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A family can just be a mom, a daddy, Taco Bell™, and Jeorge Lopez.

May not be the best team but they’re the best family.

Spencer screwed herself over. She paid for those drinks with a dead man’s credit card, deadass joked about “burying a body” and her house probably still has evidence all over it, remember when Hanna dropped that piece of glass down her sink? Spencer looks the guiltiest of all of them, and she’s going to go down the hardest

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What's your favorite feature or characteristic of Hanzo from Overwatch? I'm just curious. :)

Good question, Nonny. This is just my opinion, but I have to say that, even though his entire appearance is great-looking (understatement of the year X3), my favourite feature - physical feature, to be specific - of Hanzo’s has got to be his face. It sounds silly, but I remember when I first saw him in a promo pic (that one where he’s holding his arrow), I was instantly drawn to his face: it was so beautifully handsome, more so because of that broody, sombre expression that it held. It made me want to know why he was looking like that (and he was an angsty archer, so it made me all the more intrigued with him).

In a way, his facial expressions are a kind of gateway into his personality/mentality. Take, for example, this scene between Hanzo and Genji from the “Dragons” short:

I mean, damn, this man’s got a stunning face, that’s for sure (I can literally look at him all day). :) But in this moment, Nonny, I was able to see beneath that angry, bottled-up exterior and see a mixture of his pain, his disbelief and his wonder upon finding out that Genji was alive - his brother whom he thought he had dutifully killed, whose “killing” made him become remorseful and leave behind his clan and its activities in search of redemption. He carried these emotions for so many years (no doubt it weighed heavily on its mind), and in these few seconds we’re able to see these emotions conveyed through this single look of disbelief. It actually makes him look vulnerable, something that he probably rarely shows because he has to be the responsible older brother/leader/skilled, nonsensical warrior. Hanzo seems more human, more relatable, as a result.

I’m also quite fascinated by his eyes:

Again, same story: Hanzo’s too pretty for this world his eyes convey his emotions clearly. In that brief flicker of recognition when he sees Genji half-unmasked, we see his sadness borne from what he had to do to Genji in the past, and - when the eyes narrow a little bit - perhaps maybe a little relief and affection when he realises that his little brother’s alive. I think we also catch a glimpse of disappointment and tinges of regret, because for Hanzo it’s like, “Genji’s actually alive and has become this cybernetic thing, and I left my old lifestyle behind and spent all this time grieving over him.”

If we don’t see those two emotions there, then we definitely see it here:

Hanzo’s face beautifully shows how he feels when he asks Genji (possibly also asking himself), “What have you become?” He’s still reeling from his shock, but it seems as if he can’t digest the idea that Genji is alive but in a different form, as if he’s disappointed/saddened/regretful that he did this to him and/or that he threw his old lifestyle away for redemption’s sake but now it all seems like it was pointless.

Like I said before, Nonny, I can look at Hanzo’s face all day because I can’t believe that he has such a gorgeous face (I can’t understand how a cute man like this exists, bless him McCree, you lucky bugger T33T), but the way his facial expressions exposes his emotions, his personality, his current state of mind … just things like that make me want to learn more about Hanzo’s character, his motives, his fears, etc. I love him for his abilities and bruh, is he beautiful, but his character and background story are fascinating, and I’m always drawn to characters with an angsty past/bad boy tendencies because it makes me wanna dig beneath their surfaces and see their hidden humanness.

Hope that answers your question, Nonny, thanks for asking! ^3^

So far FE15 has a fantastic story!! I kinda guessed out Celica’s role early on, but now the real mystery is figuring out who her supposedly dead half brother is bc as I see it, there’s three possibilities right now:

The most obvious, the masked man who saved her from the rock slide. If they wanna be cliche about it…

The creepier option where Alm is actually her half brother bc of the same markings they have. Unless they aren’t so… romantic… towards each other later than it’ll be okay.

And the last one, and here me out, Saber. My only inclination on this is when he told Celica about his “younger sister he hasn’t seen in a long time.” and how the rest of his family is dead. Liiike I know it’s highly unlikely but I’m just observing little things. 

Also, I’m just theorizing as I go along, please keep in mind that I know these may or may not be true, and pleeeeaaaase do not spoil me ty <3

25 Days of Drabbles Day 3: Clint

A/N: My baby archer….

Word count: 742

Lugging the last box of decorations next to the doorway you quickly checked Clint’s vitals and made sure he was still properly hooked up on the machines.

Clint had been on a mission that went south and fell into a coma. He was being kept in the onsite hospital and he had been put in one of your rooms. Your rooms were hardly ever occupied more than one night and you found yourself becoming attached to the archer.

So when there was no signs of him waking up before Christmas in a week. So you had taken it upon yourself to make sure that the archer had a festive room in case he woke up.

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