Today’s a very special day for a very special boy!

…not that he knows it. 

One year ago today, I met my betta Bailey and brought him home on a whim with a discount 2.5g and a cycling 5.5g. We’ve been through three tanks and four scapes together in only a year, and look at his transformation!

He went from a pale pink that my mother and I just fell in love with:

To a stunningly strange lookin’ feathery mess he is today:

Here’s to another year of grumps. <3 Happy “take-home” day, Bailey~


Towards the end of May in 2014 I met a guy on Tumblr. We started getting close quickly, texting all the time, constantly face timing too. Eventually, in just a few short months we started dating. It was a long distance relationship. Due to financial situations & the distance between us, we weren’t able to see each other. But we didn’t let that stop us. For close to 3 years we were going strong, and although it was difficult at times, we were able to make it through.

Yesterday we finally were able to meet and I can’t even explain how amazing it was! It was only for a few short hours but i was happy with anything at the moment. As corny as it sounds, having this person who i literally fell in love with through a screen being actually there in real life is a feeling I can’t even explain. I cried when I seen him. Cried even harder when I had to go but I know it won’t always be like this.

To those who are in long distance relationships, I understand how hard they can be. It is important to put love before all the doubts, the fears & any other negative thoughts because in the end it will be beyond worth it ❤️

(Left pic, first time we FaceTimed in 2014. Right pic, best day ever, 6/26/17)

Liatris Yarrow
Age: ???
Height: 1.55

He is an assistant researcher at Flug, specializing in genetic experiments with plants.

His expression is always the same. (It is not very important what they should know about it, later on I will show more aspects of this character)

He is my Villainous Oc, enjoy(? 

@rize54 (She gave me the ideas to create my baby) Here is my sweet baby