my baby girl look how cute she is

ok so the other day i was at sears. I was in the baby section. Im standing there looking at clothes and a lady who works there comes up and is like “oh are you expecting?” And i was like “uhhhh” and because im a dumbass i was like “no i already delivered.” And she was like “How long ago?” And i was just like “two weeks.” And she said “wow! You look great! When i had my first son, i looked like a mess for six months. Is it a boy or a girl?” And i was just awkwardly like “a girl….” And she asked her name and i said Chernobyl and she was like “oh what a cute name! It sounds really familiar.” And i honestly just stood there going through all that and pretending i had a human baby two weeks ago named Chernobyl because i didnt wanna tell this poor lady i was buying baby clothes for my fucking baby opossum

The Baby Tries to Breastfeed on Them - BTS


Seokjin: Honey, the baby’s hungry I think! Please hurry, she thinks I have milk in my nipples,

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Yoongi: Daddy doesn’t have milk there like mommy has baby girl, how about a bottle instead?

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Hoseok: Babe come watch him look for food, he’s being so cute right now

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Namjoon: Our daughter thinks I have boobs babe, can you believe it?

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Jimin: He’s sucking…on… fuck it tickles! How do you do this?

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Taehyung: What am I gonna do with you little man?

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Jungkook: Do you think there’s a contraption out there that will let me feed her? Then I can have more time with her,

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kakashi trash #1 here, can i get headcanons of my boy kakashi and a little baby daughter

Thank you for the request.  It be cute to see Kakashi with a little girl that had his hair but a more cheerful personality that could brighten his day. ^.^ And I think we are all trash for Kakashi hahaha

Headcannons of Kakashi with a baby daughter

  • Kakashi falls in love with his baby girl the moment she is passed from the nurse’s arms to his. He’s not too sure how to hold a baby at first but the nurse guides him and one look at the sleeping baby in his arms and he feels warmth fill his being.
  • Kakashi talks softly to his daughter when she’s a baby but when she hits that toddler age like 2 or 3, he talks more normal with her. When he tells her not to do something, he’ll explain rationally why he doesn’t want her to do something instead of being that parent that yells and says because I said so.
  • Kakashi tries to be as loving and caring to his daughter as his father was to him. Sometimes he feels he is not adequate enough because there are times when he doesn’t know what to do about his kid. Like for instance when the baby is younger and they are colicky. He will try everything in the baby books just so he can put the baby to sleep.
  •  As his child grows older, Kakashi would introduce his daughter to his ninken. He be amused by the way his daughter tries to pet and play with his dogs. The ninken may or may not be happy about it, depending on which one it is.
  • I could see Kakashi trying to put his daughter’s hair into a ponytail and it just coming out crooked. Kakashi will think it’s cute enough but his daughter might whine about it at 4 years old. Kakashi would laugh lightly and shrug his shoulders about it, saying she looked beautiful anyway.  
Fake Chats #28
  • Jungkook: I dreamed that we found a baby and had to take care of it - of her, it was a girl - and we were pretty useless about it
  • Namjoon: what a nightmare, huh?
  • Jungkook: no, she was pretty cute, especially when she was sleeping
  • Rest of Bangtan looks on proudly
  • Jungkook: if you say how grown up your little Kookie is, I'm gonna punch *looks at Seokjin* sleep with Jimin tonight
  • Hoseok: hey, it's my turn!
  • Yoongi: Jungkook, you know you can't skip turns
  • Taehyung: grown up my a--

Guys okay holy shit guess what it’s my little baby girls birthday and she’s 16 and she’s older than me and its just too much for me because shes just a baby bean and so smol but shes older and I mean fem!wincest who but oh man shes so pretty I mean just look at her but not for too long because shes mine and I already had to fight and kill a waiter today but we’re not gonna talk about we’re gonna talk about how cute and amazing my baby is and how proud I am of her for making it this far even though it’s been hard. I love you so much I hope I’ve made you happy for you’re birthday you really deserve it you’re so perfect fuck me up @babyboyshea


I looked out the window of my car, as Sofia ran up and opened the door. “How was your day, baby girl?” I ask, as Sofia gets into the car after a day of kindergarten. I look into the rear view mirror, backing out of the spot.

