my awesome tattoo

My @twentyonepilots tattoo.
The awesome Michele did it at Under My Skin in Atlantic Higlands NJ
I came up with concept and she brought it to life.
The song Trees means to so much to me so I got this idea and now it’s with me forever.

Tattoo Day!!

I’m going for my tattoo in a few hours and would love some asks to keep me company! XD

send me:

  • fmk, would you rathers, or have you evers!
  • ask me anything about a fandom, character, or ship (unpopular opinions!)
  • ask me about my headcanons! (be specific!)
  • make me choose?? (between anything!)
  • tell me about your crushes (tumblr + real life!)
  • rec me stuff! (films, books, shows, clothing shops, anything!)
  • ask me for recs! (^^^)
  • vent to me! tell me about your day, what are you looking forward to??
  • what you’re thinking about/doing right now!
  • talk to me about anything!

I’m going to be stuck in a chair for a few hours, so any distraction is greatly appreciated. XD

whooolemilk  asked:

you are seriously the cutest omg 😭 and what's your tattoo of? it looks so cool!

Thank you so much!

My tattoo is a Matryoshka (or Russian) doll with a bandana over her face and a Claddagh on her belly.

The only person I’d ever known to own a Matryoshka was my great-grandmother who was by far the biggest hero in my life, as well as my best friend until she passed away I was 9. So as a whole, it’s dedicated to her. The Claddagh is to represent my Celtic bloodline and the bandana is for me; you can be cute and badass at the same time.