my baby has arrived

Title:  I’d Learn To Float
Author: @meduseld 
Artist: @selofain 
Word Count: 19,160
Rating: PG-13
Pairing(s): Clark/Bruce
Summary: Clark Kent is an up and coming gossip reporter, and a fledgling superhero, and he’s doing alright. Then Bruce Wayne adopts an orphan and everything goes to hell. In a good way.
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The sibling truth has finally been revealed, Simon is finally a Daylighter, Malec was perfect as always, AND MY BABY SEBASTIAN HAS ARRIVED OMG that was a great way to end the winter season wow Shadowhunters did a great job with that episode and I’m very satisfied

My baby has finally arrived! We are one big happy family.

Speak now is way too high but I can’t reach. They look beautiful despite their physical imperfections.

Thank you for all your love and support during this time. I couldn’t be more proud, blessed and happy to be a new mom.

My baby boy has arrived! How cute is he!? He’s an Emperor Pin morph Ball/Royal Python. So far it seems like he’s an absolute sweetie, though I’ve not handled him since putting him in the viv to avoid stress. His name is Aegon 😊


a series of unlikely crossovers:

that episode surpassed all my wildest dreams. 

moose. midge. KEVIN. and my boy!!!! Sweet PEa has arrived everyone!!! he has a baby face and a neck tattoo and he’s tall as fuck!!!!!!! i love him!

like ok. hearing people say Sweet Pea’s name out loud was even better than i imagined. wow. i love him a lot!! thank you!!! 

also i am here for him and Jug being suspicious/antagonistic towards each other. here. for. it.