my babies i'm cryin

… well…. MH, here it is my first Whouffaldi fan art.

I didn’t draw for,at least six months (or more? i don’t know) because i wasn’t inspired and i felt like a complete incompetent. And then my father and I were talking about drawing (myfather is so good at drawing) and he advised me that I had to do a little training and draw something that I like a lot. 

And then OF COURSE I thought of them. 

But I didn’t know what to do… I was 100% sure that I would have drawn a kiss. And then, when i was looking for some insipiration, I found a beautiful fan art on We Heart It ( i think it’s very famous) and I could not resist to draw it in my own way. Soooo the pose is taken from that beautiful draw but everything else (including the color) is done by me. Dad is proud of me and I am proud of my Twelve x Clara and in the next one I will try to do a pose (hug, kiss, i dunno) completely original. This draw is just a test. 

Clara wears THAT LOVELY red dress ( i love it so much i want it too) and the Doctor … well, is the Doctor. It ‘s hard to draw Capaldi, but i love him so so so much and i did my best k

hope you like it <3