“It was good, mama. I painted this!” She put the art piece on to the passenger’s seat and buckled up into her car seat in the backseat.

“Wow, that’s amazing, Sof. We’ll put it on the fridge when we get home, okay?” I smile to myself, turning into the main road to get back home.

“Is daddy going to be home for dinner today?” Sofia asked, hopefully. Shawn hadn’t been home lately, and whenever I asked him where he was, it was recording a new song. His excuses weren’t very convincing, though.

“I don’t know, sweetie. I hope so. He’s just really busy right now. He wants to be home with us, too.” I replied to her, and she nodded back to me. I turned into our driveway and parked the car, helping my girl out of the backseat and taking her bag.

I tried my best to distract Sofia from the fact that Shawn was never home. “Should I call Aunty Mads and Uncle G to bring Ben over to play?” I ask her. “It’s Friday, so no school tomorrow.”

She nodded, and I called them. Sofia sat by the window waiting for a car to pull up. “They’re here!” She shouted to me, and opened the front door. She hugged Madison and Jack, gesturing to Benjamin. “I got a new set of cars for my ramp, wanna see?” Ben nodded to her. Sofia never played with all the doll-type toys, so we bought her cars like she wanted.

I walked into the kitchen, pulling some macaroni and cheese ingredients out of the pantry. Madison helped me, turning on the stove, and Jack sat at one of the barstools. “Is Shawn still not coming home early?” Madison asked me, as I shook my head.

“Do you want me to talk to him?” Jack asked, and I shook my head.

“He always says he’s recording, but I don’t know. No, he’s all grown up. He should be able to come home in time.” I replied to Jack. I finished cooking and called the kids downstairs.

Sofia and Ben sat down at the table, as I pulled out the little animal plates that my daughter had picked out at the store. “What did you guys play?” Jack asked, sitting down at the table with them.

“I got new cars for my big ramp that you helped me build last week, Uncle G!” Sofia smiled, getting two forks for her and Benny.

“That’s great, Sof.” Gilinsky said, nudging his son to finish his food.

“Where’s your dad?” Benny asked, liking up from his almost-empty plate. “Why is Uncle Shawn never over?” Sofia looked down at her plate, playing around with her food, making a face at what was just said.

“Benjamin John Gilinsky, that’s none of your business.” Madison gave her son a look.

“He’s really busy, Ben. He’s recording new music.” I said, washing some dirty dishes and putting them into the dishwasher.

“I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings, Sof.” Ben said, tapping her on the arm, and she smiled, shaking her head.

Madison and Jack went home after they finished eating. I put Sofia in bed, and sat on the couch, waiting for the front door to open and for Shawn to come home. Finally, many TV shows later, the door did open. 1:55 AM.

“Where were you tonight?” I ask him, as he walked up the stairs. “I suppose you were-”

“Recording.” I nodded, but challenged his excuse this time. “Fine, I was at Taylor’s house.” He rolled his eyes. I grabbed his shirt, stopping him from walking any farther up the stairs. “Let go of me!” He shouted at me.

“Shawn, shut up. You may have forgotten, but we have a daughter, and she’s sleeping.” I scolded him.

“You may have forgotten, but I have a life other than just my family! You’re so damn annoying. We have this talk all the time!” He says, towering over me, raising his arms.

“Daddy?” Sofia asked, sitting at the top of the stairs, rubbing her eyes. “Stop. You’re hurting mama.” She said, walking down the stairs. “You’re home so late.”

Shawn immediately softened at the sight of his daughter. He picked her up, smiling at her. “I know, sweetheart. I’m sorry. I’ll be sure to get home early.” He hugged me from the side, wrapping us both up. “How about I pick you up from school this next week?” Shawn asked her, and she nodded, smiling. “I’m sorry.” Shawn hugged me, kissing the side of my head. His daughter was his soft spot.

