my babies are the worst

I always think it’s weird when people are embarrassed by baby pictures 

being all oh no my mom’s bringing out my baby pics this is the worst 

but I’m like I peaked as a baby. that was my cutest self. I’m never gonna top that let’s only look at baby pictures for the rest of my life please

  • Keith: So what's the worst thing you did?
  • Shiro: Like breaking the law?
  • Keith: * nods *
  • Shiro: Okay.... This is the worst thing I did.... Don't tell anyone...
  • Keith: Come on.. What did the big bad Shiro do??
  • Shiro: I stole a Christmas tree.
  • Keith: What...?
  • Shiro: Okay hear me out...-
  • Keith: * laughs * hahahaha, you're too precious, Shiro...
  • Shiro: Whats that suppose to mean?
  • Keith: I love you that's what. * smiles *

@caejosay Joseph gets overly cocky about his Hamon skills after beating the Hell Tower™ and does this. 

Suzie takes a picture and ten seconds later there’s an almighty crash, splashing noises, a very loud ‘HOLY SHIT’ and one very damp Caesar with murder in his eyes.

(based on this photo)

when you gotta make an arrest but you don’t have your cuffs on you, don’t worry, wifey’s got you covered.


2016.08.04  - VS Arashi [1 / 4]


When you’re the Doe uninvited


dinoyeol vs batyeol