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How I would look in those different universes, I’m so disappointed on the Eldarya one, probably will redo it correctly someday


I desperately need ideas, I have a few but I need help brainstorming

(can be characters I’ve already done, or any you’d think would be cool to see, I put some photos of myself in and out of cosplay for reference on how I look)

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Thanks a ton!!!! I appreciate it so much 😭💕


High quality versions of the family pictures drawn for an ask over on @royalbluetale It’s basically the introduction to two characters I have been DYING to share, River and Gaster. @poisondilu and I have come up with so much of their story and everything that it’s crazy. I love my River baby~ 

Riverperson and Gaster are swapped with each other in Underswap. Meaning River is the former Royal Scientist that fell into their creation and Gaster runs the Ferry Boat now. But back before River fell, Gaster was working in the labs as well. They had been intimately involved and have become one of my favorite ships for Royalblue that I cannot wait to share with everyone~ 

Also did we mention Papyrus was a prodigy?  He took after a certain parent of his and soared through school like it was nothing. He graduated very early, far ahead of his age group and top of his class. He was only in his mid teens when he graduated and he was a late bloomer, so he looked even younger than what he actually was. The photo above is from that day. It is dear to Papyrus and he keeps it on him at all times since it’s one of the last things he has of his family together. 

Except more of these two. They have important roles in Royalblue.