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The way she looks at him. 

I think a lot of the time Cassie’s love for Cole is underestimated. People think that because she was upset and mad at him in S2 that she doesn’t love him the way he loves her. And I’m just like, do you see the way she looks at him? Just because Cassie told Cole that it couldn’t happen back in S2 doesn’t mean that her love for him is any less. Cassie’s always kept her emotions bottled up. It’s how she keeps herself safe. Plus, it was Cassie who kissed Cole first. In the house of Cedar and Pine. 

Season 3, Episode 6

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Detz (coffee shop AU) ch. 1

Dex drops his hands from the steering wheel of his parents car, a tired sigh escaping his lips. Keeping up with school, helping at his dads shop, his multitude of clubs, and work was beginning to take its toll on Dex’s ability to sleep.

He pulls out the keys and puts them in his pocket, trying to rub the the tired feeling from his eyes. At least he had managed some sleep the night before- the triplets had been at a friends house for a sleepover, and despite Bex being the only girl, the family she spent the night at had been cool wth it.

As Dex walks into the small cafe, he waves to his coworker, Sophie. She smiles back at him, and he can’t help but feel his face warm at the memory of how much he thought he liked her. It was actually sort of ridiculous- she had been his friend, one of his only friends, and he had done what he could to convince himself that the feeling of warmth was more than friendship.

It never was. He’d just… never had friends to compare it to.

The strawberry blond clocks in, grabbing an apron and putting it on, to add to his uniform. He takes Sophie’s place behind the register, and she goes to the back to help with the drive through.

A few casual customers that he sort of recognized walk in, and order a few things. He smiles politely at a pair of girls who were paying with all change, patiently counting out the money for their hot chocolate and mocha. A few of the other workers, he knew, would be immensely agitated, but he was patient. Money was money.

There was a couple more customers that came in, groggy and just waking up to get ready for the weekend. Dex could relate, honestly, but most of these people were quite agitated and rushed. He refused to let it get to him, and took each order with patience.

None of these people, ordering their lattes and mochas and cupcakes, were memorable. Just people ordering coffee, and that didn’t really mean anything to Dex. That was, until a pair of siblings came in.

He recognized the girl from his class. Biana Vacker- she was probably the most popular senior at his school- and her brother, well, he was a legend. Even for going to a private school, Fitz was amazingly smart, talented, athletic, and everything in between. And- although Dex would NEVER admit it- he was impossibly cute. Even more so than his sister, and that was saying quite a bit.

So no one could blame Dex when he failed to realize that the siblings had ordered. He was too immersed in impossibly pretty, teal eyes.

“Uh…?” Crap. Dex clears his throat, trying to ignore the look that Biana was giving him.

“Oh, sorry. What can I get you?” He tries, and fails, to pull his work persona mask on. Every single nerve was on end, and he knew his face would be bright red, based off of the heat covering it.

“Erm… I’d like a Carmel mocha, large and with whipped cream.” Biana says, clearly aware of what was going on in Dex’s head. C r a p.

Fitz is quite for a second, eyebrows scrunched up as if thinking. “I’ll have a medium hot chocolate.” His voice is quiet, and soft, and holy cow Dex didn’t know that a voice could sound that pretty. (No. Shut up. It’s not pretty, it’s just… accents are cute on anyone, it doesn’t mean I like him…)

Dex nods, face still red. “That’ll be $7.68.” He tells the brunettes, trying not to think, barely able to breath. (You are not attracted to this kid, he’s a rich jock that’s probably stuck up and is definitely way out of your league.)

Thank the lord, Sophie came over and saved the day. “Oh! Hey Fitz, Biana.” She nods, setting a hot cocoa onto the table. The mocha was most likely still being made in the back.

“Hi, Sophie! Sorry we didn’t get around to visiting you at work sooner.” Biana says, smiling brightly. “Fitz doesn’t like coffee, because he’s dumb, and it took me like two weeks to convince him to come.” She pouts, and Sophie giggles.

“Nah, it’s fine. You can stick to your Starbucks.” A small smile creeps onto Fitz’s face, as well as Biana’s.

“See Biana? Told you she’d see through it.” The boy says, and Dex definitely WASN’T thinking about how adorable that smile was, and how he really wished that it had been him putting it on the older boys face.

“Hey, it was worth a shot.” Sophie giggles.

“You didn’t have to drive out here, you know.”

“But we wanted to.” Fitz claims. Biana agrees with him.

“Ok, ok. Well, while you’re here, I figure you’ve met Dex?” She indicates the boy at the register, who was standing there awkwardly.

“H-hi.” He doesn’t look up in fear of his face setting fire.

“Oh! Hey, I think he’s in some of my classes. Chemistry… yeah! He’s actually really smart- the best in the class. And this is AP, man!” Fitz chuckles at the way Biana states this, and a flutter of warmth travels through Dex’s spine.

“Well, say something Dex.” Dex groans, rolling his eyes.

“You’re pretty smart too.” He deadpans, avoiding saying anything to Fitz.

“Why don’t you introduce yourself to the one who doesn’t know you?” Biana suggests, clearly indicating her brother. There was something far too knowing in her tone. Far, far too knowing.

Dex wearily looks up at Fitz. The height difference was striking, and Dex can’t help but… N. O.


“Hi. I’m Fitz, and… you’re Dex.” Dex nods, and Sophie has to run off to get the mocha, for someone had called to her that it was done.

“Yeah… you’re Fitz.” He doesn’t add anything about how he already knew that.

“Hey, since you’re Sophie’s friend, would you like to go with the three of us to the pool tomorrow? It’s just opening for the summer, but being a senior I would understand if you can’t go. It took me weeks to clear my schedule for this.” Biana smiles innocently, but oh, Dex knows that she’s absolutely evil. All he has to do is turn it down… but the chance to befriend the most popular girl in school, and the most liked guy ever go to his school, that was hard. Especially when all he had planned the next day was sleeping and studying.

“Actually, yeah, I’m not doing anything tomorrow, I could go for a couple hours.” He claims. That didn’t mean he couldn’t take a nap and crash early- besides, school ended in just a week and a half. Sleep would be easy in the summer, and studying could come another day.

“All right-” she grabs a napkin, writing her number and Fitz on it and handing it to Dex. “Here’s our contact information if you have anything to say. Just say it’s Dex, I’m sure we’ll remember you.” She leans in, and says under her breath in a way Dex knew only he could hear, “Especially as the one that was too distracted by my brothers eyes to hear our order.”

Dex face goes from red to as hot as the sun. He chokes out a response, but Biana was pulling her brother out the door with their drinks before his tongue was capable of working again.

Tomorrow was going to be a long day.

//darn it, Sabina, this was supposed to be a one shot. A ONE SHOT. NOT A CUTE FULL DETZ STORY. Anyways if you like this I’ll have a new chapter soon but here ya go. This is unedited and on a whim, by the way, so sorry for any mistakes.//

Justin vs. BTS

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