my babies and their ties and coffees

Otp playlist

So oumaede is my otp lol and I hope you are okay with me doing this @oumaedeftw you gave me the idea from your playlist xD

1. What you know ~ Two door cinema club
2. True love ~ P!nk
3. Obsessed ~ Mariah Carey(this was funny in my head)
4. Out of my league ~ fitz and the tantrums
5. Tongue tied ~ Grouplove
6. Be my baby ~ Snow hill( it’s a cover)
7. Everything I asked for ~ The Maine
8. One way or another ~ Until the Ribbons break
9. Safe and sound ~ The capital cities
10. Teddy bear ~ Melanie Martinez
11. Play date ~ Melanie Martinez
12. Love me dead ~ Ludo
13. Video games ~ the young professionals
14. Home ~ Daughter
15. Medicine ~ Daughter
16. G.U.Y ~ lady gaga
17. Coffee girl ~ Temposhark

Heh I have too much songs that I think that goes well with oumaede tbh. Anyways I thought I should add sad/happy/creepy songs whatever u prefer with this ship. In all honesty I’m in the dark side xD

I was walking out of Sephora to get some coffee, and this baby-child as tall as half my leg and with hair tied up to look like a hair fountain starts running next to me with all of her glee and might - and without second thought I said “YOU WANNA GO” and I started slow running (which is fast running in baby years) and I gracefully collapsed on the floor out of exhaustion to let her know that she won the race. she was absolutely thrilled that she defeated this giant