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YAAAAS YOU'RE BACK! Tarquin and Fenrys please?? It's been too long without them!


Friendly Reminder, that Fenrys is (probably) older than Tarquin, which honestly is the best thing to ever happen to me. But-

Just like most of these Fenrys/Tarquin fluff posts, it’s in the Summer Court. And the entire court is dancing and Tarquin is watching and politely declining all the females who ask him to dance. And Fenrys just struts over to him and bows, “May I have this dance, High Lord?” And Tarquin just nods slowly because he’s so in shock and he’s so in love with Fenrys but they haven’t gone public yet. So Fenrys takes the lead in the dance and it involves a bit of a power play but it ends with Tarquin resting his head on Fenrys’s shoulder and they’re waltzing across the dance floor and the people of the Summer Court are ECSTATIC that their High Lord is happy. And Tarquin ends up pulling Fenrys down into a kiss and UGH I LOVE THEM TOO MUCH FOR MY OWN GOOD!