my baby has found a new home


So I need some spells guys. Not sure who all knows, but I live just outside Charlottesville. It’s part of the area I call my home. One of my Vixen sisters and classmates was one of those that got hit by the car. Thankfully she’s fine. 

I’m trying to participate in the outrage and shock at all of this, but it’s taken such a strain on me. My HOME was attacked. My FAMILY was attacked. These people came HERE! TO MY SAFE SPACE! And I’m slowly crumbling under the weight and pain of it all.

So I need cleansing spells. For my heart and my mind. I need these thoughts and images out. I need energy spells to keep my strength up because I know this isn’t over yet and I know I’m going to have to see this on my dash and news feeds and I need the energy to fight these monsters and protect those I love.

On top of it all I found out some really disturbing news about someone in my horse family back home that has ruined another safe space and safe memories. So send everything and anything you got that you think might help.

I’D REALLY APPRECIATE A REBLOG if you see this and can’t help with spells but can help with exposure. I’m just a baby witch and my blog is new so I’m not sure how many people I’ll reach on my own and I could just really use the help. 

There’s a new video up on my channel (linked in the bio) for you to watch, talking all about my gorgeous girlie, how she’s getting on and what she’s loving in life right now. One of them is swimming!! Liam and I have been taking her swimming every week (sometimes multiple times) for about a year and it’s really paying off! For months she’s been cautious and refused to get her face wet but after weeks and weeks of very gentle encouragement (it’s a good job Liam is a water baby and has the patience of a saint!), she’s cracked it!! Now we can’t get her out of the pool! Also, this new found swimming joy has had a surprising effect on something at home. Head over to the video to find out AND, if you have little ones, leave a comment below with how they’re getting on- everyone loves boasting about their own child! 💖👧🏼💖

Family|| Derek Luh Imagine


Winter break was something I have been looking forward to for a while. being out in LA for college can take a toll of family life. I haven’t seen them in what felt like forever but in reality its only been a year and a half. during that time period a lot has changed. I started dating Derek Luh, who is a rapper. basically every girl here in LA is in love with him and he chose me. ive told my sister, Tiana, who is 17, about him and my mom and dad. my dad knows a lot less then my mom and sister though because he doesn’t really want his daughter to grow even though he has Tiana and my baby sister, who is 3, Macey. Anyway, when I found out when my break would be I talked to my parents and planned on going out to New York, which is home, and see them for the break. my mom wants me to bring Derek but I’m afraid to ask him. I mean we have been dating for a year and 2 months but I mean Derek still has his career to work on and hes been in the studio a lot to finish his current album that will be coming out soon. but now it is getting closer to my break and I still haven’t asked Derek so I need to ask him.

I arrived at Derek’s place and he invited me in with a warm hug. 

“whats up mami” he kisses me. 

“nothing much” I say going into the kitchen and grabbing an apple and sitting on the counter. I sat on the counter zoning out. what if my parents don’t even like him? I mean he does have a past but what if they aren’t as understanding as I was about it?

“whats on your mind mami” derek says, hands on my thighs, him standing in between my legs. 

“I probably should have brought this up to you about a week or two ago…” I start. Derek froze in his place. I instantly knew what he was thinking.

“no I’m not pregnant, least I don’t think I am” I say. he faces draws relief.

“so whats up then?” he asks.

“so my break is in about a week…for winter…anyway I’m planning on going to New York to visit my family because its been awhile and I want to spend a Christmas with them…anyway….my family really wants to meet you…I was wondering if you wanted to come with me to New York to meet my family, I mean if your busy that’s fine, or if you don’t want to meet them that’s fine, its just weve been together for 14 months, and my family is a big part of my life, and your in my life…and oh my god I’m babbling.’ I say. I quickly bite into the apple to stop myself from talking. Derek just kind a chuckles. I look at him with confusion.

“of course I want to meet your family babe, I mean you met mine, and I’m a family man too, and we are together and one day we are gonna have our own family its only right that I meet them if I plan on marrying you one day.” he says. 

“you plan on marrying me?” I smile.

