Finally some romancedys! I missed drawing her shes always going to be my bae <3333 (especially human pf though i love still drawing her as a pony <3 )

I loved everyone suggestions too! Thank you so much for the ideas! (red you just wait im drawing yours seperate i had no clue if i could do it so i’m trying to see if i can >3c )

Top 10 Biases

I was tagged by @gxxdgxxdbye! Thank you lovely~
Shit idek if I can narrow it down to 10 and there’s also no way for me to narrow it down to a specific order so here goes….
- G-Dragon
- Rap Monster/all of BTS (they’re just a bias group ok tbh I couldn’t live without the rest of BTS 😭 I don’t wanna exclude them, also I have to say Jungkook would be my backup bias…)
- Taeyang
- Hyuna
- CL
- Gain
- Jay Park
- Jessi
- Bi Rain
- Jackson, with BamBam in tow and SHIT don’t even get me started on GOT7
- Kai
- Dasom
- Hyorin
- Amber
Aaaaand I’m adding Uniq as a notable group mention- I’m sorry okay?? They’re another bias group. My main babes are Sungjoo and Seungyoun but I loVE THEM ALL~ they’re the first group I ever stanned too

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@ amethyst transfering your gf unhealthy obsessions onto youself isn’t gonna make things better

Because ‘Maximum capacity’ revealed Amethyst has a thing with guilt-trapping and ‘Sword to the Sword’ taught us Pearl thinks love=sacrifice to a rather extreme degree

(this is an AU where Amethyst is a warrior on YD side and Pearl is still Rose’s knight but she ain’t getting some so she goes fooling around with a kindergarden gem from the enemy’s side bc being a traitor is much easier than telling Rose how she feels apperantly.)

thank you pearlsnose for beta’ing me!

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