my babies let me hold you

here’s another one of my favorite playlists (yellow flowers):

aretha franklin: respect, chain of fools
the beatles: come together, something, oh! darling, she came in through the bathroom window, i want to hold your hand, all my loving, eight days a week, don’t let me down 
billie holiday: what a little moonlight can do
bo diddley: you bo diddley, crackin’ up, pretty thing, who do you love
chuck berry: johnny b. goode, run around, oh louisiana, thirty days
the coasters: poison ivy, young blood
elmore james: dust my broom
elvis presely: can’t help falling in love, love me, milkcow blues boogie, fever, reconsider baby, hound dog, all shook up, heartbreak hotel, jailhouse rock, don’t be cruel, (let me be your) teddy bear, love me tender, stuck on you, i gotta know, good luck charm, that’s all right, lawdy miss clawdy, playing for keeps
etta james: i just want to make love to you, hawg for ya, something’s got a hold on me, i’d rather go blind
fats domino: ain’t that a shame, goin’ home, something’s wrong, all by myself, my blue heaven
fleetwood mac: rhiannon, love that burns
four tops: i can’t help myself (sugar pie, honey bunch)
gene vincent: be-bop-a-lula
gino washington: like my baby
howlin’ wolf: smokestack lightnin’, how many more years, shake for me, killing floor, down in the bottom, the wolf is at your door, howlin’ wolf boogie, back door man
james brown: try me
jimmy reed: baby what you want me to do
john lee hooker: boom boom
johnny & santo: sleepwalk
the kinks: long tall shorty, i’m a hog for you baby
kokomo arnold: milk cow blues
little richard: true fine mama
little walter: my babe
little willie john: you hurt me, need your love so bad, i’m shakin’, my love is
marvin gaye: let’s get it on, hope i don’t get my heart broke, sexual healing
mickley & sylvia: love is strange
the mighty hannibal: the right to love you
muddy waters: got my mojo working
otis redding: (sittin’ on) the dick of the bay, i’ve been loving you too long, stand by me, these arms of mine, pain in my heart
patsy cline: crazy, i love you so much it hurts, leavin’ on your mind, walkin’ after midnight, sweet dreams (of you), so wrong, back in baby’s arms, she’s got you, blue moon of kentucky, three cigarettes - in an ashtray, i fall to pieces, heartaches, why can’t he be you
percy sledge: you really got a hold on me, when a man loves a woman, my adorable one
ray charles: georgia on my mind, a fool for you, i’ve got a woman, ring of fire, what’d i say
robert johnson: me and the devil blues
ronnie dyson: i don’t wanna cry
sam cooke: (ain’t that) good news, you send me, chain gang, bring it on home to me
screamin’ jay hawkins: i put a spell on you
the shirelles: mama said, will you love me tomorrow
solomon burke: can’t nobody love you
sonny boy williamson: help me 
stevie wonder: superstition
taj mahal: chainey do, shady grove, johnny too bad, statesboro blues
the temptations: just my imagination (running away with me)
timothy wilson: got to find a new love

Led Zeppelin Songs for the Signs
  • Aries: Immigrant Song// "Hammer of the gods, will drive our ships to new land. To fight the hordes, and sing and cry."
  • Taurus: Going to California// "Someone told me there's a girl out there with love in her eyes and flowers in her hair. Took my chances on a big jet plane, never let them tell you that they're all the same."
  • Gemini: Babe I'm Gonna Leave You// "Babe, oh, babe... I'm gonna leave you. Oh, baby, you know, I've really got to leave you. Oh, I can hear it callin 'me."
  • Cancer: The Rain Song// "These are the seasons of emotion and like the wind they rise and fall. This is the wonder of devotion - I see the torch we all must hold."
  • Leo: Dazed and Confused// "You hurt and abuse tellin' all of your lies. Run 'round sweet baby, Lord how they hypnotize."
  • Virgo: Ramble On// "And now's the time, the time is now
  • To sing my song. I'm goin' 'round the world, I got to find my girl."
  • Libra: Good Times, Bad Times// "You can feel the beat within my heart. Realize, sweet babe, we ain't ever gonna part."
  • Scorpio: Communication Breakdown// "I don't know what it is that I like about you, but I like it a lot. Won't let me hold you, Let me feel your lovin' charms."
  • Sagittarius: Since I Been Loving You// "Since I've Been Loving You, I'm about to lose my worried mind. Watch out!"
  • Capricorn: I Can't Quit You Baby// "Oh, you know I love you baby. My love for you I could never hide."
  • Aquarius: Kashmir// "I am a traveler of both time and space, to be where I have been. To sit with elders of the gentle race, this world has seldom seen."
  • Pisces: Stairway To Heaven// "In my thoughts I have seen rings of smoke through the trees, and the voices of those who stand looking."
  • MC: [can't find the rfa in a crowd]
  • MC: man i'm hungry
  • Jaehee: me too
  • MC:
  • MC: found them
We may not get to see each other everyday. I am unable to hold you in my arms every night. But my heart knows that you are the one, and I will never let go.
where do i put the memories i had with you?
the way your cheek felt on my cheek
the first time we kissed in your car
and the last time i never knew would be
do i swallow them? hide them under my bed for safekeeping?
do i throw them out? pretend they never existed?
do i run away like you did?
where do i put the babys and the cold nights
where the only thing that kept me warm was your heartbeat?
do i put them in my car and send them away on automatic
or do i keep remembering them
keep letting them haunt me
keep thinking of your voice and how it sounded
the moments it was so comforting?
can i hold onto these moments without breaking
or do i keep breaking until i’m in pieces so small
i barely recognize myself?
can i just leave it in the past? i’m trying to
but i don’t know what will make me ever forget you
—  how did you leave so easily?
things little one loves to hear ♡

