my baby for mothers day

James Potter is a Dad

Little fic for my favourite (ugh, fine, second favourite) dad.

Happy Father’s Day, James Potter xxxx

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When James first became a father, he was absolutely terrified - they were twenty, fighting a bloody war, and he had no idea what he was doing, no clue what their future looked like, no idea how he and Lily were even going to get through the next year of their lives, and now they had Harry. Tiny, fragile little Harry, with his grasping hands, little toes, Lily’s adorable nose, and a smile that Lily kept saying couldn’t possibly be a real smile yet, but James knew better.

When the Healer first put Harry into his arms, his heart had expanded so much that his chest practically cracked under the strain, and when he looked up at Lily, tears rolling down their faces, he knew that his entire life had changed, that their whole world had shifted on its axis.

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Sent from above , when I lost all hope you showed me love . I’m checkin for you boy you right on time , Angel of mine 👶🏽❤️💕🔐

My first Mother’s Day guys 😭