my babies looking fabulous

I'm obsessed with the states rn but...

Little Hawaii coming up to America with her hair frizzed out and she’s holding a brush and flowers. Then she gives him the most pathetic look like “Help me. I can’t go out like this.”

So America ends up braiding her hair into this really pretty fishtail with tropical flowers laced into it.

California sees and asks him to curl her hair and put red and pink star clips in it.

Then next thing he knows he’s got like 23 girls asking him to do their hair, each a different style.

Tbh now everytime the girls have a slumber party they invite him and make a massive braid train with pillows and stuffed animals surrounding them as they comment on eachother’s hairstyles.

Just imaging America going to the world meeting with braids and bows in his hair the next day. And not giving a fuck what the other nations say because “My baby girls made me look fabulous.

Remember that time I said I probably wouldn’t do requests, ha. Though they are only lazy ass portraits because I am lazy. (And yes obviously Erwin picked that suit for Levi, since he apparently has the habit of doing so…) Now I really wish to know who you are, anon !~


Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon: Special Act pt 1


Temperance Brennan + foster care

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I saw that you got the Dean and Baby funko and was so excited when you said the trunk of the car opened! :P I wasn't going to get it until then but after i saw the trunk thing i was pushed over the edge and needed it! So thanks for showing all the funko features, my lil Dean looks fabulous (so does Baby)

HAHA! You’re welcome for convincing you to make an impulse purchase. PEER PRESSURE!

I’m glad you enjoy it. I’m now on a mission to find a tiny to-scale grenade launcher. :P

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YYYESSSSS, IT WAS AWESOME!!!!! (((o( ≧▽≦ )o))) I know they’ve been skipping and rushing a lot, but I just couldn’t stop screaming the whole time!!!! Well… not really, because I was at work so I have to pretend I’m doing stuff www, but I was dying on the inside ajhsgd ♥ ♥  My precious babies, they looked so fabulous ☆*。*.・+★ I’ve watched the episode a bunch of times, I can’t get enough, I love it :’)  I JUST LOVE THESE DORKS SO MUCH ♥ ♥ ♥ 


Guerrino Santulliana - Backstage at Etro Milan Menswear Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2016 by Selin Alemdar and Imaxtree

Soo i commissioned @luciasatalina to draw my husband Howard Link and holy heck look at him just LOOK! he’s so Gorgeous my beautiful baby Lucia you did a fabulous job.

I recommend people go check their blog out! And her commissions!

Again I am so satisfied with him that I will print this and frame his beautiful self and it will be put next to my bed >u>… Just loooooooook TwT… 💚💚💚💚