my babies are perfect!

During a crew panel at Unity Days, the lovely members of the props department talked about some of their favorite details that weren’t shown in the final cut of the show. One member, Anthony Vani, discussed the sword Octavia received when she became commander at the end of season 4. The sword is a relic of old commanders. In order to make it her own Octavia hand-made a special engraving. The enscription reads “Ge Smak Daun Gyon Op Nodotaim”.


And I feel so damn lucky
To have you on my arm

And I can’t help but wonder
How we ended up alright
And I love you like no other
‘Cause this has never felt so right

Yeah you can keep me warm on a cold night
Warm on a cold cold night

I’m sorry, but you said Broadway Ben

Did you mean

Riff Ben


Riff Ben