my baby has arrived

Title:  I’d Learn To Float
Author: @meduseld 
Artist: @selofain 
Word Count: 19,160
Rating: PG-13
Pairing(s): Clark/Bruce
Summary: Clark Kent is an up and coming gossip reporter, and a fledgling superhero, and he’s doing alright. Then Bruce Wayne adopts an orphan and everything goes to hell. In a good way.
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The sibling truth has finally been revealed, Simon is finally a Daylighter, Malec was perfect as always, AND MY BABY SEBASTIAN HAS ARRIVED OMG that was a great way to end the winter season wow Shadowhunters did a great job with that episode and I’m very satisfied


a series of unlikely crossovers:


Teen Wolf 6B Trailer Reaction

Thanks so much for watching. I’m so excited for 6B!!

anonymous asked:

do you have any name ideas for the baby??

Actually! No I do not! I don’t even know the gender of the baby (I’m stopping myself from peaking in MC Command Center)!

The baby has not arrived in my game just yet SOOOOOO, If anyone would like to suggest some names for the future Reed child, feel free to send them in or reply with them or whatever you want! I’d love some fresh ideas!

(I’ll be playing the Reed save tomorrow at some point, and the baby will be born then so if you have suggestions, send them in asap!)