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Person A had a rough day. Person B sneaks into their room at night to comfort them. Maybe they are in a relationship and maybe the parents don't approve? Up to you.

Tears fall hard and quick down Aubrey’s cheeks only to be soaked up by her pillow as the 17 year old curls further into herself, her fathers words still reverberating in her mind.

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I am home from GenCon!!!!

Good things: 

  • 7th Sea game I played in (the pre-generated character I played is now My Son)
  • Young Justice TRPG I played in (me before: idk much about Damien Wayne / me after I spent 4 hrs playing as him: THIS IS MY MURDER ROBIN AND I’M KEEPING HIM)
  • The 2 DnD 5e games we ended up playing in (I got to play my elf mage baby Valanth ;v;)
  • I got to buy myself the first two Dragonlance books and get them signed by both Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman, i love life
  • good food!!!!

Eh things: 

  • Dragon Age RPG game I played in (it just was kinda meh, but at least the guy playing the apostate elf knew the series lore)
  • Legend of the 5 Rings game I played in (super amazing lore that I would kill to read more of but the learning curve is steep as fuck)
  • SO MUCH WALKING……………………………..
  • also it was cold as balls in the hotels why this
  • Mom got sick on Sunday :( (she’s ok now tho)
  • didn’t get the chance to meet up with @bonethieves (but next yr for sure)

Things I learned:

  • i’d kill a man to play in a regular 5e campaign

also, shoutout to @dreamydiamond who i met on sunday at the 5e game!! o/

Justin vs. BTS

I see all the comments and reblogs on this video and y'all are really killing me 😂
and I shake my phone at the end of the video bc I waS SHOOK AND I ended up screaming and I thought I’d save ur poor ears from that


Sweetest Jongdae hyung taking care of baby maknae (´▽`ʃƪ)♡