Hey babe, Michael and I are grabbing lunch with some of the guys from the country club. But, I’ll be back to grab dinner with you my love. See you later. I love you.

5:45 PM

I send a quick “I love you” back to him along with a few kissy faces. Clara comes back out with her dress all wrapped up in her arms. “Ready to go?” she asks me. “Yeah let’s go” I respond. “We have got a full day of beauty prep ahead of us” Clara smiles as she starts her car. “Wait really?” I ask. “Yes. I am in deep need of a manicure” she responds. “Oh awesome!” I respond sitting back in my seat. Throughout the day, Clara and I got our nails done, went shopping, and even got our eyebrows waxed which I needed. Today was a good day and knowing her wedding is in just a few days makes me even more excited. She showed me my dress which was absolutely amazing. It was light pink and with a sweetheart neckline which I really liked. We went over hair and makeup and even called Sarah and Emily to figure out what time they’re flying in at tomorrow. Clara had a list of things to do and we got done half of her list which made her feel much better. “Five pounds have been lifted off of my shoulders” she sighs. “Good I’m glad. We don’t need Bridezilla coming in anytime soon” I laugh. “I’ve been mostly calm throughout all this planning” she admits. “I know. Good for you!” I say to her. “Thank you and thank you for spending the day with me” she smiles pulling up into Luke’s driveway. “Anything for you. Tomorrow I expect you to rest. Meditate even to just relax okay? No work. Just pamper yourself and I’ll call tomorrow okay?” I ask. “Yes ma'am!” she laughs. “Bye bye!” I smile and close the door walking up to the door.

I bend down to lift the mat up to grab the spare key. I unlock the door then place the key back where it was. The condo was dark but I could see faint light glowing down the hall. “Luke?” I ask getting kind of scared. No answer. I looked onto the ground to see rose petals in a trail down the hall. I slowly follow them down as the light begins to grow larger. Then appeared white candles that lit up along the kitchen counters. Soft music plays in the background. Luke’s bed was covered in pink, white, and red rose petals that formed a heart.

“Luke?” I ask once again. “In here Sweetheart!” he says. I follow the rose petals to his dining room seeing a lovely table set up with dinner, wine, and dessert. “Aw Luke what is all of this?” I ask him. “I told you I’d be here for dinner didn’t I?” he asks. “A very romantic one” I smile hugging him. “I just wanted to do something special” he tells me. “This is very lovely. Thank you” I smile looking up at him. “Anything for you my love” Luke whispers kissing me slowly. “I made this myself” he says pulling away. “Oh really?” I ask. “Yes” he smiles proud of himself. “I bet it’s amazing” I say. Luke pulls out my chair for me as I sit down. He takes his own seat while popping a bottle of red wine. “Lukey I can’t drink” I tell him. “I know. That is why I filled it with fruit punch” he smiles. “No way!” I laugh at him. “I wanted it all to look romantic” he says. “Aw well thank you” I respond as he pours our drinks. “Cheers to us Princess” Luke smiles holding his glass up. “To us” I respond and tap our glasses together. After stuffing ourselves with steak and rice, I was full. “Our little one will love that” I laugh putting my hands on stomach. “You liked it?” he asks me. “That was amazing Luke” I tell him. “Aw thanks Love” he smiles getting up and takes my hands in his. He walks us to the couch in the living and sits down. I cuddle up close in his arms as we just sit there.

“Okay I can’t wait any longer” Luke says standing up. “What’s wrong?” I ask him. “Oh nothing Sweetheart” he smiles. “I just can’t wait any longer to give you the ring” he says getting down on one knee. “Luke!” I gasp. “I’ve confessed my love for you Y/N this morning and everything I said was true. I love you more than anything in this world. I want you for the rest of my life and whatever is after that. I want you forever and ever. You have made me become such a better man than I was. I adore everything you do and just by looking at you, makes me love you even more. I will give you and our child the world baby. So I’m going to ask again. Will you do me the honor of making me the happiest man alive?” Luke smiles and flashes open a black box showing a gorgeous diamond ring. “Oh my god. A million times yes!” I shout as Luke slides it onto my finger. “I love you so much” I say kissing Luke multiple times. “I love you with everything I am Y/N and that won’t ever change” he mumbles kissing me more while guiding me to the bed. 

“Now can I please make love to you for the next three hours?” Luke asks laying me down. “Make it four” I whisper back bringing his lips back down onto mine.