“of course…but I’m not telling you when that’s a surprise” he smiles and kisses my forehead. I roll my eyes playfully.


we had booked a flight for New York on a Friday night, a few hours after my last class for the winter break. me being the semi procrastinator I am I had to go home and pack 2 hours before our flight to new York. 

“you should’ve packed last night” derek says laughing watching me struggle to pack in time. 

“shut up” I say rushing. I scrambled around our shared room for clothes. we had moved in together about 4 months ago, it helps me save money, because dorming gets expensive. I feel his hands snake around my waist.

“chill mami, take a deep breath” he says in the crook of my neck. I take a deep breath. he kisses my neck.

“better?” he asks. I felt calmer and I nodded. 

“now go finish packing” he says. I nod. the rest of my packing went smoothly and soon we left to the airport and we were off to new York. 

After arriving in New York that’s when my nerves started to really kick in. what if my family doesn’t like him. we sit in the cab and Derek holds my hand. 

“you okay babe?” he asks. I just hum a yes while looking out the window.

“whats on your mind?” he asks. I turn to look at him.

“I’m scared my parents wont like you” I say.

“don’t be” he says.

“I know but still. your important to me and what if they aren’t as supportive or what if they aren’t as understanding of past as I was?” I ask.

“you cant worry about that y/n, it will be fine” he says. I nod and put my head on his shoulder.


from mom- are you almost here?

to mom- yup be there soon


once we arrived at my parents house I took a deep breath. me and derek got out of the car.

“ill get the bags go see your parents” derek says.

“are you sure?” I ask.

“ya it will give me a second to breathe” he says. I nod and give him a peck on the lips. I walk up to the front door to where my family is standing. 

“MY BABY” my mom yells. she runs up to me and hugs me tight. 

“ive missed you” she cries into my ear. I feel my eyes tear up. ive missed my family. my dad makes his way over and he has a few tears in his eyes as well.

“oh dad” I say hugging him tight.

“I love you” he says, cracking in is voice. then my sister Tiana comes over and hugs me.

“hey sis” she smiles. I smile at her. I look back at the cab and Derek walks over with our stuff. my dad walks over. I start to panic a little.

“let me help you” he says. he grabs some stuff from Derek and they walk in the house. we all walk in the house and my dad helps bring my stuff to my old room. 

“we’ll let you two settle, food should be here soon” my moms smiles and closes my door. I plop down on my bed and derek lays next to me laying me on him a little bit. 

“I hope they like you” I say.

“me too” he mumbles. 


we all sat at the table with our food which was pizza and wings, I may have told my mom that Derek and I really love wings. 

“so tell us, what are your plans for the future?” my mom asks derek.

“well…I plan to make a success in my music and change the world for the better. your daughter has gotten me into doing some volunteer work with younger children, so I plan to help them as much as possible as well. And then I eventually plan on having kids of my own and being married”

“if you can have kids, goodluck, that would hurt coming out of your guy parts” my sister laughs. 

“Tiana” I laugh. Derek looks at me.

“shes joking, she has a weird sense of humor kind of like me” I say. he smiles and laughs. 

“do you see yourself married to my daughter?” my dad asks.

“dad…” I warn

“actually yes I do sir. Your daughter makes me very happy. she has been very understanding of me and my past and everything that I have been through. If I’m being honest, meeting you both has me a little nervous. I want to be enough for your daughter, because she is enough for me” Derek says taking a sip of his drink. I give his hand a quick squeeze.

“we are very understanding people Derek. Everyone has a past, mine wasn’t so great when I grew up and y/n’s father was very understanding. its okay to have gone through things. we all do. “ my mom smiles at Derek. 

“and if my daughter is very understanding, like me, then I will be too. people do change” my dad says. 

“well, your daughter has certainly changed me, but I wouldn’t change meeting her for the world. I feel happier when I’m with her sir.” Derek says. 

“actually can I talk to you in private sir?” Derek asks my dad. my dad nods.

“be right back babe” derek kisses my forehead. they both walk away.

“I like him hes hot” my sister says. I laugh.

“I like him to. he seems very invested in you.” my mom says.