(a/n: okay i loved writing this so much, so cute! give it some love, i’ll post w new one soon!)

Betty Cooper is too precious for this world!! She’s smart and kind and tries to see the good in everyone and she’s such a forgiving person. She loves her friends and big sister with all her heart. She wants to make the people she cares about happy. She knows how to break into a car and pick locks and does it with a cute little smile. “I build cars with my dad”, yes, good, destroy the gender stereotype that only boys (or boyish girls) like to work on cars; she looks like freakin’ Sandy from Grease and knows how to fix cars. “I learned that from the Nancy Drew books”, which is funny because Cheryl called her Nancy Drew. Protect Betty Cooper at all costs. 

Jughead Jones (the third) is too precious for this world!! He’s deep and wants to write a novel and loves old movies and the drive-in. His little sister’s name is Jellybean which so cute I can’t even– Even when Archie ditched him, he still wanted to understand. When he found out his friend was in a “relationship” with a teacher, he tried to talk him out of it because he knew it wasn’t healthy. He wanted Archie to do the right thing and go to the police. “Despite our issues, I would’ve done anything to protect Archie.” He calls Archie “pal”. He acts all hard and uncaring, but really cares so deeply. Protect Jughead Jones at all costs.

  • "Oh. What a cute baby." A girl cooed, leaning over Harry in his buggy.
  • "Yeah, thanks." James smiled.
  • "Have you two been looking in the area for long?" She looked up to James and Sirius, who looked at each other.
  • "Oh, we're not-" Sirius started.
  • Lily leaned over chuckling nervously. "Oh they're not-" but James elbowed her away.
  • "Yes, yes. Me and my boyfriend just love this area." James said loudly, slinking his arm around a very suspicious Sirius. He caught on after a silent moment and then nodded ecstatically at the girl.
  • "Aww that is so cute." She cooed at Harry once more and cheerfully bounced away.
  • "What's your game Potter?" Lily hissed, using James' second name.
  • "Nothing." James sniffed, pulling a now nervous Sirius closer. "Just me and my doting, loving boyfriend who has been here for me, when you have been gone."
He's the Teacher? (26/?)

oh my god, picking genders was the hardest decision yet, but I decided to go with the majority of requests. Sorry if it’s not what you wanted and sorry this chapter is so short and un-eventful. Let me know what you think anyway :) Xxoo have a lovely day/night
I was also wondering if you think I should include Phil in the upcoming chapters? I have a few cute ideas including him.

“Okay, well I can now inform you that you will be having…both a boy and a girl”

My heart skipped a beat, y/n was smiling like a Cheshire Cat.
Neither of us could think of words to show how we felt, we just sat together, her hand in mine as we looked at our two babies on the screen.

“Perfect” I whispered to myself


“I think we should go out for dinner to celebrate” I suggest as y/n and I walk into our apartment

“That would be wonderful” she replies, kissing my lips softly

We both head upstairs, getting changed. I make reservations while I wait for y/n to finish getting ready.
I gasp as she finally walks down the stairs in a dress that fitted her figure perfectly

“You look gorgeous” I complimented her, making her blush while she smiled at her feet.

“Let’s go then” I say, taking hold of her hand as we walked out of the building and climb into my car.
The drive is quiet, I keep my left hand on her thigh while my right hand stays on the steering wheel. I can’t help but take little glances at her, her shinning eyes and flawless smile making my heart skip a beat. She’s so beautiful.

“Hello darlings, how can I help you tonight?” The waitress at the front desk asks

“I made a reservation for Howell” I inform the older lady before she picks up two menus and leads us to our table.

“Now, can o get you two a drink to start?”