➳ once upon a time…
➳ i love it when you’re yourself !
➳ you’re perfect to me
➳ accidents happen, it’s okay
➳ why don’t i help you with that ?
➳ does someone need a nap ?
➳ tell me what’s wrong, i’m listening
➳ i love your laugh so much
➳ let’s cuddle
➳ you make me so happy
➳ guess what ? it’s snack time !
➳ i have a surprise for you… 
➳ do you remember our rules ? 
➳ hold my hand, please
➳ come on, stay close
➳ let me kiss it better
➳ you’re such a good little one
➳ i’m so proud of you !
➳ don’t cry, i’m here now
➳ i love you so much

warmth & light to you all 

So Far To Go
  • So Far To Go
  • J Dilla, Common & D'Angelo
  • The Shining

Let go and let me live inside you. What your mouth don’t say baby your thighs do. I want us to arrive together. I love it when the weather is wet and sticky. Some depict me as being conscious, yeah I use my head. It was you that fed, my appetite for seduction, biting and cussing, making love and touching where no one has ever touched before. The heat, got you open like an oven door because of your innocence. Even more you’ll remember this hardcore gentleness. Before you wasn’t into this. On the ride, your freak became limitless. Holding on to the night and me tight as we write on the walls a story called Go…

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Hellooo~ I love your headcannons. They're so cute >,< uhmm, I was hoping if you could write about RFA+V & Saeran seeing their firstborn child for the first time if it hasn't been done yet. Thank you :"))


  • “well ..they certainly look cute”
  • MC smacks him
  • he probably carries the baby very well
  • “I’m cradling the baby in my arms”
  • small tear 
  • he is very happy 


  • when he gets to hold the baby 
  • “we’re having a bonding moment”
  • refuses to let the child go 
  • until the baby starts crying and he doesn’t know what to do 
  • he probably takes this very seriously 
  • will not let anyone but MC and him near the baby 


  • he’s gonna sob 
  • his own child 
  • he very proudly carries the baby 
  • will carry the bag with the diapers and stuff 
  • he will push the stroller 
  • “MC you carried the baby for 9 months, let me help”
  • dad #1
  • MC probably has to pry the baby from him
  • “my child too!”


  • she is so happy 
  • but a little nervous
  • can she be a good mom?
  • when the baby shows any signs of affection she will tear up 
  • takes her time to teach the child good manners 
  • looks like the mom that’d be strict but she’s most likely to just be the one to slip them a cookie 
  • “Don’t tell MC”


  • he will straight up sob 
  • he’s gonna be crying while holding the baby 
  • regardless he’s gonna teach them to game
  • most likely to be a mess when the kid comes around 
  • he probably didnt sleep until he saw MC and the baby 
  • surprisingly good with children 


  • he will stare a bit 
  • probably doesn’t know how to feel 
  • will awkwardly hold the baby 
  • however he is very intrigued by the small child 
  • probably ends up just watching the child 
  • a very proud dad 
  • he’s the kind of dad that would do embarrassing stuff with a straight face 


  • stares at the child 
  • tears in his eyes
  • he probably kisses MC
  • puts some weird mark on the baby’s forehead 
  • he carries the child
  • steps onto a desk or something and lifts the baby up 
  • singing “ITS THE CIRCLE OF LIFE”
  • at the top of his lungs 
  • bonus points: the nurse screaming at him and MC trying not to laugh 
  • “i’ve been waiting to do that my whole life”
BTS as Fathers Would Include: Jin

Fatherhood BTS Series

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  • his children would always be in the latest fashion
  • “repeat after me, Jin is the best BTS member”
  • probably would run around with the baby in the air yelling “MY BABY IS BETTER THAN YOUR’S” to your friends’ and members’ children
  • probably giving you a heart attack along the way
  • waking up when the baby cried so you don’t have to

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I Want You Daddy

Pairing: Joker x Reader

Words: 870

Warnings: smut, daddy kink

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With a large heap of lingerie in my arms, I walk out of the dressing room to buy all of them.