Hello loves! That was Part 21 and I hope you enjoyed it! Part 22 will be Michael and Clara’s wedding so that should be exciting :) Let me know your thoughts and don’t forget to vote for the Calum series! I love you all so much and I hope this brought you some joy after these past few days :) Xx

Perfect Timing || Klaroline

#25daysofklaroline Day 16 - Mates

It used to be that no one believed in soul mates. As time passed, it became a silly notion that there was only one person in the entire world meant only for you. People fell in and out of love wildly, never realizing there was something perfect out there, just for them.

As simple as touching hands, a person would just know. The knowledge and yearning would bubble up inside them, only to be soothed by the very hand they were still holding.

A common enough legend, teenagers in the throes of first love would very seriously raise their hand to the other. They would laugh off the devastation when nothing happened, “It’s just for fun.”

But sometimes…

Sometimes, it worked.

“Oh, Caroline,” Elena said dreamily, her saccharine voice practically dripping through the phone. “He’s wonderful.”

Still applying her makeup for the day, Caroline was careful not to let her derisive snort carry over the speakerphone. “Congratulations,” she said, trying not to sound too dry. “You can live happily ever after with Damon Salvatore.”

“You don’t believe me,” Elena asked, and Caroline could easily picture her pout. “It’s true!” Caroline resisted pointing out that Elena only had to wait this long to figure out that Damon was the one for her because she had been dating his brother since high school. Poor Stefan.

Caroline sighed, spritzing her face with the finishing spray before picking up her phone. “I believe that you believe it,” she hedged. “I’m just not meant to have a soul mate.”

It wasn’t for a lack of trying on a teenaged Caroline’s part, though. She had hoped, wished and prayed to find a love like that, but she wasn’t the least bitter about Elena getting it. Not at all.

“I’ve got to get to work, Elena,” she said, trying to get her friend off the phone. “They have this big announcement, and I don’t want to be late.”

“Fine, but don’t give up,” Elena chirped. “You’ll find your mate, too!”

Rolling her eyes, Caroline hung up the phone and made her way out of the house and toward the subway. “Yeah, because that’s exactly what I need right now,” she muttered.

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Gilmore girls revival thoughts

Okay, I gotta get these off my chest, they probably won’t be that organized but just work with me here….

- First, I love Emily Gilmore forever and always, and her arc was everything to me. Her being lost and rediscovering herself, maybe at first just accidentally being too nice to the maid but then realizing she wants the company and she’s happy to have them and that life with all her stuff and money is sort of meaningless if she doesn’t share it, and oh gosh, going to nantucket and just being happy and like, oh emily gilmore, you are everything to me and her arc alone makes the whole revival worth it

- it was so nice to be back with the whole gang, to get to see everyone again, it was just lovely and i loved seeing kirk and taylor and babette and gypsy and bootsie and just… yeah. it was beautiful. 

- so glad it ended with lorelai finally realizing she wants to and is ready to commit to the true and lasting love of her life, love them 5ever, also they have the same anniversary as cory and topanga and i will NEVER be over it, okay

okay but like…. ISSUES

- the writing and editing was just… sloppy. It could have been so much cleaner and tighter, it SHOULD HAVE BEEN. there’s no excuse for it, there was a lot of filler that wasn’t even nostalgic filler, it was just… random stuff- the whole poolside scenes, the musical, which, while delightful, took up way more time than it needed to get the point across, the over-extended life and death brigade reunion that served to do what? exactly? other than knock rory up…

but even more disappointing were the threads they started to weave but then completely dropped with no pay off, most specifically, the letter emily thought came from lorelai that lorelai swore she didn’t write… this never came up again and we never resolved and discovered what had happened there… it’s still a mystery- why bring it up at all if you’re not going to answer the question you posed. and, connected, why start therapy and then just… have it lead to NOTHING? except a therapist breaking doctor/patient confidentiality agreements by acknowledging her first in public… hard side eye…. same with the entire “should we have a baby” plot line that never came up again but never felt truly resolved…. it just felt like it could have been so much better, you know?

- RORY like where do I begin. I was so on board with the “i’ve lost myself and my passion and my purpose, wandering and feeling aimless and confused about life” plot, like i’m there for it, it’s totally something most people our generation have experienced or are experiencing but like… i wanted her to finally FIND herself again before the end? And I feel like she just never did. She kept having these moments where I was like “aha, this is it! this is where she’s back in the game” but it never panned out. First with the line story- which she should have been able to do a new pavement spin on a la her first chilton story and blown everyone away, but nothing… not to mention how OOC it felt for her to just be so ill prepared for an interview she had been anticipating for months??? who are you? where are you? maybe rory is the one who needed to be in therapy…. but then, after the well-deserved humbling of being rejected by the people who had been chasing her, i thought, ah, this is it, she’s going to take over the gazette and turn it around and it’s going to be fabulous but like…. nope? it just sort of doesn’t go anywhere she doesn’t do anything with it. okay then. 