“I’ll just have a water thank-you” y/n politely orders while I look at the drinks list

“And I’ll have a pear cider thanks”

The lady scribbles down our orders before walking off.
I reach over the table, taking y/n’s hand in mine and stroking it with my thumb

“Now, I know it’s a bit early to talk about names but I was thinking Daniel Jr. And Danielle for the girl” I speak with a smirk on my face. Y/n giggles, her eyes scrunching up in a perfect manner and her beautiful lips stretching to the sides

“As lovely as those names are, I think we could be a bit more creative” we both laugh, a silence falling between us as we look into each others eyes

“I love you Dan”

“I love you too baby”

“Really, thank-you so much for this. For staying with me and not freaking out, it means so much…” I don’t know why, but her words got to me. I have the most perfect girl, who I’m having both a son and daughter with. My body felt so warm as everything went through my mind, I squeezed her hand and couldn’t deny the single tear that left my eye.

“Your going to be the best mother…” Was all I could say, but it was the truth.

We both enjoyed our meals, having conversations about the future and what our children would look like. I hope they look like her, natural beauty.

Once we finished, we decided to go for a walk, I bout us both an ice-cream and we simply walked through the night lights of streets, fingers laced as we looked into the little stores.

We walked past a jewellery shop and my eyes wondered to the rings… Engagement rings.


Ridley’s favorite film when she was a child was 1996’s Matilda. “I aspired to be just like her,” she says. “I wanted to be a girl who could make a jug of water tip into a glass.” Nowadays, she’s a big fan of Carey Mulligan and Felicity Jones.

She says a lot of reporters have asked if she crushes on any of the stars of the original Star Wars movies—she always says Fisher! “You’re a kick-ass woman,” she gushed to Fisher, adding, “You paved the way for all the girls.”

RIDLEY: I’ve seen some really cute kids dressed as Rey. I love that.

FISHER: My favorite is when you see, like, a month-old kid dressed as you, so that it looks like the mother swallowed your outfit when she was pregnant, and the baby came out like that. Now I get to have someone to talk about it with—you!

RIDLEY: They always talk about how you’re a sex symbol, and how do I feel about that. [Fisher sighs] I’m not a sex symbol! [laughs]

FISHER: Listen! I am not a sex symbol, so that’s an opinion of someone. I don’t share that.

RIDLEY: I don’t think that’s the right—

FISHER: Word for it? Well, you should fight for your outfit. Don’t be a slave like I was.

RIDLEY: All right, I’ll fight.

FISHER: You keep fighting against that slave outfit.

RIDLEY: I will.


oh dear imagine the boys being fathers to baby girls shfjgdks

ashton being a new father would include:

  • “michael you stay away from my princess,”
  • “she’s fragile, okay?”
  • “don’t you dare swear in front of her!”
  • constant attempts to make his baby girl laugh
  • *whispers* “you’re my everything…”
  • giggles galore
  • “I’m giving you drumming lessons when you grow up!”
  • “michael stop making faces you’re scaring her”

calum being a new father would include:

  • “she better grow up to be a bassist”
  • “no way in hell I’m letting her be a drummer” *glares at ash*
  • immediately adopting a puppy so his baby girl doesn’t get lonely
  • “yes this puppy is for her”
  • “no I didn’t get it for me”
  • playing with her soft hands and making crazy cute baby noises
  • “calum what are you doing?”
  • “I’m letting her see how fluffy my hair is compared to the dog’s”

luke being a new father would include:

  • “look at those eyes!”
  • “you’re going to be quite the heartbreaker, huh princess?”
  • “ashton stop giggling you’re disturbing her naps”
  • letting the baby touch Luke’s stubble
  • Luke laughing genuinely happily for the first time in forever
  • “you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me…” 
  • “no Michael don’t get jealous c’mon now”

michael being a new father would include:

  • “holy shit I made her!!!”
  • “wow I’ve got good genes”
  • hesitantly allowing the boys to hold her
  • “Ashton your fingers are as long as her god damn”
  • soft lullabies as the clock strikes 11:00 p.m.
  • “my baby is the prettiest”
  • “I promised y/n I wouldn’t dye her hair without her permission”
  • “she’d look stunning in red though”
This weeks Ore Monogatari nearly killed me!!

This girl right here, LOOK HOW CUTE SHE IS!!!!

And baby Maki!!!




I swear my neighbors probably thought I was dying because of how much I was squealing this episode!!!!