my baby for mothers day

A letter to my son

To my newborn:
My darling son, my firstborn, my Muhammad. This is your mother, writing to tell you that you are the calmness of her soul, the light of her life, the apple of her eyes. For nine months I carried you, felt you moving inside me, talked to you as you grew in my womb. As much as I waited and prepared for you, in all of my imagination, I could not have anticipated how it would be to bring you into this world. I used to read the Quranic verse describing how Mary in the pangs of labour cried out ‘I wish that I had died before this’. I used to wonder of Mary, patient Mary, saying this. Now I understand. There is no pain like it. It is indescribable, unthinkable. It terrifies me now to remember those 25 hours. But then they placed you on me and you squeezed your eyes tightly shut in the bright light and you cried the sweetest sound that I had ever known. That moment was the best of my life. In an instant, I was moved by a love that knew no bounds - a fire, an ocean without end. I knew in that moment that I could live and die for you, that I would protect you with a fierceness I never knew, that you were a part of me without which I was no longer whole. Your beautiful long fingers curling round mine, your pursed pink lips, and those big beautiful eyes looking up at me. Your perfect perfect feet. The way you ball your fists in your mouth and try to eat my cheek when you are hungry. The way you wrinkle your forehead and your giant yawns. The way you are always surprised and bewildered when you hiccup. Mashallah and alhamdulillah and subhanallah for you my love. Each expression, each sound moves my heart. You whimper and I jump from the deepest and sweetest of sleeps, something I have so very little of now. Yesterday I took you to hospital and watched as you cried in pain and it tore me to pieces. May you never suffer again my love, may your mother take all your pains for you. Even through the absolute exhaustion, all that I wish is for you to be happy, healthy, successful. May you be pious and intelligent and kind my son, always kind.
Remember always that your mother loves you infinitely. For you, a thousand times over. X

Mother's Day
  • Baby Holmes: *whispers* Daddy?
  • Sherlock: *sleeping*
  • Baby Holmes: *climbs onto the bed and sits on Sherlock* Daddy!
  • Sherlock: *stirs; mumbling* Mmm?
  • Baby Holmes: It's Mummy's Day and nothing's ready.
  • Sherlock: *turns and blinks at his clock* It's four in the morning... *groans* Five more minutes, cutie, okay?
  • Baby Holmes: *sniffling* But Daddy the present isn't ready or the card and I need to make Mummy's breakfast.
  • Sherlock: *sighs; rubbing his eyes* Darling, you can't-
  • Baby Holmes: *uses her puppy-dog eyes* Please, Daddy.
  • Sherlock: ...
  • *several hours later*
  • Baby Holmes: *tugging Molly's arm; excited* C'mon, Mummy, I made breakfast and tea. Daddy helped a bit.
  • Molly: *giggling* I'm coming, darling.
  • Baby Holmes: *runs to the sofa* In here, Mummy...
  • Molly: *grins at the tray of breakfast, coffee, presents and chocolates* Awww, thank you, my darling *cuddles her daughter* Sherlock, look...
  • Sherlock: *snoring on the sofa, empty mug of coffee and camera in his hands*
  • Baby Holmes: *whispers* Shall I get a blanket?
  • Molly: *smiles; nods* Yes...and a big kiss when you get back.

A few years ago my mother gave me the box of family ornaments that I grew up with and have been using on my own tree at times since. But when I looked at my parents’ tree yesterday I saw one I remembered us having but didn’t realize was not in the box…

My baby rattle. There are photos of infant me ‘talking’ on it.

Truly vintage. “One day you will inherit that,” my mother commented when I was setting up this photograph. She can keep it for awhile longer, thank you.


Hello! Here we are. These are the triplets!
From left to right: Oak, Reef and Chevy.
As you can see, Oak is beyond cranky and Reef was dozing off :/ but Chevy is wide awake!
Lily, Keith and I decided to go outside for a bit today because it was a bit warmer! We wanted to take advantage of the warm days since it’s been a bit chilly lately!

We laid a blanket down on the grass and I just had to take this photo!
The boys have been a bit cranky and moody lately and I didn’t want to fill my blog up with baby pouts and tear soaked faces!
I’m still laughing over Oaks face😂
Poor baby did NOT like his bonnet!
Oh, speaking of bonnets I absolutely loveee them! Whenever I was a wee baby my mother would tie them around my head every single day.

Well, this is all for today! I hope everyone has a good day/night!
Goodbye, for now!


Sent from above , when I lost all hope you showed me love . I’m checkin for you boy you right on time , Angel of mine 👶🏽❤️💕🔐

My first Mother’s Day guys 😭


нαρρу мσтнєя'ѕ ∂αу ❀

enjoy these makoto screenshots i had lying around  (⌒▽⌒)☆

“I went to pick up my daughter and my baby’s mother wouldn’t let me in the house because her new boyfriend was over. I’m trying to get in the door, she’s trying to keep me out, and she ends up on the ground. The police came and got me the next day. They had a picture of my baby’s mother with a single cut on her forehead. My heart sank. My public defender was very nice. She said she believed me. Every time she interrogated my baby’s mother, the story kept changing. First it was I pushed her. Then it changed to I threw her into the wall. Then it changed to I punched her in the face. But my lawyer said it was dangerous to go to trial. She said without a witness, the woman is going to have the advantage. She said if I lose at trial, I could go to jail for seven years. I couldn’t risk that, so I pleaded guilty in exchange for three months. I told the judge: ‘I didn’t do it, but I’m pleading guilty.’ The judge said: ‘If you’re pleading guilty, you did it.’ I did the time, and now a few years later, I’m working a full time job, and my baby’s mother is on trial for robbing a store. But it’s not like I can go back in time and wave that in the judge’s face. Every time my daughter comes to visit, she starts crying and begs me not to send her back home. But they tell me because of the domestic violence charge, they’ll put her in the foster system before giving her to me.”

Happy Mother’s Day!

In honor of this day, I decided to draw Mabel as a parent, because let’s face it she would make an awesome mom. This little cutie is Pandora, Bill and Mabel’s only daughter. I usually don’t post my crack babies but this time around I couldn’t help myself. 

The rest of the family I plan to spotlight next month on Father’s Day

Hope you guys like it! Much love!

so today at school i got to bottle feed a three day old baby goat…safe to say it was a good day. (also it was tacky tourist day for spirit week, unfortunately i don’t dress like that all the time)