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I got a new job! This is very good for all sorts of boring adult reasons like buying groceries and silly things like that, but it is going to make my ability to produce content a bit sporadic until I get the hang of my new schedule.

But I know a lot of scary things have been going down, too. My country is apparently even more of a dumpster fire than I thought it was. I guess ‘being a woman’ is now a preexisting condition to deny someone health insurance. Fantastic.

Which is why I have been considering trying my hand at a very small art give-away as soon as I get back on my feet and feel like I could actually make things for people in a timely fashion. To celebrate shaking off that 2016 stink, and to maybe help spread some of the good karma around to the people who like to hang around and watch me reblog things.  

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Hi! I love Marble Man!!!! Mind giving some E/E recs?

I’m just gonna write down some stories I LOVE at the moment/have recently read. 

Chiaroscuro by thegirlofpensandbooks. It’s a really interesting story in which Eponine is a shadow worker and it reminds me of a Holly Black novel I really loved when I first read it, and just… There’s four chapters out right now, and just, GO READ!

Under A Pink Sky by genericpseudonyms [COMPLETE]. Just read it. It’s just, the kind of story you wanna devour in one sitting and now you can. 

Damned/Blessed by lilyismilesaway. I’m a biased bitch because I beta'ed this, but I really love these two drabbles

The Things They Carried by wearenotmagnificent. JFC ANNA WILL YOU UPDATE THIS ALREADY? It is so gorgeous and I can’t do Anna’s plot and prose justice here. Just read it! And then read it again!

Chemistry by aurimaedre. Because Christine writes sexy stuff so well (not smut, just sexy) and I love it when she writes science - I learn stuff without feeling stupid and I get all the OTP feels too! WIN FOR EVERYONE! I reread this recently. FE/ELS!

Paris On Its Side by astoryinred. All the outtakes from When Apollo Met Persephone (which OF COURSE you have to read), and there’s so many great scenes here. 


Hannah, my awesomesauce bb, when are you writing awesomeness again?

Haha me asf♡ | well yellr it’s me Chelsey here, speaking to you guys from New Jersey. I’m here visiting family so I might not post much. I know I don’t post much already, but now I actually have a reason. I really need to work on posting regularly…like I REALLY need to work on that. But anyways baaaiiii my awesomesauce peeps.

♥ ♥ ♥ Just wanted to give a quick little shout out to the following blogs for keeping my dash beautiful and my Tumblr adventures fun and happy. Thank you for showing me nothing but love, support, and warmth – I truly do love you all. ♥ ♥ ♥

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So I made a tumblr account just so I could tell you how amazing your story is ;u; Hancock is my favorite character in any video game ever so to find someone who portrays him so faithfully... well, it makes me so full of feels that my heart literally implodes every time I see him in a panel. x'Dc And I really like Cassidy too, she's not a pansy Mary-Sue character which is refreshing to see. Your story actually kind of inspired me to start making my own comic ;u;' Please keep being awesomesauce!

Oh my gosh! I’d been having a bit of a rough week and reading this honestly made me tear up T_T;; I’m so happy you like how I’m portraying my characters (I worry so much about doing a decent job of making them feel like real people ;_; I definitely try super hard to make sure I dont wreck Hancock’s character either so Im so glad to hear that you like how Im portraying him!) and that you’re enjoying my stories and that youre even doing your own ^^ That’s awesome! I honestly mean it when I say that it makes me so happy that people not only enjoy what Im doing but that it motivates them to do their own projects too! You keep being awesomesauce too and thanks for brightening up my day TvT!