“Come on, baby, let’s go!” I yell behind me excitedly as I walk toward the check out counter.

“Wait, wait, hold on.” J says with his casual tone, “Don’t I get to see you in any of these?” He asks as he pulls a piece of lingerie from the pile.

“You will later, daddy.” I purr before continuing to walk to the check out.

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[trans] ‘Rescue’ lyrics

do not re-translate into another language

not 100% confident ;_; but enjoy!

You who said ‘I don’t like the word love’
as if you were spitting them out
Oh girl
No one else can understand
Only I would know, the painful words

It’s cautious to even say out its meaning
This feeling is swirling
Losing all my control
It started with you
and this heart can only be ended by you
Please save me

*All I’ve got is you
And I’m so into
I feel like I can now finally breathe
Girl, you’re my dream come true
The criminal of this night
Body heat lets me feel that I’ve revived
Baby, you’re my rescue

**Only you rescue me
Only you make my blood circulate
Only you are my sole salvation
salvation, salvation

I’m out of breath
Above the blue sea
I’m the lonely drifting boat
My throat feels like they’re on fire
because I want you
Oh baby please come here

Everywhere the touch of that hand reaches
is mysterious, makes me soft
Losing all my control
Body gets hot, lips become red
Feels like I’m born again


I will hold onto you tightly
Only this place is safe
I want to stay next to you
The way you are
way you are way you are
I won’t go anywhere
so that this love doesn’t break
I want to stay next to you
The way you are way you are


so cold!
  • Me: *roles around on floor*
  • Daddy: Princess what are you doing?
  • Me: *roles under the bed* cold.
  • Daddy: Let me warm you up then.
  • Me: No!! I belong in the darkness such is my soul *roles deeper under bed*
  • Daddy: ....*grabs my ankles and pulls me from under the bed*
  • Me: *hisses* no!!*clawing at ground*
  • Daddy: *holds me in his lap and puts a blanket over me*
  • Me: Is this what warmth feels like? I feel my heart beating once again. The darkness....leaving my body. This is where I stay. Forever.hold me tighter!
  • Daddy: Haha *okay baby. *holds tighter.

harleyquindotcom  asked:

I just came in to say Bucky seeing Sam with all his nieces and nephews and being like I would love to hold them but he's afraid to and then Sarah hands him a toddler and the toddler just babbles to him and drags him around. 😘

bitch you can’t just roll up in my inbox and hurt me any kinda way you feel like.

Because now I’m stuck thinking about Bucky holding Sarah’s baby and like not wanting to let them go. Like everyone else is going about their conversations and minding the business but he’s just sitting there on the couch kinda starstruck that this kid isn’t scared of him. And the kid is just animatedly talking to Bucky in jibberish, towing him around the house and showing him their toys??? And bucky is giving as much energy as the kid’s dishing out like “wOW an entire racecar set? they didn’t have those during the Great Depression” 

The kid falling asleep on Bucky and he has to choose between waking them up and staying on the couch until he dies (so obviously he chooses to stay on the couch until he dies, lbr). And while him and Sam are driving home, he’s still in a mood™ and just randomly turns to Sam and is all like “we should have a kid” anyways i’m dead and you killed me

Me and My Favorite Characters:
  • favorite female characters: slay slay slay you go girl kill them all *fist pump*
  • favorite male characters: omg precious baby let me hold you and protect you and love you

A dangerous plan, just this time,

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A stranger’s hand, clutched in mine,

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I’ll take this chance, so call me blind,

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I’ve been waiting all my life.

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Please don’t scar this young heart,

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Just take my hand.

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I was made for loving you,

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Even though we may be hopeless hearts just passing through,

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Every bone screams I don’t know what we should do,

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All I know is darling I was made for loving you,

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Hold me close through the night,

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Don’t let me go, it’ll be alright,

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Touch my soul, and hold it tight,

I’ve been waiting all my life.

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And I won’t scar your young heart,

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Just take my hand.

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‘Cause I was made for loving you,

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Even though we may be hopeless hearts just passing through,

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Every bone screams I don’t know what we should do,

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All I know is darling I was made for loving you.

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