my baby flo


Ever wondered what Low by Flo Rida would sound like acoustic? How about My Neck My Back? Well, we dove into that alternate reality so that YOU didn’t have to. Enjoy our inappropriately acoustic jams.

ifoundtaylor13  asked:

Em!! I can't wait to see your picture with Taylor!!!! You truly are such an angel inside and out. I am so happy that we have recently gotten so close. Sending you the biggest hug all the way from Belgium 💋

my baby flo i love you more than words can describe honestly, and i’m SO happy we’re close because you are arguably the sweetest human on this site and anyone is lucky to know you, that’s the truth and i hope you realise that :) 🌻

louisosoft  asked:

ughhh y'all ugly anons fucking shut up and fuck off dont touch my amazing baby flo who deserves the world its ur problem if u dont know what to do with ur boring life

actually when i saw a message notif i almost didnt open it bc im scared then i saw it was u inghdj i would die for vika only ☝🏽☝🏽☝🏽☝🏽☝🏽


Check the new song of Enrique :)