Look at my new baby!
   His name is eloi and he’s a male parakeet/budgie
 I got him yesterday and incredibly enough right on the first day he was incredibly friendly, he keeps bobbing his head up and down like he wanted something. so just as an experiment i locked all the windows and doors of my room and let him out of his cage, he hopped onto my finger and was extremely friendly!! i climbed all the way up my shoulder and just didn’t want to leave!! i talked to his seller and funny enough, he said he was a mean guy!?he would bite his hand every time he tried to handle him.

Side note, today i did the same thing and all he wants to do is to sit on my shoulder(he’s a bit messy as you can see) and play with my hair asking to scratch his head he even gives kisses!! ,idk why, he just does??.
hes friendly with everyone really!
Anyway he says hi! :D

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Hakuryuu and Koumei with a protective S/o who used to be an assassin

This one was easy since I have an oc (shipped with Haku too lol) who was an assassin (ㅅ•᎑•)

  • Sometimes he has to remind his s/o that he can handle situations too
  • It’s so hard to treat her like a princess when she’s like this
  • He has to remind her a lot that, just because she took many lives in the past, it doesn’t mean she doesn’t deserve to be loved
  • He’ll hold her if she has nightmares
  • She’s a really good sparring partner too though
  • He’s never seen her hurt anyone when they’ve threatened him, but he can’t say anything for when he’s not around
  • But he trusts her when she says she’s over those days
  • “but it won’t stop me from injuring them if they do it again”
  • “(y/n), I love you but you don’t have to keep trying to hurt people who threaten me”
  • It’s really the only way she knows how to express her love as it is right now, she feels like she must protect her beloved
  • She eventually confides in him about it and asks him to help her learn how to love him properly

  • When they met, it was likely she was hired to kill either him or one of his siblings
  • He convinced her to think about it and offered her a chance for a better life
  • It took her a while to accept and it took her even longer to get used to living a “normal life”
  • He barely managed to stop her from killing someone who walked up behind her and spooked her
  • Because of her previous lifestyle, she sleeps less than normal, so she keeps him company a lot of times
  • She’s really good at getting hard information and has some pretty useless facts as well
  • She grew attatched to him and someone had to hold her back the first time she heard Judar teasing him
  • He surprisingly finds it is very enjoyable to have her around, even when she is telling him to go get some rest.
  • “But you won’t be resting either, will you (y/n)?”
  • “No, but that’s different! Sleep, you really need to, Koumei”
  • “I’ll just stay up and finish my work until you’re ready to sleep too”