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Jon & Sansa parallels 18/∞ : Compassion

“On your feet,” Thorne repeated. The fat boy struggled to rise, slipped, and feel heavily again. “Ser Piggy is starting to grasp the notion,” Ser Alliser observed. “Again.” Halder lifted the sword for another blow. “Cut off a ham !” Rast urged, laughing. Jon shook off Pyp’s hand. “Halder, enough.” Halder looked to Ser Alliser. “The bastard speaks and the peasants tremble,” the master-at-arms said in that sharp, cold voice of his. “I remind you that I am the master-at-arms here, Lord Snow.” “Look at him, Halder,” Jon urged, ignoring Thorne as best as he could. “There’s no honor in beating a fallen foe. He yielded.” - Jon, A Game Of Thrones

“The king stood. "A cask from the cellars ! I’ll see him drowned in it. Sansa heard herself gasp. ”No, you can’t.“ Joffrey turned his head. "What did you say ?” Sansa could not believe she had spoken. Was she mad ? To tell him no in front of half the court ? She hadn’t mean to say anything, only… Ser Dontos was drunk and silly and useless, but he meant no harm. “Please,” Sansa said, “I only meant… it would be ill luck, Your Grace… to, to kill a man on your name day.” The words tumbled out desperately. “Drown him or have his head off, only kill him on the morrow. I couldn’t bear for you to have terrible luck, even for the kings, the singers all say so…” - Sansa, A Clash Of Kings


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my way to cope with the pain is drawing angsty-fluff headcanons and pretend they’re canon, don’t judge 

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