“he makes me very happy.” she smiles. then derek and my dad come back. my dad looks fine so I’m hoping everything was okay. 


the next day we had decorated the Christmas tree. I helped my baby sister macey put some ornaments on the tree. my dad finished hanging some lights with some help from derek. once everything was finished my mom turned off the lights so only the Christmas lights hanging and on the tree were glowing. it was so beautiful. Derek walks over to me. he grabs macey from me and puts her down. I look at him questionably. Derek looks over at my parents and nod. I was so confused. Derek gets down on one knee. my breath hitches. what is he doing. 

“y/f/m/l/n I have never been so in love with someone so much, except maybe the chicken wing creators…not my point. but you make me so happy. you have changed me for the better and I would never take back meeting you ever. you understand me and what I want in life. but I also want you in my life, forever. Will you do me the honors of becoming my wife?” he asks. he pulls out a small black box and opens it. their stood the most beautiful ring I had ever seen. I had tears pouring from my eyes. I look at what I had standing in front of me and around me. Derek was the best thing to come into my life. my family had raised me to be a great person and do great things. I couldn’t be happier then in this moment. Derek had been more then enough for me. I try to speak but my crying over comes me. I take a deep breath. Derek looked worried. 

“y-yes” I finally get the words out. his face lights up with happiness. he stand up and pulls me into a hug and kisses me all over my face. 

“I love you” he says kissing me. I kiss him back.

“I love you too” I say. he puts the ring on my finger. I look over at my parents and they are smiling and have a few tears in their eyes. 

“did you guys know about this?” I ask.

“yes, Derek asked me if he could have your hand in marriage” my dad says. I look back at Derek and he smiles. slick little shit. 


sorry its kinda long. but I like this one I really do, its different but in a good way. I love you all. 

I don’t normally venture onto Twitter much, because it tends to be a full on toxic dumpster fire somewhere around 98% of the time, but I decided to brave it today.  *shakes head*  Really, anti-CSers?  You’re really arguing that Emma is a terrible, horrible person for abandoning her “child” in the alternate Enchanted Forest?

You are aware that Henry’s a grown man who can make his own choices, right?  Did you miss the part where Emma told him she would love for him to come home with her, but she respected his choice to stay and fight for his own Happy Ending?  Did you ever think maybe it’s actually healthy for a grown man to forge his own path without having to hold his mommy’s hand while doing so?


1. Having a second child is not “replacing” the first.  Parents do not cease loving and caring about their oldest child when they have other children.  Trust me, I know.  My parents had 7 more kids after me, and guess what?  They didn’t stop loving me.

2. There’s nothing wrong or unfeminist about a woman making a choice to marry the man she loves and have a baby with him.  You wouldn’t make that choice?  Fine.  That’s your right, but if you’re honestly concerned with women choosing their own path, then you respect the choice a woman makes.

3. Really?  The writers destroyed Emma’s happiness just to give Hook his Happy Ending?  Yeah, that’s why she couldn’t keep the smile off her face when she was telling Henry about the new baby.  Because, I mean, I always nearly jump up and down with excitement when I’m talking about things that took away my happiness. *eyeroll*

Look, bottom line is this:  Emma Swan got her Happy Ending.  She has a family, she has a son (and another child on the way), she has a husband she loves and who loves her, and she has more friends than she can count.  The Lost Girl finally found her home, and I, for one, think that’s absolutely beautiful.

Party Baby Kazoku!!!

Thank you @soreyal for the two party girls, @kawaiiplushlove for my first white party boy and a very special ebay seller for my two new latest additions. The converted Original Beige Baby was purchased on buyee for dirt cheap.

It’s hard to believe I was able to get here. One of my white boys has already found a home so soon I will have just one white party boy. I’m glad to have found him a nice new home. :)


Meet my new baby boy, Komui!

A friend of mine found him outside of her apartment complex by the dump they use, and already homes two cats herself. So I took him and am gonna raise this baby up! We found him emaciated and with a slight fever, but he’s already been to the vet once and has another trip later this month. Super cuddly baby.

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for the fic frenzy 1)a 2)c 3) somebody says something mean to dan and older!punk!phil becomes all protective of his small baby angel and comforts him, also can dan be short like 5'4 or something 4)a

Fic Frenzy #3 

This is one of my first official written head cannons so I hope I make you happy with it! :) This is also 320 words! 

