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second task was to draw sunflowers using watercolor!

saga: you can mix your own colour this is fun!!
nao  : how does a sunflower look like again….
tora  : /turn to see what saga draw/ /almost fell off/ i can’t look to the side at all (lol)
saga : this is turning very artistic, there’s a certain feel to this [or something along that line ] ….very artistic.
saga : the audience watching this, there should be some who’s studying in art school right, maybe they’ll be interested in this. it’s like a level where normal people can’t understand it
          …. this is turning out so well i think it can be put on t-shirts
(after painting )
saga : nao’s one has a lolita feel 
tora  : (at saga’s) IT’S LIKE A BLACKHOLE
nao  : it’s like something exploded 
saga : most probably this is the first time anyone has seen such serious looking sunflower
tora : it’s scary
on tora’s one, everyone was complimenting it, and said it looked more like a dandelion
saga : your name is tora but the drawing has a “nyan~” feel to it 

[n: apologize if i misheard some parts! was too busy laughing 笑  / added some parts!! ]

your favourite pizza?
  • - You like pizza a lot don't you?
  • Saga: I have it 3 times a week
  • - Do you order for delivery?
  • Saga: Of course
  • - Which one would you recommend?
  • Saga: I always order the same one, seafood and "5 type of cheese" half-and-half pizza. I usually order the 25cm one, but after that I would go "not enough", eat squid mentaiko pasta, and that's all for the day. I would drink Oolong tea and think "crap am I getting fat", control myself the next day, and order the same thing again the day after.
  • **for more details on the pizza he orderred:
  • [[ from mikiki interview w/ A9 ]]

the last task is to make character-bento!

tora: it’s the last one so let’s do it properly
nao: this is really hot!! this is difficult!! 
saga: if this is a bento my mother made, after i see it i wouldn’t want to go home.
saga: it’s like there’s no love
saga: but well.. maybe one day in future… if i become someone’s parent,
nao: maybe when nao-san make a bento one day
saga: i won’t want this (kind of bento)
nao: bear bear bear bear what’s a bear?!
(after making the bento)
saga: (at nao’s) it’s cute, it kind of look like mogu
for tora’s one he wanted to make the full body. but everyone thinks it’s cute too
saga: don’t you use too much sesame seed
tora: let’s see the genius’ masterpiece next. by the way what are you portraying
saga: the darkness of the heart?
tora & nao: ISN’T THIS A DEMON?!?!?!?!?
saga: and it get scarier if you take the ear off
nao: it looks like a person now 
tora: it was only kind of cute because of the ears. what is this-
saga: whoever get this bento will most probably cry

[n: apologize if i have misheard stuff/was too busy laughing]

I think everyone should be quite annoyed at me spamming already but for completion sake here’s the last first bit of tonight’s A9channel. not quoting word-by-word because I’m sure I definitely missed some things m(_ _)m

[ Tora always meet amusing taxi drivers / In which everyone got drunk and destroyed things and paid even more ]

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  • -excluding Japan, which other countries team are you looking out for?
  • saga: i'm supporting the German team ... i reeeeally like them
  • -why?
  • saga: i like.. i really like this guy called Özil, well I really like Arsenal, and he is playing in it.... and i really like him. There are a lot of good looking guys in the German team too.
  • -really?
  • saga: yeah well there are a lot of players I like in that team.
  • [ REDNIQS 19/5/14 ]
Saga blog 31/5/14 pt.1


the guys at the livehouse we are playing in today are so chill. 

this person whose back you can see is handsome like Columbian Falcao García. 

however it’s so warm here. 
seems like it's 42℃ in Beijing.

Through the whole time I have been playing in a band till now I have always been the brave one who never have a fan placed near my feet but, if I don’t have one soon I’ll die.
I’m sure this me who doesn’t use an electric fan is being acknowledged more.


today we had the always stable macs too
For this tour, we will have the ‘how many days of eating macs will make the body go weird’ documentary too.



nao and tora are present in this photo!!

japanese boy

is in here.


Saga blog [13/12/13]

- I’m putting this under cut as it is quite long, also I would say challenging to phrase in english, plus all the music-related explanation. I think I may have taken some liberty on interpreting the sentences.  corrections / questions are really welcomed. m(_ _)m 

- Also, I hope everyone will read this if you can regardless of the bad translation because as you all know he’s in charge of re-arranging the bands’ old songs for the current tour, and this is regarding the decision of why they are doing this. Also some insight to the band’s music making process. (like if you’ve been wondering what the heck is pre-pro they always tweet about etc)


Resolution on doing re-arrangement

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Shou:  It seems like there have been fake accounts pretending to be me on Facebook. I’m really sorry but Alice Nine Shou doesn’t have Facebook. 

Fan: this one on instagram is a fake too right (´・_・`)
Shou: Of course fake (lol)

Shou: but anyway what’s with that “Dosan”….(lol)
ーーー[twitter, 13/3/2014]

[the name on that fb acc is Dosan somethingNishikawa (shou) lol and claim that he knows spanish ]

  • Shou: we released a single but my profile was just like a normal gamer so, changed it
  • Shou: Single c/w 'from Kurayami', in a way it's 'Episode 0' of the album. If those who knows Alice Nine very well listen and start to connect the album from here, I wonder if it will all fit together nicely
  • Shou: having a lot of important songs put as coupling track is also typical of Alice Nine. I always want to give those who have gotten our single in hand more than just a surprise.
  • Shou: those songs that were re-arranged and recorded too, having been constructed together at Lives with everyone, the end products are of course a must-listen.
  • [-twitter, 28/02/14]