my baby boy has grown so much

mark feels so much more comfortable on asc than any other platform. like he can switch between languages easily and it’s not weird because most ppl there are multilingual and he gets to be comfortable w his friends and it’s cute cause the rest of the boys cheer him on too and make him talk but today he was asking to speak and easily joining in even more so than before and it shows how much he has grown but his considerate and loving personality still stays intact like he still lets himself stay shush so the others can talk, and he always encourages them, and how he looked at the pd before taking the gifts, and how he cheered jy on and yugyeom when he was singing. he’s so bright and warm and sweet and he deserves the world

they haven’t seen each other for five days and kageyama wants to know immediately after their obligatory race (which he loses lol and isn’t even mad about it!) what hinata did all that time


Last time Ayato pleaded, and now he’s apologizing because he knows many Banjou’s men may die for Hinami’s rescue. I cannot but love Ayato with all my heart, he has grown so much and he’s not only showing love and care for Hinami, but I’m sure he really cares about Banjou’s men and he’ll do his best to keep them safe during the operation *cries*

Exo and their kid on the first day of school

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Here comes~

C/N = Child’s name


He’ll be one of the embarrassing dads. Eventhough he tries to keep his cool in front of everyone, the moment he has to send his kid away, he’ll turn all cute, cuddly and all the emotions hit him at once. He’ll make kissy faces and keeps cuddling his daughter/son in front of the gate (where everyone can see them ahaha)

‘’ My baby boy/girl is all grown up! Give daddy a big fat kissy kiss! ‘’

C/N: ‘’Daddddd!! You’re embarrassing!!’’

‘’I don’t care!’’ *keeps showering her/him with kisses and hugs*


He’s a cool dad on the outside, acting like nothing’s wrong and that he’s all proud and stuff, but on the inside he’s a wreck, worrying that something might happen or that some boys would get too close to his baby girl.

On the outside

‘’You go my little flower! You can do it, school’s not as scary as it seems, daddy supports you all the way, I’m so proud!’’

On the inside though….

*Keeps shooting glares towards the little boys.*

‘’Don’t you dare touch her and give her cooties! Don’t get close to her! Don’t even breath the same air! I’m watching you..! No one can cuddle with my baby girl besides me, only appa can.’’


The dad that keeps making photos of his children.

From the moment they wake up, get ready, the time the went out the house til the beginning ceremony and everything else too. At the end of the day he probably has over 700 photos….

‘’Awww look at him/her so cute!!’’

Y/N: ‘’ Jongdae, don’t you think you’re taking too many photos..?’’

‘’There’s never too many when it comes to my baby boy/girl!’’ *Proud adorable father*


I guess out of all the members he would be the most normal and comfortable sending his kid to school on the first day. His heart’s going to swell with happiness, being proud but at the same time having a feeling of nostalgia, wondering how his child grew up so fast.

C/N: ‘’Dadddyy!!!’’ *Waves at him from the stage and as he looks up all he can do is smile like that at her/him.*


He’s going to have mixed feelings about this occasion. At the beginning of the day he’s going to be all happy and giddy about his daugther/son having his first day of school, enjoying the joy of out, but the moment they enter the school, his heart’s going to drop, knowing that this is going to be a part of his child’s life that he can’t partake in fully.

C/N: ‘’Daddy, I’m so excited!’’

‘’Me too! I can’t wait to see you on stage and get to know your class and classmates, you’re going to have lots of fun. Appa is so proud and excited!’’

Y/N: ‘’Jongin, you have to let C/N go now…. he/she has to enter the stage.’’

‘’Nooooo I can’t let my baby boy/girl go !! I can’t! Don’t make me!!’’

C/N: ‘’ Appppaaa…!!’’ *Whines*

Y/N: ‘’ Jongin..’’

‘’Alright…’’ *Reluctantly let’s her go, but cries afterwards.* ‘’When did she/he grow up so fast, wae wae wae??’’


The cool but embarrassing dad. Knowing Kris, he’s probably trying to be all hip and cool, as to not embarrass his kid. In the end though, we all know it’s going to be theexact opposite.

‘’Who’s the proudest out of them all? It’s me Wu Yi Fan! No one can beat my kid, he’s going to be the superstar of the school! Oh yeah uh-huh.’’ *Dances in the middle of the entrance ceremony.*

Y/N: ‘’Yi Fan.. sit down please.’’