And the book thing- like, i would be so on board with it, if she had been the one to be like ‘i’ve thought about this, but no one cares about that” or “i’m not a novelist though” or something, but like…. jess literally just planted the whole idea in her head. Sue me for wishing rory would find her own passion herself and not have it spoon fed to her? I would have loved to have had jess encourage her to do it even though it scared her or was a huge change of course or whatever, but like… it feels cheap to have it not be something she wanted to do until someone told her it should be. 

And one book does not a life make? it’s fine for now, but it still feels like at the end, rory just doesn’t know who she is or what she’s doing. Maybe it’s realistic, but i’m sorry, I wanted, needed her to be in a better place before saying goodbye. I needed to see her find herself again because that’s what we need fiction to do- to show us that you’re not crazy for finding yourself in this place, but there’s hope because you won’t be there forever. Where was that?

Also, why did rory scoff at going back to school when she loves learning so much, and at the idea of teaching? I just… feel like I don’t know who she is anymore. I haven’t even touched on the whole PAUL thing which just… what the hell, Rory, what is wrong with you. It wasn’t funny, it was cruel, and I don’t understand why they carried it throughout all four episodes…. add in her being the other woman AGAIN after she already LEARNED THAT LESSON with Dean and just… I was disappointed. 

And I’m disappointed that she didn’t get a chance to find herself, and now she’s going to be a mom, and that’s going to rightly be her new identity for a while, but also she has no money and is totally ill-prepared, arguably less prepared than her mother was when she was half her age… and yes, lorelai clearly found her own purpose through motherhood and then in spite of it, but like… i just wanted more for Rory? 

As far as the whole ships thing goes…

1. super glad Dean was a minor cameo and totally closed off as an option forever because YUCK 

2. i’m always casually going to be okay with her and jess coming back together again at some point, because i did love them so much, though then i hated him, and then he finally grew up and i loved him again, but now i almost feel like Jess deserves better? like. girl. And also there was NO indication that rory was still pining on any level for jess, only jess for rory, so like… idk. i’m not anxiously imagining it, but i’d read that fic, if you know what i mean. 

3. logan logan logan okay so like. If you don’t know that logan proposed and she turned him down, logan seems like a dick in this. But the fact is he DID and she said NO, and my guess is SHE’S the one who looked him up again, and set the vegas rules, and poor boy is so in love with her that of course he takes whatever she’ll give him after he’s realized how sad he is without her, you know? I know I’m adding in some headcanon here that it’s said, but possibly implied, but i feel like logan would have broken up with fiance immediately if rory actually wanted to be with him for real. i also feel like the logan who was ready to spit in his parents faces and forge his own path died a little when rory rejected that path with him, and it wounded him a bit, to the point where he now lost that drive, and is settling because he knows no one will make him as happy as rory, and also he knows (and rory knows) he has to get married because of his family, and like, he wanted it to be HER but she SAID NO so he’s doing what he has to do. The ball is in Rory’s court here, I’m sorry, but I don’t blame Logan that much, or at least any more than Rory in this. He put his heart on the line and she walked away. He clearly cares about her so much and wants to support her and love her and just… ugh, I’m sorry, I was a big logan shipper, okay, and i’m just really conflicted and confused right now because like why did rory go back to him if she didn’t want to marry him, why did he take her back, why did he get engaged to someone else, why didn’t he break it off, and why is s.he pregnant with his kid now and probably not going to tell him and like UGH THIS ALL HURTS A LOT OKAY 

Most importantly though, I completely reject the interpretation that logan is her christopher and jess is her luke. i understand it’s the popular one, and even potentially the one the writers are wanting you to walk away with, but it’s just categorically UNTRUE. Beyond physical features and blood connections and upbringing/socioeconomic status…. there’s nothing else that support this connection IMO and it’s forced by writers and fans alike…

Christopher is Lorelai’s sort of teenage rebellious thing, physical but also some emotional attraction, and this feeling of being forever yoked now because of family… but the timing just never seems quite right, they both sort of move on and pine at different periods, try for a time, but never goes anywhere permanent….

Luke is Lorelai’s more adult, slow burn, tried and true, constantly in one another lives but sort of ignoring how much they both are relying on and looking for the other to be there… but clearly a strong friend and support even if they won’t admit it… until finally they can’t help but admit it. and then obviously their communication issues and everything but like…. yeah. 

If anything, Jess is arguably Rory’s Christopher- teenage rebellion but also a really strong bond, and they’re constantly going to be thrown back together at various points because of family- just instead of sharing a baby, they’re now technically family by law, and they can’t escape the fact that they’re going to be around one another from time to time because of lorelai and luke….

