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I’m both excited for and I dread A Lot season 2b of Shadowhunters, where malec is concerned.

I can’t help but feeling a shred of hope and happiness when I think about my favorite characters and having them on screen again.


Seeing how rushed and cut short their moments were during 2a, I don’t trust that the people involved actually realized what they did wrong, especially seeing as they’d continuously patted each other on the back during the whole season, thinking they did such amazing things for malec, and their reactions (or lack thereof in certain cases) when people pointed out that no, they took a step back where the couple and representation were concerned, not one ahead.

I know that fandom is elated about the scene in 2x10, about them saying I love you, but for me to enjoy it (and I do, because Matt and Harry did a great job and it is not fair to take my frustration with the writing&directing on them), I have to forget basically everything they did during 2a, I have to forget that we had no on-screen development for them to get there so fast.

No, having some cut short moments where they say important stuff is not enough, if you avoid actually showing them talking about themselves and being casually intimate like the m/f couples were shown, even when they did not have the same emotional investment that malec has.

Once again, the only intimacy they were willing to show us, happened in the finale and was made into a statement.

Look at their kisses: the ones that have some weight, are a statement, the other ones, are awkwardly directed, filmed and cut short- or they don’t happen at all- and THAT’s the only kind of physical intimacy they dare to give us the whole season -bar 2x01, but that was written by Michael Reisz when Ed Decter was still around. For the whole season, these two guys were barely left to be just two guys getting to know each other and developing their relationship. I mean, the only conversation they had where they were trying to know each other is in 2x06.

The more the season advanced, the more I felt like they were just quickly scratching points off a bullet list where malec was concerned, in order to get over them to concentrate more on other characters and their drama, instead.

I don’t even want to mention the ways in which they “toned down” Magnus, taking away many aspects that made him unique in s1 (his looks, his attitude, his pride, his sexuality etc), and the way he was sidelined during the finale, because, come on, rendering Magnus powerless for no reason, just because you’re too lazy making his powerful self part of the action, is an awful slap to the face.

There are some good things that were given to malec, like them actually aknowledging Alec’s suicide attempt, thank the lord, but they don’t erase the bad, like the bad does not erase the good.

And all of this? All of this makes me afraid for the way they’ll handle them in 2b. I have faith in the actors, but not so much in the people responsible for writing and representing these characters, anymore. I want so badly to hope for there to be more and more good in 2b, instead of the bad, but I also don’t want to be crushed if they ignore their mistakes and continue on this path.


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CSers: Ugh I’m so mad I can’t believe Killian didn’t get to tell her, why’d the writers have to do it?

Also CSers: THEY’RE ENGAGEDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!