‘’Ayyyy, no one no one can beat the Wu family!~ Ayyy~’’ *Doesn’t care about the fact that everyone’s watching him, he’s too happy for that.*


This precious being is going to be the proud dad that just won’t stop crying the whole day. All these emotions that are overflowing! He’s so proud and happy.

C/N: ‘’Daddy don’t cry. I’m going to come home every day! And I will do my best too…!’’

‘’I kn-know, I ju-just just give me a moment. I’m so proud I don’t even know what to say anymore.’’


I think is going to handle this fairly well and is one of the few parents that doesn’t tear up when his child goes up the stairs at the entrance ceremony. He’s going to sit in the rows, smiling proudly and watching the whole thing happily.

‘’Yep that’s my boy/girl up there. I’m so proud. ‘’


Being the brat he is, he’s going to pretend that it’s not that big of a deal. But on the inside he’s a mess, wanting his child to never grow old and keep being a baby/toddler.

‘’Who told her/him to grow up so fast? What is this? No one told me it would happen this fast, I wasn’t even prepared yet. I didn’t sign up for this. I don’t want this.’’ *Internal crying*


Suho would be a mixture of Chen and D.O I think. Mostly being normal,proud and taking LOTS of photos, so he can forever remember this special day. He also might tear up just a little bit, when the entrance ceremony starts.

‘’You go up there and show them the best of you! I’m really happy and proud right now, you know? Go up there and show them your super smile C/N, Appa’s going to watch and be there the whole time, so there’s no need to be afraid, kay?’’


I’m not really sure about Tao, I think he would either be a crying mess like Lay or be the super proud and sassy dad, talking about his kid non stop and telling everyone that their’s isn’t as awesome as his and never will be. He’s probably going to annoy all the other parents with his behavior but his child loves it, knowing that his dad is the most awesome person in the world.

Option 1

‘’You never said he/she would grow up this fast! Why did you hide this from me! I can’t let her/him grow up so fast! I want to smother them with kisses and hugs an- and they should never leave my side, I just..’’

Y/N: ‘’I know how you feel Tao, but sadly they grow up so fast.’’

Option 2

‘’I’m sorry to tell you this but your child can’t compare to mine, he’s totally out of our league. Peasant. ‘’ *Talking to another parent*


Minseok’s going to be super excited about the whole day and ordeal that’s going to happen. Even days before it happens, there’s nothing else he will talk about with you and your child. It’s also a way to help his kid not being scared of the first day.

‘’You know, your mum and me are going to take lots of photos, cheer you on and sit there watching you the whole time, so don’t worry, we got you! Also, class is really fun, you’re going to meet so many other children that you can play with!’’

Ayyyy, this was fun <3 thank you so much for your request! Also (again) I’m sorry for the late reply ! I hope you like it ^_^

I make BTS and EXO reactions!

i remember the first time i saw Taemin sing. like really sing. as a lead vocal. it was way back just after Hello promotions. SHINee had come to Sydney for a small concert to promote relations between South Korea and Australia. It was just after Jonghyun hurt his leg in Indonesia so he wasn’t able to make it, which was sad and disheartening but i was still so incredibly excited to see them live and up close. and because the venue was so small we were close, so so close.
but anyway, because Jonghyun wasn’t there most of us assumed Jinki or Key would take over vocals for his parts. 
i remember watching with rapture, the absolute excitement and exhilaration i felt when Taemin stepped forward during Lucifer and belted out Jonghyuns lines. When he held that long note right to the end and then kept on dancing.
it was everything i could have hoped for him and it was clear from that moment that he’d only keep getting better and better. he was going to improve in leaps and bounds and be something truly brilliant. i was so proud.

i didn’t shut up about it after, i clung to my sister and friend and bounced happily for hours chattering non stop about ‘Taemin’s improvement, Taemin’s talent, he sounds so much like Jonghyun, oh gosh ohhh imagine how hard he practiced for that’, until we went to sleep back at the hotel.
i will never forget that day, never forget that moment. for one it was the first time i ever saw SHINee live and two, It was the first time i ever saw Taemin step up and completely own and command the stage with his voice.