my awkwardly fluff

the neighborly thing to do

Summary: John thinks his night couldn’t get much worse when his neighbor, the one he’s been crushing on for six months, knocks on his door asking if she can use his shower to get ready for a date.

Nine/Rose AU

Rating: K+ // Word Count: 1597

Note: This is for the absolutely lovely and amazingly fantastic @fleurdeneuf who just so happens to have a birthday today!! Since smut wasn’t cooperating with me, have some adorably awkward, oblivious, and smitten Nine :D love you!


John practically jumped out of his skin when the knock at his door echoed through his flat. It was a Friday night and he was already a drink in and had a pizza in the oven and was most decidedly not expecting company.

He pulled on the blue jumper he’d left on the back of the couch and ambled over to the door, hoping that he wasn’t going through the effort of getting off of his sofa for a salesman. He swung the door open without the pretense of peering through the busted peephole and promptly froze as he caught sight of who was on the other side.

Definitely not a salesman.

Instead it was his neighbor from across the hall, the one who he’d been crushing on since she moved in six months ago despite the fact that he rather thought he was well past the age of having crushes. The blonde from 4D was apparently his exception.

“Umm, hi,” she said, biting her bottom lip as she took him in.

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