🌸When Phil came home from work to see his baby all choked up on the couch, he knew instantly something was wrong. He rushed over to him, sitting down next to him. 

🌸- Dan had had a rough day, not only has he been upset because he realized his new pants he bought were too long on his short stature, but then he logged onto YouTube and read through some of his comments. And instead of finding nice ones, he found means ones. All of them making fun of his pink jumpers and flower crowns. 

🌸- “Baby boy, what’s wrong?” Phil had asked, only to be responded back by a crying Dan, who barely got out that people were being mean to him. Phil cradled him into his chest, “Who is being mean to you, angel?” Dan just sniffled and said, “YouTube comments.” 

🌸- Phil smoothed his hands down Dan’s back, comforting him because he knew his sensitive his angel was. But then again, anger coursed through his blood as he realized people were being mean to his angel. So he suddenly got protective, “Listen here, angel,” he began, “If anyone…and I mean anyone…ever makes fun of you, you tell them that your big bad boyfriend is going to have a word with them.” 

🌸-At that, Dan smiled, his tears finally drying as Phil leaned down and pressed a kiss on his lips. Dan returned the kiss happily before cuddling into Phil, “Also,” Dan sniffled, “My pants are too long and we need to cut them.” 

🌸- Phil laughed at this and rubbed Dan’s shoulder with his hand, “Maybe we can make those cut-off’s you’ve always wanted.” Dan blushed and Phil leaned over and kissed his cheek, happy he could make Dan happy once again. 

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13: 28

hope this is okay :)

Situation: expecting a child

Sentence: “I don’t like it when you’re alone with them.”

Finding out that Jasmine was pregnant for a third time was both exciting and nerve-wracking for Jasmine and Anthony, and hearing that it was twins had only made things even more worrying. They were parents to two young kids who had more energy than Jasmine and Anthony often knew what to do with, and Anthony had just gotten a new role that would bring him away home for most of the day.

Jasmine had been fine the first few months, but as the babies started growing and she found herself more exhausted without doing much Jasmine knew she needed to start taking it easier, which was much easier said than done. She was fiercely independent, and wasn’t quite sure she was ready to allow someone else to come help her when she only had two children to worry about, and not the four they were about to have.

“My mom has off from work today, she’s going to come hang out with you and help get Aria to preschool so you only have Maddox,” Anthony says as he’s getting ready, Jasmine doing the same as they try not to be in each other’s ways in their bedroom.

Jasmine frowns, grabbing a shirt that still fits to pull on over her growing bump. “She doesn’t have to. I’m sure there’s a million things that she wants to get done on her day off rather than helping me with our two kids who aren’t babies anymore,” Jasmine says, looking back to her husband.

Anthony only shakes his head, sighing. “I don’t like it when you’re alone with them,” He confesses, something that Jasmine already knew. “I just don’t want anything to go wrong. Besides, those two are her favorite things on the planet. Any chance she has to spend time with them and help you out is an offer she’s going to take.”

Jasmine still feels bad about pulling her away from her own life, but in that moment she knows she’s not going to win this argument. “I’m only five months pregnant now. What are we going to do when I’m nine months pregnant? We’re still going to have both babies that need all of our love and attention,” She reminds him, Anthony shrugging.

“Then we ask our families and friends for more help in the last few months,” He says as if it was obvious. “Baby, you’re pregnant with twins. Everyone is more than understanding of that and they’re going to want to help us in the last few months. You just need to learn to let them help us,” He smiles, walking over to kiss her softly.

