my baby has found a new home


Baby 1: “Stumpy,” 2016 Harlequin Mahogany male. This cute little guy is looking for a new home! He is the last available 2016 baby (his siblings found local homes). Because he has a stubby tail, I’m offering him at a reduced price and asking that he go to a pet-only home. Despite the “flaw,” he sheds, poops, and eats normally and is otherwise perfectly healthy. 

He had been eating readily on live prey but snubbing f/t, so I decided to hold on to him until he made the switch. He has now fed multiple times on f/t mice and is ready to go! .

Asking $75 + shipping. 

Send me a PM if you are interested in him, but be sure to read our ToS first. Thanks for looking!

I won’t ship when daytime lows drop below 38 degrees Fahrenheit, but will hold through winter with a deposit.

hi everyone!!! i have some wonderful news to share. after months of searching and countless disappointments, we have finally found a dog with the potential to become my girlfriend jasmine’s service dog!!! jasmine has autism, sensory processing disorder, and severe anxiety. a service dog will help improve the quality of their everyday life more than i can say.. so we’re both really excited!!!

however our new baby, pumpkin, came to us with a lot more problems than anticipated. it’s clear she came from an abusive home and she’s not in the greatest shape. we need to take her to the vet and the groomer before we can begin training.. but we don’t really have the funds for that x__x

we’re looking to raise somewhere around $300 to get pumpkin ready for training. please send any donations to … and also remember that i have commissions open too! thank you for your time.

I found a video that will make you want to watch my favorite anime (in the supernatural/family genres), Natsume Yuujinchou.

This video makes me bawl like a baby every time.

Basic Summary: Natsume was born with unusual powers that make him able to see Yokai (aka spirits). Being an orphan and moved from home to home due to him being acknowledged as a “problem child”, he has lived a lonely life up until now. When he moves into a new house and stumbles upon a relic from his mysterious grandmother, his whole life changes.

Rating; 10/10

Comments: Every single episode makes you cry tears of joy. It’s an amazingly deep story about loneliness and the slow process of overcoming it. To this day, I have never found an anime that I can relate to as strongly as this one. If you’re looking for something that will warm the heart and make you feel, please please please give Natsume Yuujinchou (Natsume’s Book Of Friends) a chance.

My friend and I were browsing in the animal rescue thrift shop when a distraught young man rushed in looking for a place to leave his cat. Even after it was explained that the thrift shop was not a drop off facility he still kept insisting. He feared she was not adoptable and would  be euthenized if he left her at the local humane society. He, his wife and a new baby had just driven from Florida to Arizona with his cat and now he couldn’t keep her in the apartment they found to rent. Being a cat person, I spoke up and asked about his cat. She is 16 years old and a little touchy, he said. I thought her chances of finding a new home elsewhere were slim to none and I was hooked.

So Willow, now named Persnickety, came home with me. A trip to my veterinarian a few days later showed her to be in remarkably good health. And in the last few months she has proceeded to teach both me and my other cat, an older neutered tom, just who rules the roost and what her rules are. After all, she is 16 and a Siamese. She is a cuddle cat (on her terms) and has the loudest purr I’ve ever heard. She loves playing with the “bird on a wand” and leaps and dashes like a kitten. I am constantly amused and amazed. She is loved for just who she is. Welcome to your forever home, Persnickety.

baby, we’re like a time bomb

words: 5k

pairing: niall/harry

rating: teen

“You know that frown thing doesn’t suit you. Look like a lost pug or summat,” he chuckles, his grip tight on the steering wheel.

“I like pugs,” Harry answers simply, and Niall has to turn and look at the boy next to him and it really shouldn’t surprise him because he has known this since day one, but Harry is beautiful. Even the frown that has found a new home on his always smiling face looks pretty – could call it painfully beautiful.

“I do too, though, I like happy ones. Don’t you?” he prods, and that does it as he turns, again, to find a smiling Harry, “there it is. I knew there was something missing.”

Harry ducks his head, avoiding Niall’s gaze, “you’re doing it again.”

“Doing what?”


Or; there are timers, but Harry and Niall are too in love to care.

Read on ao3.

this is for narryster. I am sorry I strayed away from the prompt but I hope you like it.

The new cover for An Immoveable Solitude re-releasing with Total-E-Bound in August 2013 :D

Erik Hash, owner of a shark diving company in South Africa, loses everything in one night–his business, his partner, and his desire to live. The victim of a violent hate crime, he leaves South Africa and takes a job aboard a private yacht to escape.

When his partner reappears after three years, he wonders if there is something left for them to rebuild. But the ocean isn’t ready to let go of him quite yet.


This is my big, beautiful new baby Felix who is coming to live with me and my kitty Humphrey Haunted (who was born at Forest Lawn Cemtery) tonight.  He was found on the streets of Los Angeles late at night, dumped by some horrible lame person. He is about a year old, super affectionate, healthy and sweet and has been waiting for his FURever home for over a month now via an awesome rescue group called LuxePaws - I am sooooooo excited!   LOOK AT HIS FACE, OMGGGG!