my baby daddy. lol

Shit Salt Daddies Say

Looking for: “A sexy girl to have fun with and spoil - dinner, events, whatever fun ideas you have. Advice and guidance if you want it. Travel if we really hit it off. (To be clear - no allowance, not going to pay your bills, no cash on your nightstand.) Basically, me treating you well, and you reciprocating. No timetables, formal requirements, just fun. I hope you like lingerie.”

Because what the young ladies of SA want is advice and guidance from a middle aged fuckboy that ain’t even pulling 50K annually.

I’m getting new photos taken for sugar profiles this weekend and next and my profiles are down while all that is pending but I want…money…now……..


Pregnancy update : My cravings are driving me crazy because all I want is sushi!!!! I’ve been documenting my pregnancy growth out of mere boredom and the fact that my “baby daddy” isn’t here to take these photos for me lol. I’m loving my pregnancy body because my hips are filling out and my breast are getting huge . I’ll be back on the market soon no worries

I have my appointment with doctor Lothario tomorrow and I can’t wait to find out the gender! Lamont offered to take me and I complied under one condition . My cousin Kumi has to come as well and they both have to be on their best behavior

Many people in the Western world immediately picture a woman laying on a bed when “giving birth” is mentioned – this is known as the lithotomy position. In actual fact, this position is one of the worst to birth in, although it is unfortunately quite common. It was originally started by King Louis XIV who enjoyed watching his mistresses give birth…