Jasmine hates to admit that her husband is right, and she really can’t handle both of their kids by herself anymore. Anthony’s worries about her being alone with them is sweet, and she knows that it’s coming from a place of concern more than anything else. As hard as it is coming to terms with the fact that carrying twins and having two little ones to take care of is more difficult than she ever thought it would be, she’s come to terms with the fact that accepting the help is the best option for all of them, and it’s something that she’ll just have to get used to.

hi everyone!!! i have some wonderful news to share. after months of searching and countless disappointments, we have finally found a dog with the potential to become my girlfriend jasmine’s service dog!!! jasmine has autism, sensory processing disorder, and severe anxiety. a service dog will help improve the quality of their everyday life more than i can say.. so we’re both really excited!!!

however our new baby, pumpkin, came to us with a lot more problems than anticipated. it’s clear she came from an abusive home and she’s not in the greatest shape. we need to take her to the vet and the groomer before we can begin training.. but we don’t really have the funds for that x__x

we’re looking to raise somewhere around $300 to get pumpkin ready for training. please send any donations to … and also remember that i have commissions open too! thank you for your time.

Sentence Starters based on stuff said to or by my sisters

“Do you think heterosexual women sometimes look at heterosexual penises and think ‘Ooh, I’m so straight’?”


“No! You cannot pee there.” 

“Are you wearing my shirt?” 

“So I’m never wearing pants again.” 

“Oh no! I have fallen down.” 

“I think… That I have to go pee.” 

“What the hell are you doing in my room?” 

“When a maaan loves a kroogaan!” 

“Sometimes, I tell a joke that’s so funny, that I litterally get scared over how awesome my humor is.” 

“Awww, look. Baby’s first drink.” 

“Did you know that Santa and Batman are the same person? That’s why you found a Santa costume in the attick. Batman uses our house as a secret lair.” 

“I have a secret singing voice that I only use when I’m inside a car.” 

“I’m considering growing a beard.” 

“How can we even be related? I swear, after you were born, mother brought home the wrong baby from the zoo.” 

“That’s not water, that’s gin.” 

“Hey, don’t talk to me that way, I changed your diapers!”

“Met my sister. She has two dead blogs and no boyfriend.” 

“I’m watching you cook lasagna, so when you die, I’ll know how to make it.” 

“Turning over a new leaf doesn’t mean that you just pick up a random plant from the ground and flip it over. You litterally have to do something with your life.”

“If we run out of food out here, I might nibble a little on your leg while you’re asleep, but please don’t take it personal.” 

“I’m laughing so much, my hands aren’t working.” 

“I’m hungry. FEED ME.” 

“Oh dear mister squirrel, do you have a girlfriend?” 

“Our mother isn’t always half naked, she’s just dressed like this because we’re going swimming today.” 

“What do you mean ‘Santa’s not real’?” 

“Is it true that squirrels eat acorns because they don’t like Italian food?” 

“I cannot see my eyes!” 

“I’m not saying that Mozart and Voldemort are the same person, but have you ever seen the two of them in the same room? Hm? I mean… Think about it.”

“Don’t drink and nosedive.” 

“If I say ‘no’ one time, I mean it twice.” 

“Feed, my children… FEEEEED!”

I found a video that will make you want to watch my favorite anime (in the supernatural/family genres), Natsume Yuujinchou.

This video makes me bawl like a baby every time.

Basic Summary: Natsume was born with unusual powers that make him able to see Yokai (aka spirits). Being an orphan and moved from home to home due to him being acknowledged as a “problem child”, he has lived a lonely life up until now. When he moves into a new house and stumbles upon a relic from his mysterious grandmother, his whole life changes.

Rating; 10/10

Comments: Every single episode makes you cry tears of joy. It’s an amazingly deep story about loneliness and the slow process of overcoming it. To this day, I have never found an anime that I can relate to as strongly as this one. If you’re looking for something that will warm the heart and make you feel, please please please give Natsume Yuujinchou (Natsume’s Book Of Friends) a chance.

Letters from Central

Note: The author prefers to remain anonymous

Trigger Warnings: Dogs, Giving away animals, scars, swear word, pregnancy, Dog bites

Description: Four letters- three from Roy, one from Riza- all asking at some point if the receiver would like one of Black Hayate’s puppies, because Riza can’t keep so many puppies, even if the Colonel would like her to. I’ve kept their ranks from the series out of simplicity, except for Ling, who is Emperor. I also have no idea how to write a formal letter so yes I apologise for that and any plot holes or things that don’t make sense beforehand.