I’d argue that no one can be Rory’s Luke, because no one can be Lorelai and Luke except Lorelai and Luke. Rory needs her own person. Her own story. Not her mother’s. This is HER life. Not her mother’s. We don’t live our parents lives. We often wish we could or try really hard to not, but no matter our goal, we can never live our parent’s lives. Your life is your life (and now i’m thinking of girl meets world tie in, but anyway). 

I feel very conflicted. On one hand I genuinely loved the revival, but on another I had some serious critiques and complaints, and ultimately, I’m left wishing that our second leading lady was in a better place than we’re leaving her. I don’t feel settled, I don’t feel sure about how she’s going to find her way with this bombshell news, I reject the idea that she just turns into her mother and everything repeats, but as much as we like to pretend life repeats and is a circle- it really isn’t? Not that neatly at least. Themes repeat, but it never plays out the same way twice. (again, the girl meets world tie ins I could make right now….) 

Ultimately I wanted more from Rory and I expected more from Rory. I loved seeing her in a low place, but I’m disappointed we didn’t get to see her rise up again to her full strength and beauty. I truly wish we could have. 

3 x 06 Melancholia & the Infinite Sadness

YO. Guys. We’ve had a long week. It’s Friday, I now, and normally on a Friday we’re out raging, vaping, eating craisins, burning down a barn. Except this week all we want is for Reign to take away our problems. And guess what? This week, it does.

Guys, this was one of the soapiest episodes of Reign ever, which is honestly the highest of compliments. Real talk, my favorite TV series of all time, Twin Peaks: essentially a surrealist soap opera. Homeland: a gritty soap opera. Game of Thrones: medieval fantasy-wave soap opera. Real talk, soap operas = stories that won’t let you go. The episode after Francis died, we needed the show to re-define itself, to show us what it could be without that central romance on which we have moored our feels so long, and the series rose to the challenge, presenting us with several promising and intriguing new story threads that will compose the rest of the season, i.e.: Mary and Catherine being ride or die, Catherine making moves on Narcisse AND pretty young things, Mary having to seduce the King of Spain, Claude and Leith in a John Hughes movie, the perfidious machinations of Amy Dudley, and New Hotness Gideon.

So I’m psyched. But let’s start at the top.

So All the councilmen are trying to buy their way into being Regent, Charles’ Royal Guidance Counselor, so they can low key rule France. Catherine obviously should be Regent, but she’s still reeling from Francis’ death.

Who isn’t. Mary is laying out his wedding suit on her bed and smelling it. We’ve all been there. We’ve all smelled clothes. I’m sorry, this is my tumblr and sometimes I get real. I have smelled an ex’s shirt and burst into tears. Not going to lie. That was the level of emotional that Mary was on. But also a total war is being fought in her country, and with the King dead the soldiers and generals are basically paralyzed. She promised Francis she would stay in France until Catherine was regent, but also Catherine doesn’t want to keep sending soldiers to France. But also the Privy Council is trying to get Catherine out of power in weaselly little ways and even though Catherine will do shit for Mary Mary is obligated to help her via Francis'dying wish.  Mary’s life is hard guys

Meanwhile, Elizabeth is like “Oh Mary is recently widowed and paralyzed with pain? Let’s take over her hometown. Just because you think she’s pretty.”

LOL. You have to love Elizabeth’s ruthless spirit. IRL, Elizabeth I was EXTREMELY JEALOUS of Mary. Though famously the two cousins never met face to face, anyone who had met Mary would be interrogated by Elizabeth afterwards, peppered with such salty-as-hell questions as: “Was she fairer than me? Prettier? Taller? I hear she smells nice. Did she smell nicer than me?” In all honesty, Elizabeth was extremely jealous of Mary’s reputation as being beautiful and enchanting.

Of course, Reign’s Elizabeth is also extremely worried about absentee Robert. Remember that time he tried to choke his wife out and then she was like “Let’s ‘Take Two’ this whole marriage”? Well, they’ve been avoiding court down in the country and Elizabeth is like Please Bitch No. Since she can’t order Robert back to court, she instead makes Amy Keeper of the Swans, which, LOL.

When Amy was like “What kind of bullshit job is that” Elizabeth laid all her cards on the table: YES OKAY FINE. I just want your sweet hot husband back at my court. Deal with it,bitch. It is not fun being Amy Dudley, but it doesn’t seem very fun being Elizabeth either right now.

When she told Dudley later he would die unloved and alone, it was very apparent she was talking about her fears for her own future.

