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the ultimate shipper challenge: kisses [1/10]
jonnor’s first on screen kiss, (+ the youngest same sex kiss on US tv)

you kissed me, remember? in the tent? and then at the movie theatre you held my hand. and now all day you’ve been…


Last week I posted a thing about how if we were ever to see a teenage Amy Santiago (or even her niece) Hayley Orrantia who plays Erica on The Goldbergs. Well today I was watching The Goldbergs and saw Erica with her boyfriend Geoff and I couldn’t help but think how they could pass as Jake and Amy dating as a couple. Sam Lerner plays Geoff. Sam looks as similar to a teenage Jake then any other young actor I have seen. Idk maybe it is just me coping with Brooklyn 99’s season finale. Let me know what y'all think.

this is a collection of little scenes from @riathedreamer fic!! read it here! it’s just the first part, but i’m planning the second part right now! one strips for every paragraph :D 


your fic made my day dear! really good red team moments!! 

(never drawed so many armors before lmao… but it was fun to try to find a easy style for them lol)

The only thing breaking my heart is “You could have ask me” from Isak because is not just about the wifi, Sana could have ask about those chats with Sara there is a reason why Isak told her in the first place. I understand how Sana was feeling and why she did it just I feel this will cause issues with Isak in the future and Isak actually has a lot of respect for her.

Justin vs. BTS

I see all the comments and reblogs on this video and y'all are really killing me 😂
and I shake my phone at the end of the video bc I waS SHOOK AND I ended up screaming and I thought I’d save ur poor ears from that