Ships: Edwin, Almei, LingFan (they travel around together) Royai

Keep reading


This is my big, beautiful new baby Felix who is coming to live with me and my kitty Humphrey Haunted (who was born at Forest Lawn Cemtery) tonight.  He was found on the streets of Los Angeles late at night, dumped by some horrible lame person. He is about a year old, super affectionate, healthy and sweet and has been waiting for his FURever home for over a month now via an awesome rescue group called LuxePaws - I am sooooooo excited!   LOOK AT HIS FACE, OMGGGG!

zv holiday asks
  • "I can't believe it's December already."
  • "I never thought I'd like {insert} as a present"
  • "Remember peppermint mocha lattes?"
  • "What we're holidays like for you?"
  • "Don't know if this counts as Kwanzaa harvest."
  • "Frozen zombies... ah the holidays"
  • "Okay but how do you rEALLY know it's December?"
  • "I miss the shopping season."
  • "A candy cane?? when'd you find that?!"
  • "Hear me out- Zombies with Christmas lights"
  • "It's actually the first day of Hanukkah"
  • "Do you remember our last christmas?"
  • "In the spirit of Christmas, DONT shoot"
  • "A dead squirrel? oh you shouldn't have (! / ...)"
  • "Stale old chocolate my favorite."
  • "I actually used to participate in Ramadan..."
  • "Have you even SEEN a pine tree lately?"
  • "It's so cold out- it has to be December"
  • "I took my old warm home for granted"
  • "Hot chocolate?? What's the occasion?"
  • "Feliz Navidad, hay muchos zombies y no felicidad"
  • "Peppermint vodka? You know me so well"
  • "Shoot- well I didn't get you a present"
  • "Baby, there are hidden zombies outside"
  • "You think Santa's a zombie?"
  • "It's silly but I'm gonna light the menorah"
  • "Time to scratch a new year in our wall"
  • "Drinking for New Years? I'm in."
  • "I can't drink- I'm on watch"
  • "Stupid walkers don't even give us Christmas off!"
  • "Feliz Navidad mata los zombies hojala vivas un año mas"
  • "You actually found me a dreidel?"
  • "Christmas doesn't even matter anymore."
  • "Oh? I thought it was October honestly."
  • "Can't believe it's another holiday missed in this world..."
  • "Merry Christmas you bloody bastard."

Why am I only good enough to be a side chick? With the type of guys coming my way, I want nothing to do with them. This guy that I work with “likes” me has 2 baby mamas & 3 kids all under the age of 5. We also work with his girlfriends friend. The guy that jokes & flirts with me keeps it low key whenever his girlfriends friend is clocked in & he asked people at our job to stop joking about us being a thing (even though I’m not interested in him but whatever) he calls me late at night when everyone at his place is sleep & always wants to “hang out” away from the area he lives in. He’s been flirting with this new girl we just hired & I found out his girlfriend had their first child together not even 2 weeks ago & just about a couple days ago she has to go to the hospital because she was bleeding really bad. My mom had a similar complication, she almost passed away along with my sister due to the amount of blood they were losing so when I heard that it kind of hit close to home. A girl can have a man’s baby, have serious health complications that can result to death but these no good niggas still disrespect them. Next time he calls me I’m gonna have to check him, I don’t coddle black men or protect their feelings. I saw him as a cool guy but he really ain’t sh*t.

Kelly Clarkson never thought her life would look like this. Within a year, she became a wife and a mother of three and couldn’t be happier about it.

“My whole life took a big 180,” the singer — who releases Piece by Piece, her first non-holiday album since 2011, on March 3 – tells PEOPLE in this week’s cover story. “I never thought I was going to be a mom, so it’s very much changed my world in the most awesome way.”

 These days, her life with husband Brandon Blackstock, 38, their daughter River Rose, 8 months, and her stepkids Savannah, 13, and Seth, 8, is a blissful, chaotic mix of homework, diapers, and date nights. And while she still makes time for the globetrotting duties of a pop star, her perspective has shifted.

“I love what I do, but I feel like I relied on my career a lot for my self-worth. And now I’m more than that,” says Clarkson, 32, during the revealing interview at her Nashville-area home. “I’m a mother and a wife and have this whole other thing going on.”

