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second task was to draw sunflowers using watercolor!

saga: you can mix your own colour this is fun!!
nao  : how does a sunflower look like again….
tora  : /turn to see what saga draw/ /almost fell off/ i can’t look to the side at all (lol)
saga : this is turning very artistic, there’s a certain feel to this [or something along that line ] ….very artistic.
saga : the audience watching this, there should be some who’s studying in art school right, maybe they’ll be interested in this. it’s like a level where normal people can’t understand it
          …. this is turning out so well i think it can be put on t-shirts
(after painting )
saga : nao’s one has a lolita feel 
tora  : (at saga’s) IT’S LIKE A BLACKHOLE
nao  : it’s like something exploded 
saga : most probably this is the first time anyone has seen such serious looking sunflower
tora : it’s scary
on tora’s one, everyone was complimenting it, and said it looked more like a dandelion
saga : your name is tora but the drawing has a “nyan~” feel to it 

[n: apologize if i misheard some parts! was too busy laughing 笑  / added some parts!! ]

your favourite pizza?
  • - You like pizza a lot don't you?
  • Saga: I have it 3 times a week
  • - Do you order for delivery?
  • Saga: Of course
  • - Which one would you recommend?
  • Saga: I always order the same one, seafood and "5 type of cheese" half-and-half pizza. I usually order the 25cm one, but after that I would go "not enough", eat squid mentaiko pasta, and that's all for the day. I would drink Oolong tea and think "crap am I getting fat", control myself the next day, and order the same thing again the day after.
  • **for more details on the pizza he orderred:
  • [[ from mikiki interview w/ A9 ]]

the last task is to make character-bento!

tora: it’s the last one so let’s do it properly
nao: this is really hot!! this is difficult!! 
saga: if this is a bento my mother made, after i see it i wouldn’t want to go home.
saga: it’s like there’s no love
saga: but well.. maybe one day in future… if i become someone’s parent,
nao: maybe when nao-san make a bento one day
saga: i won’t want this (kind of bento)
nao: bear bear bear bear what’s a bear?!
(after making the bento)
saga: (at nao’s) it’s cute, it kind of look like mogu
for tora’s one he wanted to make the full body. but everyone thinks it’s cute too
saga: don’t you use too much sesame seed
tora: let’s see the genius’ masterpiece next. by the way what are you portraying
saga: the darkness of the heart?
tora & nao: ISN’T THIS A DEMON?!?!?!?!?
saga: and it get scarier if you take the ear off
nao: it looks like a person now 
tora: it was only kind of cute because of the ears. what is this-
saga: whoever get this bento will most probably cry

[n: apologize if i have misheard stuff/was too busy laughing]