my babies all i wanna do is gif you


I wanna believe that you got me baby, I swear I do from now until the next life. I wanna love, wanna give you all my heart.” ; 🎵

Imagine it being Jax’s birthday and him surprising you…

Peacefully, you sat in your armchair reading your book. It was a romantic novel. The kind many people would find cringy, but there was something about romance in general and romance novels that you cherished. It was your boyfriends birthday. You’d spoken to him earlier on the phone wishing him a ‘happy birthday’ and all the usual stuff. You assumed Gemma was throwing him a party at the clubhouse with all the sons and croweaters. That wasn’t your scene, you preferred a quiet night in.

You jumped at the sound of your ringtone. Swiftly, you picked up the phone not noticing who the caller ID was and answered it.
“Hello?” You let out naturally.
“Hey baby, you busy?” Jax, your boyfriend asked.
“Nope, why?”
“What do you mean why? It’s my birthday. I wanna spend it with you!” He replied in a sarcastic tone.
“Oh okay, just thought you’d have mentioned it earlier.” you answered.
“ I will be half an hour. See ya.” He stated before hanging up.

—–half an hour later—–

A rhythmic knock played on the door. You leaped up and walked to the door unlocking it as fast as you could.

*gif* - “Hey baby” he muttered making you blush.
Suddenly, he had lifted you up into the air. You felt weightless. You pulled his face to yours, kissing him wherever you could.
“ I bloody love you..” You stuttered in awe.
“Shut up and kiss me” Jax said while pulling your head towards his once again. You couldn’t help but smile which wasn’t really a great trait for kissing.
A silence broke out. He looked longingly into your eyes wandering for words to say but none fit how he felt about you.
“ I…I..I can’t describe my feelings for you y/n. At all… It’s impossible.” He wiped away the tear, which had cascaded down your cheek, which he had caused with his kind words.
“Goddamn you Teller, stop being so adorable…” You were still blushing.
“What a perfect birthday!” Jax let aloud with delight.


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