my babies:')

To Kim Jongin,

I know you might never see this, but I just needed to say how proud you make me. Not even as a stan, but as a regular person. Seeing you face your challenges head on even when you’re exhausted is extremely inspiring to me. Today I found out you stayed up till four practicing your solo for aeris, and that you made a lot of mistakes even though us onlookers couldn’t tell. Sweetheart, you’re so hard on yourself, and my heartbreaks when I see you cry. Maybe it wasn’t perfect for you, but it was perfect to me because you did it for aeris. You worked hard just for us even though we don’t deserve. So everytime you feel like you’re failing us, look out into that silver ocean and just know that we’re here for you, because you come back stronger and brighter with every smile you make and every twirl you take. You’re a star and don’t you ever forget it.

@spectrumelf’s hilarious and adorable drawings of fussy baby Mettaton filled me with a strong desire to draw him myself…so I did.
And it was very fun.

And as a bonus, here’s my very own Mettaton as a bab as well.