Since giving birth to River — who Clarkson calls “the happiest baby on the planet” — the singer has felt an unexpected emotion.

“I have a certain level of peace I didn’t know was going to come with it,” she says. And within her new life, which helped heal some of the wounds caused by her own parents’ divorce, she has found a renewed purpose.

“My best friend always says, ‘You just want to create the family you never had.’ I might be doing that,” Clarkson adds. “In defense of my family, it happens. People fall out of love, and people go separate ways. People are human. I’ve accomplished a lot, but I guess the biggest success I want is that whenever I die people will say, ‘She was so successful as a mother, and as a wife.’ That’s kind of my big goal.”

My friend and I were browsing in the animal rescue thrift shop when a distraught young man rushed in looking for a place to leave his cat. Even after it was explained that the thrift shop was not a drop off facility he still kept insisting. He feared she was not adoptable and would  be euthenized if he left her at the local humane society. He, his wife and a new baby had just driven from Florida to Arizona with his cat and now he couldn’t keep her in the apartment they found to rent. Being a cat person, I spoke up and asked about his cat. She is 16 years old and a little touchy, he said. I thought her chances of finding a new home elsewhere were slim to none and I was hooked.

So Willow, now named Persnickety, came home with me. A trip to my veterinarian a few days later showed her to be in remarkably good health. And in the last few months she has proceeded to teach both me and my other cat, an older neutered tom, just who rules the roost and what her rules are. After all, she is 16 and a Siamese. She is a cuddle cat (on her terms) and has the loudest purr I’ve ever heard. She loves playing with the “bird on a wand” and leaps and dashes like a kitten. I am constantly amused and amazed. She is loved for just who she is. Welcome to your forever home, Persnickety.

spoiler whore and unashamed of it

so basically Howard Stark was in love with Steve and WOW does that explain so much and JEEZAS CHRIST TONY OH TONY BABY AHAHAHAHA NO ALL MY STONY FEELS

and Howard never got to bring him home, year after year after year until the Winter Soldier killed him….

…and we all know Bucky Barnes was ass over boots for Steve, like NO DOUBT because FUCKING FUTURE SECDEF ALEXANDER PIERCE looked like a young Steve Rogers decades ago and they must have used that to fuck with Bucky’s head but good –

… and Peggy loved Steve but now she has to let him go and she’s found a new love in Angie Martinelli and THIS IS EXCELLENT


Friday has been super lovely to me:

- work went by fast today.

- at 3:45 my boss came and told us the county manager said we could all go home. Apparently that’s never happened before but I happily left.

- I was able to come home, change, make some coffee, and clean up the house before I need to leave. Something I was bummed I didn’t have time or energy to do last night.

- I have to have Chapstick with me at all times and I was bummed earlier this week I had lost 2 almost new sticks of baby lips. Today I found them both. I hit the jackpot.

-I get to see my family tonight!!

I’m about to head to the airport! Fingers crossed no weather delays happen.

Bring on two more days of festive cheer and family!

A friendly reminder that Sinbad

  • and his family were discriminated against and treated like dirt for several years just because his father was a war invalid and couldn’t take part in the next war
  • saw his father Badr get beaten up by an angry mob when he was only five years old
  • saw his father’s mutilated body after Badr had been interrogated and tortured by military officials
  • lost his father shortly after that
  • lived with his widower mother in such poverty that he had to take multiple jobs just in order to be able to buy medicine for his sick mother
  • was abused by a military officer and nearly dragged to the war
  • had his mother die in his arms
  • became a wanted man at the age of 14 and had to flee from his home
  • survived an assassination attempt
  • survived seven hellholes in which thousands and thousands people had died
  • lost another person dear to him while his newly-founded country faced a major tragedy
  • is wearing clothes similar to those of his late father’s, and his officials are wearing clothes that have a similar pattern that his late mother had in her clothes

Now then. Is it really such a miracle that Sinbad wants to protect his country and all of its citizens even if it means dirtying his hands in the process? He has seen and experienced enough discrimination, war, poverty and loss and doesn’t want his people, his new family, to experience any of that.