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The Best™ moment in Mass Effect: Andromeda is if Ryder jumps on top of the Tempest, Kallo Jath will say “Really, Ryder?” It is the best moment, nothing else even compares to his exasperation. Nothing. Bad facial animations? Who cares? Kallo is Fed Up Wit Ya Jump Jet Bullshit™ 

Dean was way too young to remember their first meeting, but Cas - who was almost ten back then - remembers it perfectly. 
It was the first time when he saw a baby that was not a wolf- such tiny, warm, sweet smelling creature that smiled at everything, including Cas.
Castiel’s father put his hand on the shoulder and told him that leading a pack  means not only taking care of the wolves living in it.
And then Mrs. Winchester let him hold little Dean for a while, and Cas was fascinated with his curiosity and complete lack of fear.

He never thought he will meet Dean almost 22 years later, though.