Random update: Hina

Hey there everyone! I just thought that since I made a post that introduced my cat Mayflower, I’ll make one that introduces my new kitten, Hina!

So we’ve had her for about two weeks now, and went to the shelter to get her as a companion for Mayflower. She was the only kitten in the entire ASPCA ready for adoption, and one of the very very few cats available at all! I really love the ASPCA I go to because there are always so many people ready to adopt the cats. (When I went to adopt Mayflower, I had it in my mind to get a senior cat since those have the hardest time finding a home, but they didn’t have ANY.)

After talking to the lady who showed us to the different cats, she suggested we take a younger cat rather than an older cat. She said it’ll be easier for both the kitten and Mayflower to adjust, thus we got Hina. After a long week of very slowly introducing them to each other, they spend a lot of time playing with each other!

She’ll be 3 months old on march 24th, and she’s the sweetest most loving purr-machine you could ever meet. She’s just a giant ray of sunshine and I could tell the moment we met her, thus naming her Hina. She screams when it’s food time (she doesnt meow for it) and falls asleep in my arms. She loves everything especially us and Mayflower. She is such a sweet baby and I’m so happy to show her to you guys!