Guys, what you need to understand about me is I am low key obsessed with Anne Boleym and therefore also Elizabeth and Elizabeth’s essential loneliness and brilliance as a person is like my favorite dramatic dynamic of all time. And Skarsden is just making it come to life. She shines and then she cries and is so vulnerable and then she’s all scheming and devious. And the way costumes has solved the problem of Awkward Neck Ruff…I love Reign Elizabeth so much.

So anyway, Narcisse and Lola have done ALL the positions.

I know they’re newly married but they’ve been busy. Narcisse is like “So tell me your dirty fantasies. Get kinky with me girl. Be, be aggressive” and Lola is like “Uhhhh can I not be the passively adored sex object I was raised to be?” Yes girl. All us pillow queens out there HEAR THAT SHIT. 

Meanwhile guys, no joke, we had a mini John Hughes movie starring Claude and Leith. It all started when one of Claude’s ladies left the room in huff because she’s salty about Leith liking another girl. Another girl who is CLaude. And Claude is like “Granted we can never be together but I know this lady coming to court you could marry, except I should teach you manners first.” Cut to a Some Kind of Wonderful-esque makeover montage where Claude is teaching Leith how to eat dinner and dance.

Not that Leith doesn’t have moves.

LEITH YOU GOOFBALL. Ugh these two are so effing cute. Claude glows around him and he glows around her and suddenly I just want to cry because life is so beautiful. Also HOW ACCURATE is it that when straight girls can’t be with a guy they kind of like they try to set him up with a friend? I can TESTIFY THAT I DID THIS SHIT IN COLLEGE SO HARDCORE. There was this guy friend I was 100% crushing on but I had a year-strong boyfriend so I strong armed the crush into going out with my roommate at the time, oh Lord the drama. Long story short me and the crush are now married. This shit is real guys. This shit is real. I don’t know why we all have this urge but we do: if you can’t have him you want to at least decide who does. Or maybe I’m just a masochist? Holla at me in comments.

Meanwhile Dudley told Elizabeth he was back with Amy because he felt bad about that time he tried to kill her.


Also Catherine decided to cheer herself up by practicing virginals and heard something very un-viriginal: people fucking in the music conservatoire. LOL.

Also Amy Dudley decided to fight fire with fire by sexing up the oldest doctor in England so he would tell Dudley she had a tumor made out of stress? This bitch is dialbolical!

Also back inFrance: Lord Grenier, the guy creeping on Charles’ favor, was selling vineyards left and right, and Mary and Charles were sleuthing it out, and eventually Mary figured out this dude was war profiteering.

And YES that profiteering benefitted her but Mary is just too good for this world. TBH I was cackling when she and Catherine confronted Grenier and he was like “Yeah, I was going to send double the troops to Scotland but girl, I was going to send DOUBLE THE TROOPS TO SCOTLAND to help your ass, excusez-moi !” But and yet and still Mary was angry,and I guess she has a point that the nihilistic slaughter of troops for profit is not okay even if it “benefits” your state.

But I think we could all agree that Queen’s Club was officially back on like Donkey Kong as of this confrontation. And then Catherine was like “Mary you are just so good for this world that I am going to continue to defend our Scottish Alliance because that’s what Francis would have wanted” and then Mary was like “Get this: I am so too good and pure for this world that I am going to formally end our alliance and give you all the credit so you get landslide votes into becoming Regent,basically.”

Look, I’m sorry, can you think of any other series with this kind of positive relationship between an aspiring young Queen and a Queen who has held the ropes of power for a long, hard time? The alliance, the empathy between Catherine and Mary onscreen is one of those very rare glimpses of something so true and so rarely seen, the kind of hand women at the top of their game can extend to the women starting off. I love these two, and this episode cemented their relationship so beautifully. Their connection is based in Francis’ mutual love, but more than that, it’s based in knowing how much bullshit they both face individually in a world run by Privy Counsel type bros, who want to take everything they have.

Also in a moment of extreme cuddly adorableness, Leith was like “This girl you’re teaching me how to date…doesn’t exist. Does she?” and Claude was like “Yeah okay you got me.I just wanted to hang” and Leith was like “But we can’t ever marry.YOu’re as bad as Greer” and Claude was like “Actually no Greer needed to make her fortune. I’m a Princess, I’m set, I don’t need anything from you but pure human connection. So actually it’s my heart that’s going to get broken.” and babies, I basically broke down in tears. I was a little bit on the fence about these two but that concept alone, that Claude as a poor little rich girl knows that this will end with her in tears but she still wants it so bad, I don’t know, it kind of broke my heart. I am on board for Cleith. Chugga-chugga choo CHOO.

