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Tamala Jones about Stana Katic - Maximo TV QUEEN OF THE UNIVERSE International Beauty Pageant to benefit UNESCO Interview (x)

“Oh! She is magical, that woman. Not only does she do an excellent job in playing her role, Kate Beckett, but she does an excellent job in being warm and wonderful on the set with everyone. We have such a great “Castle” family with our crew, cast… And i think it has a lot to do with Stana and Nathan. Both putting forth that like look. We don’t have any divas here. We are not gonna have any divas, we’re gonna be a family, and we do things for each other, and we just have a special relationship. She is an amazing woman. No drama honey! Just love”.

 BASED OFF a Kingdom Hearts and Steven Universe crossover concept by Aizy-Boy40 ( on Deviantart
I specifically used as a reference.

Oh yeah–fan art of fan art haha

Based of Garnet’s reaction after fusing for the second time in “The Answer,” with an actual quote.

(If it’s not obvious, Sora is Garnet (with the gems on his hands and everything) and is a fusion of Roxas and Xion)

Bless any and all of you who follow me...

My blog has gone from stupid gif manipulations, to racism on broadway, to ranting about stage combat in the movies, to a party tampon all in one hot minute. 

It may only be the fact that it’s past 1am (EST) and fewer of you are actually on right now… but I’d rather believe you are all made of awesomesauce and delightfully put up with me. 

Andrea's Follow Forever 2014

hello to all of my lovely followers and all the lovely people I follow. it’s that time of the year again (or well I keep making follow forevers earlier and earlier haha). it’s been another great year on tumblr! we’ve been through many ups and downs and my url identity crisis haha. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone for making my dash an awesome place and making me want to come back here everyday. I love reading all of your thoughts and fanfictions, looking at your beautiful edits and gifs and watching your amazing videos! a special thanks goes out to my bbs for always being there for me no matter what. you have become such important parts of my life. there are no words to describe how thankful I truely am. love you the mostest ♥

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