my babies are perfect!

I know no one will probably read this. But I hate feeling helpless so I want to help Nu'est the only way I can.

Nu'est (and BAP and A-jax, and a whole lot of other groups I could mention) had the misfortune to debut in the same year as SM’S juggernaut EXO. I and a lot of other people learned to love the massive 12 member group, but no other group in 2012 had the amount of support and opportunities for appearances and events than EXO did as SM royalty.

At the time they debuted, Nu'est was the youngest kpop group ever by average age. Four of them were only 16 and one of them was their leader, JR. Aron, from California was the oldest and he was only 18. And because they were so young and Pledis was a small company, they didn’t get the amount of attention from their management that they deserved and needed.

The older you are the more insight you get out of your life and mistakes. Older people also have an easier time figuring out how to show their unique and presence both on and off stage. To make matters worse, there was a long wait between Face and Action and when the did get another new song, they got dumped in China with a new member and very few event appearances.

I could add a lot more about the missed opportunities and struggles they faced because every other new group has them too.

But Nu'est ’ s current status is unusual in that they have been a group for over 5 years and yet they suddenly got tossed like a salad into another training period, competing with a ton of trainees.

I am sure that they are probably enjoying meeting new friends and practicing new things.

But I want to know why Aron isn’t with them and what he is doing while the rest of the group is on this show. I am afraid that this opportunity really is their last chance as a group.

These kids are precious to me in part because of the struggles they have endured, but never complained about.

No matter what happens when Produce 101 ends, I will always be proud to be a Lo/\e. I adore all 5 of them and will support all of them if they get split up.

But they need us right now. They MUST do well on this show if we want to see them again as a group. So please, if you can, please support them. They have worked too hard to get this far. If their bond with each other wasn’t strong they would have split up a long time ago. Five years is a long time to hang on to an unraveling thread, they will not give up. And we shouldn’t give up either.