Then also Elizabeth introduced this dude with sort of Heath Ledger vibes? I DO NOT say that lightly. Heath Ledger changed what I felt feelings could be when I was young and impressionable and in high school. But Exhibit A:

I mean, top notes of Ledger there guys. Apparently this new character Gideon, he almost seduced Elizabeth at Mary Tudor’s behest, and now she wants him to go break Mary’s heart? I mean, Mary’s heart is already broken dude, so good luck. But snaps to casting. Good eye for the Ledgeriness. I’m interested.

Although for about four seconds, the way it was cut, I thought Craig Parker would ALSO be playing Gideon and I got very excited. Dual Craig Parkers, hello. Show me. But it was just Narcisse hanging out in a night shirt talking politics to Catherine who, um, like, grabbed his member?

And then when she found out he woudl have the deciding vote about the Privy Council and she was all…

LOLOLOLOLOL. Seriously guys, this is so painful. As you know I’m die hard Nola. On the other hand, this was just such a gutsy move by Catherine you have to just enjoy her sheer audacity. On the third hand and or foot,  I love Narcisse as a man who is dedicated heart and soul to Lola, so the idea that he can be easily seduced away from her hurts a part of my heart. And then he went home and Lola was like trying to be sexy in a very naive kind of way.

Oh girl. You can’t compete with Catherine when it comes to peak freakness. Narcisse don’t make me choose between Nola and Catherine. Don’t do it.

Then Catherine put the moves on the chamber valet guy? Damn,we all handle grieving differentlyI guess but damn. Even Catherine’s lady was like “Queen Motha!!!! Tell me all the details.”

Basically by the end of the episode Mary had decided that for the good of her country it was time to start dating again. Yes, it is hella early, not even a month has passed since the love of her life died.But for Mary, courtship is not about love. It never has been. And that’s what her heartbreak is about. The show gave us levity and romance and brightness and promise and a soupconne of sort of Heath Ledger this episode. Basically, a thousand good reasons to keep watching, even though our hearts are breaking. So I’m excited. This was exactly the episode i needed after last week’s lacerating episode. What did you think?

[SPOILER/recaps] Chii's favourite corner in Hakumyu LIVE

Read at your own risk okay? Or read after you’ve watched it or while you are watching the said segment [1:03:56 - 1:13:26]

So this the the… ‘variety corner’ in Hakumyu LIVE? And on of my favourites I’d say! HAHAHAHAHA. /deadeded/

Because I cannot contain everything inside. I’m gonna do a recap on this part :p (I am translating quickly by ears so, there are parts I didnt get so I use my instinct, too lazy to rerepat 9238742x :p)

- Hijikata: Now, each of you guys will make a 'kakizome’ (first calligraphy of the year)
- Everyone: Kakizome?!
- Hijikata: Hurry up get ready!
- Hai!
- *heisuke ranting something at the background*
- Hiji: ??
- Heisuke: baka! (lol how dare you)
- Sano: Heisuke!
- Okita: Hijikata-san, what’s with the kakizome?
- Hijikata: We cant help it but to do swordpractice all the time. But to be accomplished in both literary and military arts is the way of true samurai too.
- Okita: Then, will you show your kakizome too Hijikata-san?
- Hijikata: I am not doing it!
- Audience: EEEEEEEEEEHHHH (LOL I love the audiences! I GO EHHHH TOO ON BED :p)
- Hijikata: I said I’m not doing it, didn’t I?
- Okita: (to fuel it up) EHHHHHHHHHH! *smirking at audiences*
- Okita & Audiences: EHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!
- Hijikata: SHUT UPP!!! You too, you’d better hurry up and get ready!
- Okita: Haii~
- Hijikata :Yosh! Everyone is ready?
- *kazama enters*
- Saitou: Kazama Chikage, why are you here?
- Hijikata: What business do you have here?
- Kazama: I think I’m going to following along with your worthless game.
- Okita: But nobody invites you
- Hijikata: Its okay though
- Heisuke: Its okay?
- Hijikata: Yosh! I’ll announce the theme for today. Today’s theme is 'This year’s Aim/Target’.
- Everyone: This year’s target?
- Hijikata: Okay then write your kakizome

- Heisuke: *complaining again at the back i cant catch it ; A ;* No, nothing. (lol :p)
- Hijikata: …..? This year’s target, write it properly okay! If anyone’s done, raise your hand

*everyone is concentrating on kakizome*

- Hijikata: Why are you guys so slow, things like this, you gotta write quick and with power (lol this is my own line but +- along that line). Usually you guys are not thinking of anything, that’s why it is taking time isnt it?

