my babies :')))

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every time I imagine Jane and Kurt strolling around the narrow streets of Venice, casually without a care in the world, just enjoying the sun and the freedom, holding hands and making out and taking gondola rides at sunset and just talking and being happy and in love and then discovering the little hotel and checking into it even though they had reservations at another more popular place because Jane absolutely fell in love with it my heart explodes in my chest... I just can't with these two!!!


All of this. All the Jeller. All the happy, in love, carefree Jeller, finding their special place and being in love and getting engaged!!! I just love everything about this so much.

They’re allowed to be happy.

Harry and Louis have these individual campaigns going on as they venture into solo territory. Humanity. Honesty. Kindness. Authenticity. Even both guys dropping certain truths, albeit in different ways. Not a coincidence. Such good eggs. Such fucked up fandoms. I understand that it takes more than a conspiracy theory to create distance among real friends. But I just scrolled past a post about Louis rubbing shampoo from Harry’s eyes, and that is an actual thing that happened in real life. They really were that intimate. And sigh. I hope my grown up babies get coffee sometime. I appreciate what they are trying to do career wise and setting expectation wise. And I will always clutch my heart for what seemed like a cozy family. 😭😭😭