Something happens that forces the Paladins to share their secrets with each other. After all the sad, bad, deep and dark ones, Keith blurts out that he has a huge crush on Lance and that he might be falling in love with him.

Everyone else is just like ‘obviously’ 'was that meant to be a secret??’ 'Aw, Keith we know’ 'no shit dude’.

But Lance is just there like


Out of all the secrets that get told that day, lance brings this one up all the time.

We BABYz were all so happy for B.A.P’s comeback, and now look at us. Knowing about Yongguk got me all apprehensive, worried and scared, even. I suffered from panic attacks too, but I guess if someone as reserved and hard working as our Leader Bang is taking a pause from his work, which we know he loves, it must be pretty serious. And it saddens me to no end. As somebody else already said, we must not pity him. He’s strong and he’ll go on. We just have to support him as his fans and show him he’s loved. His family is surely already close to him, and the other B.A.P members are there for him. The news came as a shock for everyone in the fandom, but reading B.A.P’s words (and even Yongnam’s) reassured me a little. He’s not alone, he has them and us BABYz, too. Now, I was one of those who begged them and TS (oh the joke, of course they would go on with their plans, I’m surprised they even admitted he’s ill and let him rest) to postpone the comeback, fearing that the other members would overwork themselves to fill Yongguk’s gap. But thinking about it, and after reading what Daehyun, Youngjae, Himchan (please notice a little thing that made me smile: he referred to yongguk as a ‘friend’, not ‘hyung’ or ‘leader’) and Yongnam wrote, it would be bothersome not only for TS (I wouldn’t care if it was just that) but for B.A.P as well, and mostly for Yongguk, who we know is the main producer of B.A.P’s songs. It would mean wasting everyone’s hard work, and even though I know BABYz are willing to wait (I know I am, no matter how long), Yongguk would probably feel responsible for it, and that’s not what we want. It would put a weight on his shoulders he really doesn’t need. We could sense something was wrong since 4.44 AM, but could do nothing (still can’t do anything). There’s nothing wrong WITH him, just FOR him, he already proved himself to be quite sensitive, deep, and sometimes life can give us a little too much to handle. More so if you consider he’s an Idol, and how hard they work, the pressure we all put on them. But as I said, he already demonstrated himself to be a strong person. He’s a precious human being, and an awesome leader, we all know that. All we can do now is wish the best for him, supporting him and the rest of B.A.P the only way we can, repay them for all the effort they put in everything they show us and the trouble they go through almost daily by helping them topping the charts with their new full album. That’s what they’re asking for, after all. We’ll be here waiting for Yongguk to be okay again (I won’t say ‘recover’, even if God knows that’s what I wish for, I know it’s not that easy, it’s not like he has a flu or a broken limb). B.A.P, BABYz and WARRIORS already went through a lot, with the whole hiatus and lawsuit thing, I won’t bring it up again since I know the entire fandom is still sore from it, but we stayed together, and they came back stronger. We were there (even if not physically) during the hiatus, we’re not going anywhere now. They lost fans, that’s true, but they STAYED TOGETHER. I can’t stress enough how important this is. Just remember the feelings you had when Young Wild And Free came out. I remember them, and I was and still am grateful for that, for all the effort they put in it, for them being back no matter how hard it was. Their music gave me strenght during my hard times, and they became a sort of role model to me. I know I’m not the only one, I read almost every day what other BABYz write on socials, and I’m proud of being part of this fandom. This fandom that can exist thanks to 6 awesome persons, 6 strong, talented boys who mean the world to me. That may be strange, in fact I never felt this attached to someone I don’t really know, but I guess that’s what something as personal as music does, it gets people emotionally together. If one of them is ill, we have to support them and wish the best for them. I wish we could all fly to korea, knock down their dorm’s door, feed them and tuck them in warm sheets (please don’t do that, respect their privacy, what I mean is I wish they could rest and eat to their heart’s content, screw all their diets, they’re freaking handsome anyway). That being said, I hope everyone will show Bang Yongguk the love he deserves, without bothering him too much, he doesn’t need to worry, we’ll take care of his baby chicks for him. They all worked hard for this new album, let’s repay them. Sorry for the long rant, I was feeling sort of emotional here.