- Kazama: *raises hand*
- Hijikata: Alright, Kazama Chikage (eee Piroshi why do you have to say that line so coool-ly akshdahsd)
- Kazama wrote: 'Chizuru’ (thus the KYAA from audiences)
- What do you mean by that?
- Kazama: (I am not sure of this line but I think I’ve heard this line in anime? 'This year, I’ll make sure to ___ that women’) Marry? Kidnap? idk but the audiences went WOOOO~~~ XD
- Heisuke: What’s he saying XD
- Kazama: Perhaps, sometimes playing with you guys like this, isn’t that bad huh
- Hijikata: Oo, so sometimes you can say something nice too huh?
- Kazama: Enjoy yourself!
- Hijikata: I wonder what happened to him. Is he in festive mood since its new year? Whatever.


- Hijikata: Okay who’s next? Yosha! Souji!
- Okita wrote: 'Makoto’
- Hijikata: Oh, what does it means?
- Okita: This year too, I think I want to support Kondou-san to carry on the 'Makoto’ flag.
- Kondou-san: Souji, yoroshiku, I’ll be counting on you.
- Hijikata: Quite a nice resolution isnt it.

[1:07: 29]
- Hijikata: Yosh, next?
- Sanbaka: Hai!

(Lol look at themmm, they are lined up like that, like stairs lol. So cute, tooo cute XDDD)
- Hijikata: Oh, you guys are doing all at once? Okay, sanbaka.

- Sanbaka: Sano: O | Heisuke: Do | Shinpachi: Ri!. Odori taishi (dancing souldiers?)!
- Shinpachi: Ha!
- Heisuke: What do you think?! (lol im thinking of smacking all 3 of you. bet hijikata-san is thinking of the same thing too :p)
- Hijikata: I said THIS YEAR’S RESOLUTION YOU IDIOTS! *kicks*

(oh instead of smacking, hijikata-san went for a kick lol)
- Hijikata: Why are you guys playing around?!
- Sano: Well its okay isnt it?

- Hijikata: Okay, next?
- Sannan *raises hand*
- Hijikata: Okay, sannan-san. Sigh, please.
- Sannan wrote: 'De-rasetsu’ (www XD)
- Hijikata: haha, what do you mean by that?
- Sannan: De-rasetsu!
- Hijikata: Yeah, that’s right. We need to quickly make a cure right?

(One of my fav lol XD)
- Hijikata: Alright, anyone else?
- Yamazaki: hai! *raises hand*
- Hijikata: Oh! okay yazamaki
- Yamazaki wrote: 'My own colour’ (LOL KAWAISOU www)

Okay because I am lazy and sleepy (4.13am). Basically Hijikata-san asked why. And he said, well he doesn’t have his own colour. Notice how Shinpachi is checking out his own clothes? Because green = Shinpachi. And Yamazaki mentioned:

- Yamazaki: Firstly, well green is Shinpachi and black is too dark to be seen (aww kawaiisouuu XD)
- Hijikata: That’s true *symphatizing*
- Yamazaki: That’s why, this year, I want 'my own colour’.
- Hijikata: Btw, what colour would you like?
- Yamazaki: …… uh, its a trouble for me to answer that
- Hijikata: oi… well try your best to find your own colour

(wwww. lolol piroshi!hijikata is having a hard time to control his laugh here XD)


- Hijikata: Okay next. Yosha, Saitou!
- Saitou wrote: 'Usagi’ (bunny)
- Hijikata: A bunny? Why?
- Saitou: Last year, I wasnt able to be honest with someone about my own feelings. So this year, I thought of making a 'yuki usagi’ with her. (snow bunny SAITOU’S TRADEMARK ASKJAHSKH!!!)
- Audiences & Me: KYAAAAAAAAAAAA (ofcourse! XD)

(And too much KYAAASS from the audiences. I dont know how Saitou!Ryou-kun can actually handle those KYAAAS with a straight face. And because of the intense KYAAA)

(LOOK, omg baby zachou how did you managed to maintain that straight face. Look at Okita & Kondou-san they are totally laughing and smiling. Okita!dainyan had to face back to cover up his smiles, and our dear fukuchou too is like :/ :) :? :p)

- Heisuke: Ugh, somehow that’s making me angry. (heisuke dont be jelly :p) 
- Saitou: That’s it.
- Hijikata: But I thought Saitou is a serious one. But that’s just my own assumption.

- Hijikata: Yosha, Kondou-san
- Kondou-san wrote: 'Toshi and Souji will stop fighting/quarrelling/misunderstanding each other’ (not accurate but +-, my kanji reading ability is ||orz)

- (And, Kondou-san actually write something wrongly and he crossed out the kanji)
- Hijikata: What happened, why those mistakes?
- Kondou-san: Because I.. was thinking about souji? (Kondou-san please XD). I got confused.
- Hijikata: My feelings didnt get through, it seems.
- Kondou-san: Toshi! please take care of me again from now on
- Hijikata: Ou!

