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What do you think Jon and Rhaegar's relationship would be like: A) if Rhaegar and Lyanna raised Jon B) if *somehow* Jon and Rhaegar met in the current series universe

EMOTIONAL. lol. Rhaegar would love him with all his heart. Jon would be the son he had with the woman he loves. They would be a powerful and adorable family.

I’m so terrified...

I was at an emergency vet clinic all night, my little baby drank some paint that I accidentally left out when I went around the corner to grab some food. I feel like an idiot that deserves the worst. I found him hardly responsive, and not moving. On the drive to the clinic he was having trouble breathing, so I passed a few lights. I’ve never been more scared. 

The vet said it was caught early, and that he might be okay but they’re keeping him for 24 hours on IV fluids, and will flush his system. He has a mildly inflamed pancreas, and his white blood cell count was high. He said that usually a damaged pancreas is fatal, and can result in serious depression before death. Since having caught it early, he doesn’t think he will go into those fatal stages. Anything could change throughout the day though….

I can’t believe this is happening. He doesn’t like being alone with strangers. Really hope that doesn’t make him heartbroken, and he takes a turn. 

I’m so tired, couldn’t show up for work. I’m emotionally exhausted, and I have about three headaches from crying so much. This was all my stupid fault. How could I leave paint out like that?