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True Love’s Kiss: Sam/Dean vs Sleeping Beauty

I can’t take full credit for this because I originally read about it somewhere on livejournal (i think ???) a long time ago, but I interpreted it a bit differently so I’m tweaking the original idea. I don’t remember what parts of this I came up with myself and which parts the original poster did, so if anyone knows the article I’m talking about, hit me up so I can credit it. Also apologies for my poor writing, I’m tired and it’s like 40 fucking degrees Celsius in my bedroom right now.

Supernatural is mostly based on mythology and lore but it occasionally touches on fairytales too. We obviously all know the story of Sleeping Beauty, right? Cursed damsel in distress falls into a death-like sleep only to be reversed by true love’s kiss. Basically Sleeping Beauty is exactly what happened over the course of Supernatural season 2. 

First of all, you’ve got the curse. This is the season that Supernatural really started to explore the “Sam is cursed” plotline, and Dean has to save him. I won’t elaborate because you’re probably already familiar with this, but Sam is cursed is significant. 

Then of course, there is the death-like sleep, although in Sam’s case it’s more of a sleep-like death. In All Hell Breaks Loose Part 2, the episode starts with Sam lying on a mattress with Dean watching over him. Sam doesn’t really look dead. He is facing towards Dean, his hands are casually folded on his abdomen, there is no indication of his physical injury, and he more or less looks like he is sleeping. Familiar?

Dean is watching over him, obviously playing the part of the “saviour” or “knight in shining armour” (which in this fairytale (and most others) turns out to be the true love). 

Then of course, my favourite part, the kiss. After Dean’s heart-wrenching monologue about his duty to save Sam (once again, knight in shining armour much?), Dean goes to make a deal with a demon to bring Sam back from the dead. A deal that is sealed with a kiss. Of course there is the unfortunate difference that Dean didn’t kiss Sam on the lips, but the kiss was for Sam. In Sleeping Beauty, the kiss instantly wakes Aurora up from her sleep, and that’s exactly the same here. After Dean’s kiss it instantly cuts to Sam’s eyes opening. Dean’s kiss broke the curse. 

Sam was saved by true love’s kiss. Now I’m not saying that Dean is Sam’s true love… except that is in fact exactly what I’m saying. Whether you interpret that as incestuous or not is totally up to you (*cough* I do), but the parallels were pretty strong in this one.


                                             How did it all get so heavy 
                                              I used to stand up so tall
                                        There’s only so much I can carry
                                                         Before I fall
                                    And they tell me “girl you’re so lucky”      
                                    “You’ve got the world in your hands”
                                   But you know the world gets so heavy
                                               You don’t understand 
                                                    And that’s heavy

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