- Hijikata: Yosh! Everyone of you.. well cant do anything with the 'Odori (dance)’. But the rest, try your best to achieve your resolutions! Okay, quick everyone, clear up everything.

(And I totallly saw this coming wwww XD)

- Saitou: Fukuchou.
- Hijikata: What?
- Saitou: Speaking of which, I think I haven’t seen you writing your kakizome.
- Hijikata: It’s okay, forget mine.
- Saitou: But..
- Okita: Hajime-kun. I found this in Hijikata-san’s room
- Hijikata: O-oi Souji wait! Souji Souji!

(LOLOLOL LOOK AT THAT FACE & SPEED. Ebil Okinyan is ebil, me loves :p)

- Okita: One two.. *tada*

(AI AI GASA?! (please google that XD) Symbol of love kind of thing with Hijikata + Chizuru. HAHAHAHA.OH MY GOD I DIDNT EXPECT THAT. HAHAHA. /deadededed whale noizez here/. And poor hiji, look at that face? :p)

(Awww, fukuchou what have you done. Saitou is upset nyao! XD)

- Hijikata: No.. this
- Saitou: Fukuchou, by all means, explain what is this?
- Okita: Can you please explain to us?
- And here hijikata-san is sweating and going um uh explaining nervously. Like he though of writing kakizome and then he thought of writing 'Toshizou’ but then, it ended up being that shape and well basically he end up saying 'and there’s no other woman other than Chizuru you see and uh.. it somehow.. ended up like that? :p’

(LOL nervous fukuchou with a cute smile. awnn piroshiii *mofus* XD)

(And after he nervously explained, next thing he found is Souji trying hard to tear apart the Hijikata X Chizuru on the paper :p LOL RIP hijixchizu.)

- Okita: *walks away* It’s not nice to dominate Chizuru just for yourself you know.
- Hijikata: But Saitou..
- Saitou: Fukuchou, I dont talk about other people. *walks away*
- Saitou: But.. I really admire you.
- Hijikata: I really have good followers.


(LOOK Shinpachi!Shuuto’s face. OMG Alien Neko you soo adorableee *mofus*. He made so many expressions in this LIVE, and so so so cuteeee. www I want to *PINCH*)

Okay, im sorry im sorry. I wrote too much. But this segment is tooooo FLUFFEELS!! XD

Anyways, the arrangements this time are A.W.E.S.O.M.E A.W.E.S.O.M.E. They rearranged, mix and match the songs, and idk whatever it is, SO AWESOME. I cant find words :p I didn’t really concentrate so I’ll have to re-watched for 92834928734x. *sigh* I wanna goo to LIVE. Please have another LIVE I NEED TO GO! akjsdasd.

Okay, jya ne! :p The files are at 95% as of now *wiggle imaginary kitsune ears and tails*

Arrow Fic: picture in a frame

A post-4x09 future fic inspired by this post and dedicated to @sailorslayer3641, who yelled at me on Thursday for giving her Smoak-Queen Family Feels (I believe her words were, “I can’t…not today, Satan”)

Titled after the Tom Waits song of the same name

Available on AO3

Thea pushed open the loft’s guest room door, knocking as she stepped inside. “Hey, are you almost ready? We can’t get this thing started until you’re in place downstairs.”

Oliver was standing in front of a floor-length mirror, clad in his tuxedo and fiddling with his bow tie. He didn’t respond – just shot her reflection an impatient look.

“What? I knocked,” she shrugged. “When Dig texted that you two had arrived, I figured that meant we’d be getting started soon.”

“Yeah, we will. I just can’t get this thing to sit right.”

Thea raised her eyebrows, and tried to suppress a smile. Her big brother was nervous. Adorable. “Seriously, Oliver? You’ve been wearing those things longer than I’ve been alive. You’re not nervous are you?”

Oliver gave her that look again, this time accompanied by a warning, “Thea.”  

She couldn’t help but giggle at him, and smirked, “The Green Arrow. Nervous on his wedding day. Damn, guess I owe Dig 20 bucks.”

Keep reading


At last, it is done!

Please enjoy this wonderful piece of fiction written by the13thprince and illustrated by yours truly. She did a wonderful job portraying my OCs, Cassander and Cyril, and i hope you like them as well.

If you are questioning yourself “Who are Hans’s brothers?”, please click here.

Have fun with the first chapter  ♥

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